Slot Myths


There are few slot players who have not heard myths about slots, but the reality is, many of those that are commonly heard is simply not true. The problem is that most myths are believed over time, much in the same way that repeatedly telling a white lie will, over time, be believed by many. For some, this can have an impact on the enjoyment levels they receive and the amount the risk or win.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common myths and break them down

Myth: The newest slots pay more than older slots

Fact: False. All slots, regardless of when released equal pay amounts based on the RTP designation for that machine. The belief that playing older machines will not result in an equal opportunity at winning is simply false.

Myth: Stopping the reels manually improves your chances of winning big

Fact: False. Stopping the reels, while at times may give the appearance of increased wins actually has no bearing. This is due to winning or losing combinations being determined at the exact millisecond that the reels were spun.

Myth: Slot machines are rigged to pay less during busy periods of play

Fact: Slot machines, or shall we say, the payouts are not programmed to pay more or less during peak times of play. All slots operate using a random number generator, a highly sophisticated software that based the win ratio on thousands of possible outcomes. The reality is, a slot can award a jackpot and then repeat it the very next spin.

Myth: Slot machines pay more if you wager more.

Fact: Slot machines pay the same regardless of the amount wagered per spin. Again, this relates to the random number generator that is designed to pay a certain percentage based over a long period of time. This is why at times when playing a slot, the machine may be “cold”, or it may be “hot”.

Myth: Slot machine payouts can be altered remotely by casino management.

Fact: In land-based casinos, this is simply not possible as each machine has its own programmed random number generating chip that determines the payouts for that machine. These can and do differ between machines, often differing on identical machines, which is related to the slot variance. While there is some truth that online slots can be changed remotely, licensing rules and regulations prevent this from occurring. Any casino caught engaging in this behaviour will have their license revoked, essentially putting the paradise vegas casino out of business.

Myth: Players have influence when playing bonus games that require picking objects to advance or win increased amounts.

Fact: This is false. As mentioned, slots operate using a random number generator, and that alone determines the amount you will win. While that may discourage some, the purpose of a bonus game is to increase the entertainment value that is derived while playing. However, that said, most bonus games will award a higher rate of winnings and remain a valuable commodity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slots 


Q: I have read that online slots have a higher payout percentage than land-based slots. Will I, therefore, have an improved chance at winning if I play online slots?

A: This is true, online slots overall offer higher payout percentages in comparison to their land-based counterparts. This is mostly due to the cost differences that exist between an online operation and one that requires extensive infrastructure investment. With the increased payout percentages, the amount of wins will increase, and often, the amount won will increase.

Q: Am I able to test online slots for free?

A: Yes! One of the licensing rules and regulations that online sunnywins casino are bound by stipulate that they must allow prospective players the ability to open a “fun
Money” account. This allows them to test all games, with the exception of those that are progressive jackpots or live dealer. The payouts seen during “Fun play” are identical to those experienced when playing for real money.

Q: If I win a progressive jackpot, will it be paid in full?

A: Yes and no, that will depend on the casino. However, if playing a network progressive jackpot, the amount will be paid in full as this money is paid by the slot developer to the casino in full, and subsequently to the winner in full. However, if playing a standalone progressive jackpot, the casino may limit the maximum weekly or monthly amount that can be withdrawn. Therefore, while this is not the norm to see casinos take such a position, it why it is highly recommended that you review a casino’s terms and conditions before opening an account.

Q: Is it safe to play slots online?

A: Yes, 100% Online slots, and for that matter, online casinos are highly regulated by the licensing authorities. This ensures compliance of all rules and regulations that govern that license. However, further safety measures are in place by the software providers of those slots as they also are bound by rules and regulations that govern their software licenses.

Q: Am I able to play slots using my mobile smartphone?

A: Yes, almost every casino offering slots online will feature a mobile version of their casino. Many will include dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and feature the same collection of games for its mobile applications as it does for its online.

Q: Are you able to cheat a random number generator?

A: This would be near impossible unless you have the ability to calculate winning combinations faster than that of a highly complex computer program. All RNG software programs are continually tested to ensure accuracy and fairness, and to ensure they are operating correctly. The odds of cheating such software is simply not possible.

Q: Is there a minimum and maximum bet that is allowed when playing online slots?

A: All slots will have a minimum bet and a maximum bet. This is determined by the slot developer. However, in some cases, the casino may request these amounts be altered.

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