Skrill Casinos

In the world of online gambling industry Skrill is probably the most popular payment method

Formerly known as Moneybookers this e-wallet was one of the first to provide a quick, convenient and safe method to transact to and from online casinos instantly.

Our Selection of the Best Netent Casinos 2018 accepting Skrill

Before you will be able to find all the information you need related to Skrill casinos and you can find our hand picked casinos accepting Skrill. All of the below casinos will award a bonus for Skrill transactions.

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  Why Use Skrill at netentertainment casinos?
  • By using Skrill you will be able to make instant deposit and withdrawals
  • Your privacy is safe at any online casino
  • No Gambling transactions on your Bank statement keeping you safe from authorities and your wife

All you need to know about Skrill the company

Moneybookers as it was formerly named was formed as a company in 2001 , nearly seventeen years ago. Their product was launched in April 2002 and soon afterwords became an instant hit with gamers around the globe. Within a short period of time the company gathered well over 2 million new users skyrocketing to one of the top 5 payment providers in only eighteen months. One of the biggest achievements from Skrill  was the fact that they were the first e-money issuer in Europe. Skrill was the first company in the world that managed to obtain an electronic money license which was back then issued by UK FSA.

From Moneybookers to Skrill

Moneybookers announced in 2011 that it was about to perform a re branding exercise and change its name to Skrill.

“The word SKRILL (short for skrilla) is commonly used slang for money or dough”

The new name which would be the new consumer facing brand was said to better fit the brands “ease and functionality of the companys online payment suite”.

Acquired by Paysafe

In August 2015 Skrill was officially acquired by paysafe group effectively creating a strong strategic partnership through Paysafe`s already solid platform. The organization is headquartered in London UK hence governed by  the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority but also has offices in the US so need needs to abide to US regulations as well. Skrill has since then continued to grow at a rapid pace and today enyoys a customer base of nearly 20 million users. At the moment of writing this article skrill can be used from over 200 different countries across the globe allowing them easy access to the best netent casinos.

Advantages of using Skrill

Skrill is an ever-changing organization having a firm principle and motto of constantly improving their product. Skrill has always come up with innovative technologies time over time to improve its user reach and services.

  • Personal Data is Kept Safe

One of the best features of Skrill payment method is the scope of clients remaining anonymous throughout the entire transaction. Skrill promises the clients that they will not have to reveal any information about the transaction type, amount or any other beneficiary details ever. Customer’s privacy is one of the main priorities of them.

  • High Safety Standards

All the procedures under Skrill, be it a customer registration, money remittance or cash upload; everything goes through a rigorous security check. Skrill has a dedicated anti-fraud team who scrutiny it with high accuracy.

  • Instant Transactions

iii. Speed is one of the distinct characteristics of Skrill payment method. Money deducted from your bank account gets displayed on the dashboard in no time. Moreover, both withdrawal and deposit take a few minutes on this platform.

  • Low Transaction Costs

This bunch of quality services is offered at a very minimal charge (nearly 1% of the transaction amount). Such a competitive pricing policy has helped Skrill increase the popularity of Skrill casino in a short time span.

Disadvantages of using Skrill

  • Not all casino accept skrill

While Skrill is extremely popular with netent casinos it is not acepted at all casinos. Skrill netent casinos we recommens are the the ones available on this page which we have tried and tested by our expert team.

Registering a Skrill account

Creating an account in Skrill is the simplest of all procedures. What you have to do is just log on to ‘’. To register for the 1st time, you have to enter a valid e-mail id and password. Skrill will send a link to the registered email-id and you need to click this to complete the verification process. That’s all and you are ready to do some business.

Skrill Login and Verification

Now there is three separate verification process to be performed to ensure the security and transparency of your account. These are home address verification, bank account verification, and credit card verification. In the following section, we will learn about them.


Skrill believes in utmost online security, and to ensure this home address verification of the client is mandatory.  According to the prescribed guidelines of UK FSA, it is the most effective way to prevent money laundering. You have to just click on the ‘address verification’ button and a physical letter will be sent to the address, you have registered with Skrill. The letter will arrive in a few days depending on your geographical location. On receiving of it, you have to open-up the envelope where you will find a six-digit code. Now you have to log in to your Skrill account and enter this code in the address verification page. This completes the address verification process.

Credit Card Verification

To enjoy the services of Skrill casino to the fullest, you need to increase the spending limit of your account. This requires verification of your credit card information. Firstly you have to enter the three basic data of your card as usual: card number, expiry date, and CVV number. On submission of this, Skrill will bill a small and unique amount (typically less than $2.00). Your next move should be checking the credit card statement and find the exact amount. You will get the complete refund of the money in your bank account as it is just a verification procedure. So just enter the exact value in the credit card verification page and you are done. The spending limit of your Skrill account will increase instantaneously. Be cautious, while entering the amount, as entering a wrong value will freeze the verification process for 24 hours and repetition of this again and again may lock your account permanently.

Bank Account Verification:

Profile section of your Skrill account is incomplete if it is not linked to a bank account. Skrill payment method follows the SWIFT, adopted by all the leading banking corporations worldwide. It stands for The ‘Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’. Every standard banking branch has a unique alphanumeric code (SWIFT CODE) as recognition. In bank account verification page of Skrill casino, you have to enter the bank account number along with that special code. As the final step of it, you have to enter the VRF code. The simplest way to get that code is to perform some withdrawal from your Skrill account to the bank account. If you check your bank your statement carefully, you will observe that the transaction will be mentioned along with a code starting with the term ‘VRF’. On entering this code, your Skrill casino account gets fully-verified. Apparently, the verification process may seem a bit lengthy, but it is very easy to perform. It has been framed for the sake of security of client’s hard-earned money. This is why it is said that security system of Skrill cannot be cracked and this is one of the main reason for rising popularity of it as well. Do join mow and experience the difference.

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