PaySafeCard is probably one of the most common payment providers that most online casino offers to its players. This payment method is one of the best prepaid debit cards providers that offer safe, reliable and easy transactions to all its users. It is widely available for players all around Europe and is used by many not only for casino transactions for netent casinos rizk online but for other online purchases as well. PaySafeCard is an ideal payment method offered in online casino as it supports various currencies which is convenient for those who do not use EUR as their main currency.

“Any transactions made using PaySafeCard is made secure, convenient and fast which gives its users confidence that their transactions are processed the right way.”

PaySafeCards are totally accessible as it can be bought at ticketing offices, convenience stores and via online by paying via online banking. An application can also be downloaded to keep track on how much is left on your PaySafeCard. Making deposits to your online casino account is easy using this payment method as you only need to select the right option, follow a short procedure and wait until the funds get successfully transferred to your online casino account at netentplay. Transferring funds to your online casino account are free with PaySafeCard. While making deposits is an easy feat to do, withdrawing payouts is not accessible using this method.

Deposit and Withdrawal

PaySafeCards are readily available at convenience stores, ticketing offices, and online. The card can be used instantly after purchasing it. All that there is to do when making deposits is to just select the option for the PaySafeCard and enter the 16-digit code from the voucher card. Payouts, however, are limited since there is no option to withdraw your funds yet. Since it is a prepaid payment option, users will have to use other banking methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, and EcoCard are just a few of the fastest withdrawal methods available. Payouts can also be redeemed from any PaySafeCard vendors; however, payout limits are set for the users.

Payout Limits:

Standard Scheme:

– Limited up to GBP 250 per transaction only

– Monthly Transactions limited to GBP 250

Unlimited Scheme:

– limited to GBP 1 800 per transaction

– limited to GBP 11 000 per transaction

Security and Privacy

Paysafecard works via voucher system which means players need to purchase a prepaid voucher card which is embedded with a code and use it as prepaid money. Users can simply provide the 16-digit code from the PaySafeCard voucher in order to proceed with transactions. Since it works like this, there is no need to provide personal info so personal details being compromised is low. With PaySafeCard, there is no need to provide your bank details to make transactions. The 16-digit pin card number makes transaction safer online.

Since PaySafeCard is sold in form of a card, there is a risk for unauthorized use. Here are some tips on how to keep your PaySafeCard safe for use:

  1. Only enter the 16-Digit Pin at an authorized PaySafeCars merchant.
  2. Do not share your PaySafeCard Pin via text or email.
  3. Report immediately for any suspicious behavior on your account to PaySafeCard support in order to suspend the use of your account or lock your PIN.
  4. Do not use PaySafeCard for any government transactions.


Using PaySafeCards alone as a payment method is free, however, various tariffs may be payable such as maintenance fees, conversion fee, and redemption fee.

Maintenance fee:

The first 12 months of usage of Paysafecard is free of service charge, however, a monthly fee of GBP 3 will be levied starting from the 13th month and on the next months that your account is active. If in the first year that no transaction through PaySafeCard is made, a charge of GBP 2 will be levied on your balance until it is all spent.

Conversion Fee:

All transactions involving the conversion of foreign currencies will be charged with a conversion fee. Users can refer to the PaySafeCard Website for the updated conversion rate of the different currencies.

Redemption Fee:

When redeeming payouts allocated to the PaySafeCard, a fee of GBP 6 will be charged to your card’s balance.

Special Feature

PaySafeCard has special features to its services in order to make transactions even more safe and convenient for players. These features include the PaySafeCard Online Account and the PaySafe Card MasterCard.

PaySafeCard Online Account

In this feature, users will have to create an account via online. This personal online payment account aids users in managing multiple PaySafeCard Pins in one account. A username and password is needed to access your online PaySafeCard Account.

PaySafe Card MasterCard

This is a plastic card that is used as a MasterCard Prepaid card that can be used on both online and offline transactions. This card can be used to reload online so make sure to create a PaySafeCard Online Account.

User/Customer Support

PaySafeCard has an online support of 24/7 as well as a customer service team available to answer queries via online which is at the main site The balances on the cards can be checked via the website or using the app of PaySafeCard.


  • Availability of voucher dealers
  • Supports other currencies


  • No withdrawal option available directly via PaySafeCard
  • Cannot combine PIN Codes for online casino deposit


Although it promises a safe and easy way of monetary transactions to all its clients, it is still important to be careful in handling the PaySafeCard to avoid the loss which can lead to unauthorized transactions. PaySafeCard is indeed a safe and secure way of making transactions online. With the advancement of technology today which leads to almost all transactions being done via online, we need more flexible payment options which will cater the needs and demands of the people for safe and reliable money transactions. PaySafe is a trusted transaction service however, it is still in the hands of the users to be responsible for keeping their account safe for online transaction.