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PayPal is one of the leading systems of transferring funds. Through this, people can easily transfer money and get paid from any part of the world.

Who has not heard of Paypal? Paypal is probably the most popular and sought-after payment method for all kinds of purposes and activities, be it for online selling, casino gaming, sports betting netent casinos euroslots online, and what have you. Through the years of hard work and service, Paypal has committed to an all-out customer support and high-standard services. As they claim, they can do flexible payments and have proven that throughout the years.

About Paypal

Paypal is a well-known e-wallet payment method that allows you to shop around the world, transfer funds to family and friends, donate for good causes, and keep your balance. You may also set up a netent casinos cashmio online business and receive payments through Paypal. They also offer the Paypal Credit which is a reusable credit line available on stores that accept PayPal.

Website’s Visuals

Paypal uses this certain shade of blue that has become its trademark. The website is actually simple at first glance but it has a nice and sleek interface. The front page instantly gives you a big header. Paypal all over the world has different headers but still makes use of the same webpage. Plus, the sections are easy to navigate.


Transferring funds is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with these 3 steps:

  1. Register a PayPal account and securely link your bank account or your credit or debit card information.
  2. Enter your recipient’s email or mobile number from your computer or phone, and add an amount to send securely.
  3. Paypal will notify the recipient when the money has been transferred

Bank transfers made after 7:00 PM ET or on weekends or holidays may take longer. Instant Transfers may take up to 30 minutes and may vary by bank. Below are the withdrawal limits for Instant Transfer:

  • Up to $5,000 per transaction
  • Up to $5,000 per day
  • Up to $5,000 per week
  • Up to $15,000 per month


Thankfully, PayPal doesn’t charge a fee when you plan to open a PayPal account. But the real deal starts when sending funds. There are no fees within the U.S. when sending money to family and friends or when receiving if you use your PayPal balance and/or bank account, however, a fee is charged when using a debit or credit card. Buying is free within the U.S., but selling charges 2.9% + $0.30 per sale. International sales charge 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received. Note that there is a fixed fee when sending outside the U.S. and the list can be found on the Fixed Fee section.

Mobile App

Paypal has three apps available – Paypal App, Paypal Business App, Paypal Here App. All of these apps are available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Paypal App allows you to send and receive money around the world to and from PayPal account holders with the use of their phone number or email.

Paypal Business allows you to create and send invoices, review account activity, issue refunds, and stay on top of your business with your handy device, like a true businessman.

Paypal Here, on the other hand, lets you Set up and customize your business and see or calculate the sales.  This app mainly allows you to accept all kinds of payments on your smartphone.

Security and Licenses

When it comes to security, Paypal sets standards to prevent fraud and theft. As they said, “Your security is our top priority.” They boast the millions of investment they made to ensure your safety and block external threats. Paypal blends in world-class anti-fraud detection and 24/7 account monitoring together. They make sure that your personal and financial pieces of information are securely encrypted, hence, the safety of your details. Of course, they observe the basic rule of not sharing any of your information. Furthermore, Paypal ensures your safety through the activation of a PIN or fingerprint scanning on their mobile app.

Online Phishing

The world of the Internet is a deceiving place to be in and Paypal is not exempted from the deception, more so its customers. Phishing is an attempt to get information from you so cybercriminals can steal your money or identity. Customers tend to get hoax emails or SMS that seem to be coming from Paypal. When you feel that an email or message didn’t come from Paypal, do not open any attachments or link. You may forward the entire email to [email protected] Phishing emails tend to have common features that real email does not have like not addressing you by your name, bad grammar, wrong logos, request for personal and financial information, deceptive URLs and attachments, unrealistic offers, and more.

Customer Support

Paypal has various customer support options and they do not bluntly lay the contact information out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions are available on the website. You may navigate to the Help & Contact section and you will immediately see the list of common questions asked by the customers.

Community Help Forum

This section allows you to ask the customers and their experiences and reviews about Paypal. You may either ‘Ask the Community’ or ‘Help the Community’. You will be laid out with Latest Topics that are recently asked and answered, the Top Kudoed Authors who answered queries accurately, and New Solutions or new answers. You may also chat with their moderator team every Wednesdays between 1-2pm PT (4-5pm ET) and Fridays between 4-5pm GMT.

Phone Support

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you may call them as a guest at +1-402-935-2050. Take note that this is a US phone number. If you are already a registered member, you will be given a special one-time password to distinctly identify you when you call. Phone support is available from 4 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, U.S. Pacific Time and 6 am to 8 pm Saturday and Sunday, U.S. Pacific Time.

Message Center

Paypal has a special message center where you can compose your email to them.


Well, in terms of security and services, we have nothing else to say about that. Paypal’s outstanding performance is very evident as millions of people around the globe have been trusting the payment system with their business and personal transactions. What we don’t like about it is the costly fees that come with every transaction especially when transacting with other members around the world.

How do you sign up for a PayPal account?

Getting started with PayPal is really easy and signing up is free. All you need to do is visit PayPal’s website www.paypal.com and click on the sign-up button. If you opt on setting up a personal account, click on this option and proceed to provide your account details. You will be asked to fill in your name, email, password, and other basic account details. Read and click agree on the “Agreement and Policies”, provide for a bank account, and you are good to go!

What type of PayPal account should you get?

At PayPal, you have the option to make your account into a Personal Account or a Business Account. All these type of accounts allow users to send and receive money. The Personal Account is recommended for those who shop and pay online. With the Personal Account, you can shop online, send, receive and withdraw money without having to share your payment or banking info to the other end of the transaction. The Business Account, on the other hand, is recommended for merchants that operate under a company. You will be able to send out invoices to customers, provide limited access to your account to your employees as well as receive customer service emails as part of its additional features.

Are there any fees for Paypal Accounts?

Yes. Although signing up for an account is free, certain fees are assigned to the different types of transactions you make except if your transactions are within the U.S. Sending money or payment using your PayPal balance is free within the U.S.; however, fees may apply when you send money using your debit or credit card. For international transactions, there are certain fees when you send to or receive funds from someone in another country.

How do you add your bank details to Paypal?

Adding your bank details to your PayPal account is one way to verify that the account is indeed yours. When linking your bank account to your PayPal account, you will need to enter your user ID and password of your bank account in order to confirm your identity and legibility as an account holder. This information, however, will not be stored in PayPal’s system. You can add your bank account by finding the Link a card or bank option found on your PayPal wallet.

How do you add funds to your Paypal account?

All funds or payments will directly reflect on your PayPal balance as you receive them. However, if you need to top up your account, you will need to have your account linked directly to your bank account from which your funds would come from. This is the most convenient and secure method of adding money to your account. This can be done any time but usually takes 3-4 business days for the transfer to complete. To do so, just click on the Transfer Money option below your PayPal balance. Select Add money to your balance, select your bank and enter the amount you wish to transfer. Complete the transaction by selecting Add from the option.

How can you withdraw funds from your Paypal to your bank account?

Withdrawing funds is easy with PayPal. All you need to do is to go to your PayPal wallet and click on your account balance. Choose from your available currency and key in the amount you want to withdraw. Choose which of your registered bank account you want it to be transferred. Confirm the transaction details to finalize the withdrawal process. Depending on your bank, it will usually take 2-4 days to see your transferred funds reflected on your bank account.

Why can’t I withdraw funds from Paypal?

If it isn’t because of a connectivity error or system problem with either your bank or with PayPal, it might be because your PayPal is not yet verified. Verify your account by connecting your bank account to your PayPal account and wait for both platforms to confirm your account. If it doesn’t resolve anything, contact PayPal’s customer support to know how you can resolve this problem.

Do the funds transferred from your PayPal wallet instantly reflect on your bank account?

The time frame with which your transferred funds will reflect on your bank account usually depends on the type of bank you are using. Depending on your bank’s policy, it would usually take 2-4 days before you can see your funds added to your bank account which you can already withdraw.

Can customers pay by credit card without a PayPal account?

Yes. PayPal has a Pay without PayPal account option that allows transactions by credit card without registering for a PayPal account. However, this option could depend per country due to different banking systems. This means, depending on your country, you may still be prompted to sign up at PayPal before you are able to pay to a merchant. PayPal has different rules for every country.

Is PayPal secure?

Yes. PayPal uses a state-of-the-art security system that protects the site from hacking. PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted so users are sure that all information and transactions are safe within the system. With how PayPal works, it is rather safe to use the platform than giving your financial details directly to the website you are purchasing from. PayPal is a safe way to have your transactions online since it keeps your information in one place instead of spreading it anywhere every time you shop or make payments online.

What can you do if you received an email notification that says you connected a new PayPal account, but did not make that change?

If you received an email from PayPal stating an unauthorized activity, contact and report the incident to the PayPal Customer Support and immediately and change your password.