Klarna is one of the oldest and most reliable payment methods around. It was founded in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2005.

Approximately 60 million people are currently using Klarna for online payment transactions, making it one of Europe’s largest online payment systems. Klarna is now used by 70,000 merchants and operates in 18 countries already. In 2014, Klarna merged with SOFORT, a German financial service company.

General Feedback on Klarna as a Payment Method

Users are generally satisfied with their online payment experience using Klarna. It offers an easy purchase process which consumers really like since it’s very convenient for them. It’s hassle-free for people since it’s not confusing to use especially for the technologically challenged people. It also offers different payment methods for users to choose from, depending on what’s suitable for their online banking needs.

Pros and Cons of Klarna Payments

Just like most payment methods, Klarna has both pros and cons. One great thing about Klarna is you can instantly transfer funds online without a long waiting time. It also doesn’t charge any fees for deposits. When using Klarna for deposits, you don’t have to share private information. No third parties are involved in transactions using Klarna so it’s definitely more secure than most online payment methods.

One of its cons is it’s rarely accepted for withdrawal transactions at casinos. Another disadvantage of using Klarna is once again associated with withdrawals—transactions involving withdrawals are not instantaneous and not free of charge.

How to Get a Klarna Account

In order to start using Klarna for your online banking needs, you must first get yourself a Klarna account. The first step is submitting a registration request for a Klarna account. At Klarna’s official website, you’ll be asked to provide personal details such as your full name, address, banking account and other basic information. It’s very easy to set up an account and you’ll receive a confirmation within seconds or minutes after completing the registration process.

Klarna’s Payment Options

Klarna offers four payment options for users to choose from. These are Pay Now, Pay Later, Monthly Installments, and Instant Bank Transfer. The Pay Now service is exactly what you think- instant payment for goods or services purchased or availed. The Pay Later service, on the other hand, lets users have between 14 and 30 days to pay for a product or service that they can’t afford at the moment. Users will not be charged an interest fee or transaction charge- this payment option is completely free of charge. This service is well-liked by customers since they can try out the item first before paying for it. If they’re not satisfied with the product and if it didn’t meet their expectations, they can easily return the product without paying a single cent for it. Klarna’s Monthly Installment option works just like a credit card. It takes a week before your monthly installment application to be approved. It only applies to purchases worth at least €200. Klarna also offers a direct transfer service which works perfectly for online casinos. Players can use Klarna’s Instant Bank Transfer service to deposit funds to their online gaming casino accounts.

How to Use Klarna for Online Casino Deposits

To use Klarna for depositing funds into your casino account, you need to choose its Instant Bank Transfer service. You must first go to the casino’s payment options or cashier’s page. You can choose either Klarna or SOFORT as your preferred deposit method since they’ve merged and basically work as one. You’ll then be redirected to Klarna’s payment system page. You’ll be asked to provide your country of residence, and the bank that you’re currently using. You will then be asked to enter your banking details such as the account number, PIN, and password. You’ll be given a TAN or a transaction authority number which you might receive via SMS or email. Once you have received your TAN, you need to enter it on the payment page for the transaction to be authorized. Once confirmed, your funds will be instantly transferred to your casino account balance and deducted from your bank account. Deposits made using Klarna are absolutely free of charge.

Withdrawals Using Klarna

For withdrawals, Klarna’s Instant Bank Transfer service can also be used. Once again, you have to go to the casino’s cashier’s or payment options page and choose either SOFORT or Klarna as your preferred withdrawal method. Klarna’s payment system page will pop-up and you will then be asked to provide your banking details, just like when doing deposit transactions. However, withdrawals usually take 2 to 3 days to be completed. Users might also be charged transaction and bank fees.

Klarna Security

Klarna has been operating for over 12 years already which makes it a highly secure and reliable payment method. It’s one of the pioneers in online banking and this fact is enough for users to be assured that their private information and banking details will be kept secure and confidential. Klarna also doesn’t involve any third parties when processing which makes its security even tighter.

Klarna Customer Support and Mobile App

Klarna has a fantastic customer support system. Its customer service agents are very efficient and helpful when dealing with customers’ concern, queries, and issues. Klarna also has a mobile application available. This mobile app makes transactions even easier to process and monitor.

Online Casinos Accepting Klarna Payments

These are some of the casinos where you can use Klarna for deposit and withdrawal purposes: All Irish Casino, Energy Casino, Videoslots Casino, Netbet Casinos, Yako Casino, Fun Casino, Voodoo Dreams Casino, Trada Casino, iwCasino, No Bonus Casino, LeoVegas Casino, Frank Casino, Free Spins Casino, Adler Casino, Diamond Reels Casino, Vegas Play Casino, and BoaBoa Casino.

Klarna is a highly secure and reliable payment method. Deposits are also free of charge which is very beneficial for players. Klarna also offers fast deposit transactions which is very convenient for users. However, just like most payment methods, it still faces issues when it comes to withdrawal transactions.


What is Klarna?

Klarna is a reliable and widely-used online payment method. Online gamblers prefer this payment method since it offers easy, hassle-free, and fast online transactions. Klarna currently has over 60 million users around the globe. It also has over 70,000 merchants in 18 countries.

Is Klarna a legitimate payment method used at online casinos?

Yes, Klarna is definitely a legitimate payment method used for various online casino transactions. It’s proven to be a safe and secure method for online gamblers to deposit or withdraw funds. Klarna does not ask for private information or personal details in order for users to gain access to its services.

What are the advantages of using Klarna for online transactions?

One of Klarna’s advantages is its wide range of services available for its customers. It also provides fast processing of various online transactions. On the other hand, clients don’t need to provide sensitive information in order to use Klarna’s services.

How can a user make deposit transactions through Klarna?

Making deposits through Klarna is simple and easy. The first step is to go to the preferred casino’s ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’ page. The client must choose Klarna from the list of available deposit methods. Then, Klarna’s pop-up window will appear and the client will be asked to provide his country of residence and his chosen bank. The client must then provide his log in details for his chosen bank like the account number, PIN, and password. The player might be given a one-time TAN (Transaction Authentication number) through a text message or email to authorize the transaction. After indicating the amount to be deposited and confirming all the transaction details, the deposit will be processed.

How can a user make withdrawal transactions through Klarna?

It’s also quite easy to cash out winnings using Klarna. The first step is to go to the preferred online casino’s ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’ page. The user must select Klarna from the list of accepted withdrawal options. A pop-up window will appear where the user must provide the login details. Once he successfully logs in to his Klarna account, that’s where he’ll complete the rest of the withdrawal process. After indicating the amount to be cashed out and confirming the transaction details, the withdraw request will be processed.

What’s the average processing time for deposits using Klarna?

Deposit transactions using Klarna are instantly processed. After receiving an email confirmation that the transaction has been completed, the client can expect the deposited amount to be instantly reflected in his online casino account’s balance.

What’s the average processing time for withdrawals using Klarna?

Withdrawal transactions made through Klarna are also instantly processed. However, the client will be able to see the withdrawn funds in his personal bank account after 2-3 business days.

Which online casinos accept Klarna as a payment method?

The following casinos accept online transactions using Klarna: All Irish Casino, Bet365 Casino, Energy Casino, LeoVegas Casino, Free Spins Casino, No Bonus Casino, VideoSlots Casino, iwCasino, NetBet Casino, Trada Casino, Yako Casino, Fun Casino, Volt Casino, Voodoo Dreams Casino, King Billy Casino, Drift Casino, Genesis Casino, Miami Club Casino, Casino Cruise, Casino Luck, Casino X, Roy Richie Casino, Hello Casino, and Viks Casino.

What are the fees to be paid by the player when using Klarna for deposit purposes?

Deposit transactions made through Klarna are absolutely free of charge. But the client must check with his chosen bank and preferred online casino since they might have additional charges or fees for deposits.

What are the fees to be paid by the player when using Klarna for withdrawal purposes?

Klarna does not charge any fees for withdrawal transactions. However, the customer’s preferred casino or chosen bank might charge processing fees.

Are monthly installments possible when using Klarna for online purchases and payments?

Yes, Klarna allows monthly installments. The client needs to apply for a Klarna credit account and then he can use it just like a credit card. However, this feature works for online shopping only, and not for online gambling transactions.

What are the other services offered by Klarna?

Here are other services which are being offered by Klarna: payment reminders, live chat support feature, several payment options, transaction history, safe data storage, and buyer protection.