Online Slot Strategy and Tips


Dissimilar to card games that require a greater understanding of how each is played, slots only require you spin the reels and wait for the reels to come to a stop. While there are some that may suggest skill or strategy can impact the results, the reality is neither can nor ever will. This is for the simple fact that classic and video slots operate using a computerized random number generating program to generate all results. This is regardless of when spinning the reels or playing any of its bonus games. However, there are some strategic tips that can be applied to help increase your odds of winning more frequently.

Slot Variance


The biggest factor is understanding the variance of a slot and knowing how to identify which games are more likely to pay frequently or at a minimum, pay amounts that equal to the per spin investment being made. Prior to selecting a slot, ask yourself the following:

– Am I the type of player who likes a large number of smaller wins and the entertainment that is felt from winning often

– Am I the type of player who wants to win small, medium and large wins

– Am I the type of player that likes to chase jackpot wins, or at a minimum win less often but when you do, the amount is much larger.

Based on how you answered this question, you can determine the type of variance you should focus towards. If you responded yes to being one who prefers a larger number of smaller wins, select a low variance slot. If you prefer small, medium and large wins, select a medium variance slot and if you prefer to chase the big wins, then focus your time playing high variance slots.

Promotional Bonuses

Another tip few fail to see value in is promotional bonuses. While it is ideal to play at with a handful of casimpo casinos, accepting bonuses and depositing an amount that allows you to maximise the bonus provides you with a larger amount extra to your bankroll. This will allow you to increase your bet size and potentially win a large amount versus playing with a reduced bankroll and hoping to win enough to increase your bets and you can always visit the online roulette here if you feel like testing your luck!!.


Determine your bankroll

: Before entering a karamba online casino or making a deposit online, determine the amount you are comfortable losing. Be mindful not to gamble more than you can reasonably afford to lose as this could create unnecessary financial stress. If you lose the amount, you were willing to risk, call it day and stop playing. If you win, set aside a certain amount to withdrawal towards future playing sessions, and if a large win, put into a savings account or purchase something as a reward.

Never chase losses

If you have lost the amount you started with, walk away. Many who play slots think the next big win is just around the corner and often will risk more than is affordable. As all slots operate using a random number generator that will produce over 100 results a second, the big one being around the corner is simply not true. Avoid this type of thinking at all costs.


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