NetEnt Scratch Cards

NetEnt Online Scratch Cards have been around for ages already but its popularity is continuously rising. More and more people are discovering this incredibly convenient way of playing Scratch Cards. It works just like a paper card but without the hassle of going to the lottery outlet and buying one. It also offers more chances of winning and has greater jackpot prizes to be won. Scratch Cards can also be quite refreshing for expert casino players since it gives instant results and it’s extremely easy to play. Switching to Scratch Cards for a while can serve as a quick break from playing the usual slot, roulette, and table games. It’s a great way to have fun while trying to win cash prizes. You won’t have to formulate strategies or understand complicated game mechanics. It’s perfect for de-stressing while getting a shot at millions of jackpot prizes. A lot of people made history in the casino industry when they won millions of cash prizes just from NetEnt Online Scratch Cards. These are definitely game-changers in the online Netent casino community.

History of Scratch Cards

In 1974, the first computer-generated instant lottery game cards were created by the American company Scientific Games Corporation. This creation served as the foundation for the scratch card template that is currently used today. But it wasn’t until 13 years after that the first instant lottery game tickets were produced. The first Scratch Cards required players to scratch off three areas to reveal the figure underneath each area. If the same symbol appears underneath all the three area, that’s when a player can win. Over the years, newer versions of scratch cards were created and more creative ways to win were introduced. Currently, there are two leading manufacturers of scratch cards–Scientific Games Corporation and Pollard Banknote. Scientific Games Corporation has operations around the world including the countries Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. Pollard Banknote, on the other hand, operates in Canada and the United States.

Why are NetEnt Online Scratch Cards Popular?

NetEnt Online Scratch Cards are popular due to several reasons. The first one, of course, is how easy the Scratch Cards can be played. It does not require an understanding of complicated game mechanics. It does not involve any game levels or additional challenges. All the player needs to do is just scratch the significant areas and get a winning pattern or symbols. Even without all the game levels, playing Scratch Cards can also be fun. It’s also safer to play than slot, roulette, and table games. NetEnt’s Scratch Card games also have a high return to player percentage which can definitely attract players. Most of these Scratch Card chanz online games have demo or free play versions which lets new players or interested expert casino players get a good feel of how playing Scratch Cards works. The major reason why casino players prefer Scratch Card games is the massive jackpot prizes waiting for them.

Pros and Cons of Playing NetEnt Online Scratch Cards

NetEnt Online Scratch Cards has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is it gives the same experience when using the paper Scratch Card- but without all the mess and the hassle of buying one from the store. It saves time and effort since you can play it without leaving your home. Another advantage of playing Scratch Cards is its low cost and generous prizes. You’ll only spend a minimum of $0.50 but the jackpot prizes can get over a million dollars. Another advantage is it can be played both on desktop and mobile devices which is incredibly convenient for players. One disadvantage is it does not have a lot of challenges and exciting features like other online casino games.

Chances of Winning at NetEnt Online Scratch Cards

Players have great chances at winning NetEnt Online Scratch Cards. These games are developed based on a high return to player strategy. The return to player percentage of Net Entertainment’s Scratch Card games range from 86% to as high as 90.3%. This ensures players that it’s highly possible to win massive amounts and always get back what you’ve lost while playing these Scratch Cards.

How to Play NetEnt Online Scratch Cards

It’s incredibly easy to play NetEnt Online Scratch Cards. The first thing to do is buy a scratch card. There are Scratch Card games where players can place a wager. There’s a maximum jackpot prize that can be won if the player will place the maximum wager. The prize that can be won depends on the amount of wager placed. After placing the wager, the player will then scratch the surface. If the player fruit kings casino online gets a winning combination, he’ll win the designated prize based on his wager. Some Scratch Card games even have multipliers which can double or triple the amount of the player’s winnings.

Game Rules When Playing NetEnt Online Scratch Cards

Several rules must be followed when playing NetEnt Online Scratch Cards. While playing, your wager amount will be shown on the ticket. There’s also a visible paytable for the player to determine the amount of wins they could get depending on the wagers that they will place. The player should scratch 3 cards with the same symbol to win the current jackpot amount. Several Scratch Card games use characters and getting the same kind of character will make the player win. Multipliers can also be found in some Scratch Card games. Multipliers will increase the player’s winnings. These are the commonly used tools when scratching cards: Attractive pendants, Car keys, Casino chips, Guitar picks, Hair pins, and NetEnt chips.

Notable NetEnt Online Scratch Cards with High Jackpots and RTPs

Several Scratch Cards became popular because of their huge jackpots and high return to player percentage. The following Scratch Card games have the highest return to player percentage among NetEnt’s game collection: Bubbles, Marbles, and Shoot 4 Gold. These three games all have a return to player percentage of 90.3% which is incredibly high for a Scratch Card game.

How to Get Winnings from NetEnt Online Scratch Cards

Winnings from NetEnt’s online Scratch Cards can also be claimed using the different payment methods depending on the casino the player’s using. The most popular withdrawal options are VISA Card, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Instant Bank Transfers. It’s incredibly easy to deposit and withdraw money for playing Scratch Card games.

NetEnt Online Scratch Card Jackpots

There are huge jackpot prizes that await players who will try Scratch Cards. Players can win up to 50 times his wager. The jackpot amount ranges from $10,000 to up to over 1 million dollars. A woman named Susan Richards even won $3 million just by playing Scratch Cards.

NetEnt Online Scratch Card Variations

There many types of scratch cards available at online casinos. Some of them are 7 Gold Scratch, Ace, Bubbles, Lucky Double, Marbles, Shoot 4 Gold, The Lost Pyramid, Treasure Hunt, Tribble, Triple Wins, and Zodiac.


Ace is one of the coolest Scratch Card games that Net Entertainment has to offer. It has a theoretical return to player percentage of 87.5%. Ace has a maximum jackpot of €50,000. This Scratch Card game has a multiplier feature which increases the player’s winnings. Ace has a simple game mechanic. When playing Ace, the first step is choosing the scratching tool that you prefer to use. The next step is pressing the ‘Buy Card’ button to start the game. Then, the player will scratch the card using the tool of his choice. The player has the option to automatically scratch all the cards at once or scratch the cards one at a time. If the player gets 3 matching numbers, he’ll win the matching amount based on the number. The last step is clicking the ‘X’ button to reveal the multiplier that the player got for the ticket.

Lucky Double

Lucky Double is a unique Scratch Card game since it requires the player to scratch two cards instead of just one. It has a theoretical return to player percentage of 85%. A demo version of this Scratch Card game is also available. To start the game, the player must first purchase a card. Then, the player should choose the tool that he wants to use to scratch the cards. Then, he should start scratching the two cars either manually or automatically. The first ticket has a maximum jackpot of €100 while the second ticket lets the player win up to a maximum jackpot of €100,000. Getting three matching numbers on any of the cards result to a win.

Triple Wins

Triple Wins is another great Scratch card game creation of Net Entertainment. It has a theoretical return to player percentage of 87.5%. This Scratch Card game is actually tied to a local game which makes its jackpot progressive and can result to a massive win for the player. The first step is purchasing a ticket by clicking the ‘Buy Ticket’ button. The player also has the option to purchase 10 tickets by clicking the ‘10 New Tickets’ button. The next step is selecting the tool that the player wants to use when scratching the ticket. Then, the player should start scratching the cards. He has the option to scratch them one at a time or automatically by clicking the ‘Scratch All’ button. Getting 3 similar numbers across the tickets will result to a matching win. This Scratch Card game has a multiplier feature. The player needs to click the ‘X’ box to see the multiplier that he was able to get and the total amount of his winnings.

7 Gold Scratch

7 Gold Scratch is quite popular for its top notch graphics and exciting gameplay. It has a theoretical return to player percentage of 86%. The player can win up to €100,000 in this fun Scratch Card game. To start the game, the first step is to purchase a ticket by clicking the ‘Buy Card’ button. The player will then select the tool that he prefers to use when scratching the card. The player has to start scratching the 9 boxes on the card. The boxes can be scratched individually or automatically by clicking the ‘Scratch All’ button. After scratching all the boxes, the player should land either 3 matching numbers or 3 golden 7 figures to be able to win the matching amount.