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Beach Slot Review

Experience the exhilarating beach with NetEnt’s summer-themed video slot. Beach is an adorable and fresh video slot that gives off a vibrant, summery, tropical experience with its features such as the Octopus Wild and Free Waves plus the calming sounds of the sea. It also features the waves rather than the usual spinning animation. Surf with the waves with NetEnt’s Beach video slot!

“Beach presents enlivening and cute animated reels and symbols that vary from starfish, shells, pearls, and other sea creatures that bring substantial winnings.”


  • Instant play
  • User-friendly
  • High-quality graphics and animation


  • Low multipliers
  • Wild symbol doesn’t reward much
  • No bonus game

About Beach

Beach by NetEnt is obviously all about sunny beaches and is a 3-row, 5-reel, 20-payline video slot with a theoretic payout of 96.8%. It presents the usual Wild symbols and highlights refreshing and new features such as the Octopus Wild and Free Waves. On top of that, there is a wave animation built into the game that washes away the symbols ashore. Octopus Wild is the probably the main attraction of the Beach video slot as it helps you win the highest possible reward by swapping the symbols on the reels. Moreover, the wins accumulated by the Octopus Wild are multiplied by 2.

Graphics and Audio

Sand, waves, and the sea – these are all the things you could see in the video slot. Beach presents enlivening and cute animated reels and symbols that vary from starfish, shells, pearls, and other sea creatures that bring substantial winnings. Joined with these visually appealing graphics and animations, you can hear the mesmerizing sounds of the hissing ocean waves, with the squawking of the birds that could carry you into the waters. Occasional drum-like party music also plays when you hit big with your winnings. The background sound is enchanting and the visuals are calming with its pastel colors. At first glance, the graphics seem to be designed for children but it becomes easy to become accustomed to it.

Symbols and Features

The tropical theme of Beach continues as they incorporate the conventional A, J, K, Q, 10 symbols into dark-colored stones as an indication that they are the low-valued symbols. The higher-valued symbols are designed more specially and vibrantly, still sticking to the theme. There is a treasure box with a pearl necklace hanging on it, an opened shell with a pearl inside, a purple conch shell, a vibrant starfish, and a white shell. And of course, the refreshing vibe of the sea is also incorporated in the video slot’s features. The features include the Wild symbols, Free Wave, Scatter symbol, and an Octopus Wild.

Free Wave and Scatters

Beach also features a Scatter symbol. Unlike in most video slots brought by NetEnt, the Scatter symbol in this game does not activate Free Spins, but rather Free Waves. Free Waves are equivalent to Free Spins, except that they are in the form of waves. The Scatter symbol is an illustration of a letter in a bottle. 3 or more Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game activates Free Waves. Also, when 3 or more Scatters appear on the Free Wave round, it grants you more Free Waves.

  • 3 Scatters grant you 8 Free Waves
  • 4 Scatters grant you 16 Free Waves
  • 5 Scatters grant you 24 Free Waves

Wild Symbols

Of course, a video slot is not complete without the Wild symbols. Beach’s Wild symbol is a signage that says WILD with what seems to be a crab above the sign and a starfish on the lower left corner. It also has a wildz casino caption that indicates the word Wild. Wild symbols can only appear on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5 and lights up whenever it does while the crab above it joyfully jumps too. Like the conventional, Wild symbols substitute all other symbols except the Scatter and the Octopus Wild Symbol. However, it seems like this particular Wild symbol is less relevant than the Octopus Wild. This standard Wild does not reward anything.

Octopus Wild

Beach also features a special Wild Symbol that grants bigger winnings. The Octopus Wild symbol appears only on the 3rd reel. The symbol is an adorable smiling octopus that actively moves as if it swaps the symbols using its tentacles whenever it appears on the 3rd reel. This symbol also substitutes all other symbols aside from Scatters and Wild symbols. To be able to achieve the highest possible win, the Octopus Wild can swap the positions of any 2 symbols adjacent on reels 2, 3, and 4, except for its own position. All winnings obtained through the Octopus Wild are multiplied by 2.

Bet Limits

The Beach video slot is played with 20 paylines with 10 different bet levels and 7 different coin values ranging from 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, and 1 euro. Minimum bet is at 20 cents and the maximum is at 200 Euros. Both minimum and maximum bets are relatively higher than the other casiplay casino video slots produced by NetEnt.

Pay Table

The pay table is very easy to access by just clicking on the pay table button at the lower left. The pay table shows a charming infographic of the values of each symbol and their functions. It also shows some unique presentation of the special symbols. For instance, the Scatter symbol is like a Polaroid photo of a letter in a bottle with the sand as its background and the word Scatter as its caption. Additionally, the Octopus Wild symbol is also a Polaroid-like photo of a signage that says WILD with what seems to be a crab above the sign and a starfish on the lower left corner. It also has a caption that indicates the word Wild.

Game Settings

Beach follows the standard game settings well known to all NetEnt video slots. There’s the speaker where you can click to turn the sound on or off, the question mark that triggers the Help menu, and an AUTO button that enables the Autoplay function while the wrench icon allows you to adjust several other settings:

  • Quick Play
  • Intro Screen
  • Ambience Sound
  • Sound Effects
  • Graphics Quality (low, medium, high)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (spacebar to spin the reels)
  • Game history (not present in demo games)


The Beach video slot has a cute and visually appealing graphics appropriate with its theme. I enjoy how the Beach has a cheerful vibe in general. However, there could be more alternatives for this video slot that has the same concept plus bigger payouts.

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