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What are Free Spins Casino No Deposit Bonuses, and How do they Work?

The online casino industry is becoming congested with new and old casino sites. Now and then, a new gambling portal opens its doors to entice players with various promotions, deals, and bonuses. For instance, a new casino has welcome packages that involve match up a cash bonus of up to 200% and as much as 500 free spins! These kinds of gifts are sure to attract new players to sign-up and start playing. On the other hand, some casinos remain fruitful by offering Free Spins Casino No Deposit Bonus upon registration!

Free spins bonus

For UK casino players, an attractive welcome bonus is the start of a promising casino experience. Thus, free spins no deposit bonus is a much-coveted promotion that most online casinos offer. Seasoned casino players know very well how important these free spins are when starting with your online casino exploration. However, new players are still confused about the different free spins offered by thousands of online casino sites. Understanding what are terms before claiming the bonus is crucial for you to enjoy the gaming experience fully. Thus, allow us to tell you more about these free spins and what they can do for you.   

Understanding Casino Free Spins 2019

Soon as you open up a casino site on your browser, promotions and offers start popping up on your screen. It shows “Casino Free Spins Bonus” and other offers. For starters, you have to understand what free spin bonuses are all about.

An online casino site usually offers a free spin slots for their new or regular members. It is a corresponding fixed number of turns for a selected number of slot machines. In some casinos with software developer tie-ups, they offer free spins for their specific slot machines like Starburst. Players may take advantage of these offers to play or run the reels at some exciting slot games on the casino site. It is also a great way to try out new games or get the feel of the casino before you start betting with real money.

Different Types of Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are just one kind of casino offers, but did you know that there are also several types of free spins? Yes, free spins bonuses also vary according to the offers of the casino. It would help you to know the different types of these freebies so that you’ll know which one will serve your purpose well when you claim them from the casino site.

Free Spin No Deposit Bonus

No deposit free spin bonuses are one of the most popular types of promotion that online casinos offer. This type of bonus is not tied to a deposit; thus, you do not need to deposit to get a fixed number of free spins. They are commonly offered to newly registered casino members or as part of their loyalty program to promote certain games.

In most cases, free spins, no deposit bonus always comes with specific wagering requirements. It means that your winnings from the use of these free spins need to be wagered a certain number of times before you can withdraw them from your account. These wagering requirements vary from one casino to another. Thus it is advised to you read the terms and conditions carefully.

Before you start playing, understand these terms first and be sure to comply with the wagering requirements to avoid any disappointments when you can’t encash your winnings.

Consequently, free spins no deposit bonus is still one of the most sought-after casino bonus offers. A bundle of 10-50 free spins is the usual range for this type of bonus, and it can go a long way for some players. These types of free spins are prevalent for small and medium stakes UK casino game players.

Additionally, though they are prevalent, free spins no deposit bonus are rarely offered. When you see a casino with this type of promotion, you should seriously consider joining and claiming your free spins!

Deposit Required Free Spins

Another free spins bonus offer that is more common with UK online casino sites are free spins deposit required. These types of bonuses are attached to a minimum deposit that new players make. It is often available as part of a casino’s Welcome Bonus package. You can find these types of bonuses on any casino site. You can unlock as much as 500 free spins from several bonus breakdowns. Likewise, casinos usually set a fixed number of spins every time a player makes a deposit or meet specific criteria.

Still, new players are advised to understand the terms and conditions of the bonus claimed. This way, you know how much you need to deposit to qualify for the free spins and enjoy playing at the casino.

Free Spins with VIP and Loyalty Programs

Casino’s VIP and Loyalty Programs also come with multitudes of perks and benefits. Regular players are rewarded every time they climb up a tier with daily, weekly, or monthly freebies. These rewards may include event invitation, exclusive gifts, tickets to tournaments or games, and lots of free spins!

A well-developed Loyalty and VIP Program is essential in keeping players loyal to the casino. Freebies offered as part of the casino’s Loyalty or VIP Program is one way of making players feel good and appreciated. With these rewards, players become even more willing and excited to play with the various games in the casino.

Free Spins on Slot Machines

These types of free spins are offered as part of a game or software promotion.

Most casinos ties-up with game companies and provide free spins that can be used on games that they are trying to promote and build up. In most cases, these free spins on slot machines come with limitations on where they can be used. It is usually stated on the bonus page and the main text of the bonus before you claim them.

In the UK casino industry, NetEnt’s Starburst has become one of the hottest slot games in the market. Most casinos are offering free spins solely for playing this slot game, and players are thoroughly enjoying it.

Winning Real Money with Your Free Spin No Deposit Bonus

When it comes to casino bonuses, players are advised to read everything they can learn about it. There are various types of promotions and offers, and players can easily be swayed thinking that they can make good cash from these freebies.

Keep in mind that free spins are a non-redeemable type of bonus. Therefore, you are not allowed to cash it in or withdraw them. You will only be allowed to claim the money you win from using them. But of course, it will still be subjected to the wagering requirements that come with the free spins. In most cases, players will only be able to withdraw their winnings after complying with the casino’s wagering requirement. But in case there are no wagering requirements, players can instantly withdraw the winnings soon as it reaches the minimum amount for withdrawal.

Your winnings from your free spins go into your account. Then, you can start using it to play on other slots or try out various table games offered by the casino. 

Wagering Requirements on Free Spins Slots No Deposit

UK casino promotions such as free spins offers usually come with an attached wagering requirement. This bonus term is also referred to as the “play-through” or “rollover” rate. Wagering requirements for free spins is about the number of times that a player’s winnings from the bonus need to be wagered before it can be withdrawn. 

You can usually see these terms presented in a double-digit number with a multiplication sign. For instance, a free spin bonus with a wagering requirement of 50x means that winnings must be used to bet or wagered this much time before it becomes available for withdrawal. Likewise, a free spin bonus and its wagering requirements must be complied with on a specific number of days after claiming it. It means that the freebies will only be valid until it the expiration date. Any winnings you made will be waived if you have not completed the wagering requirements on the valid days.

To understand wagering requirements, you must know that to wager does not mean losing. So, if you won £10 using your free spins, and the wagering requirement is 20x, then you need to wager £200 before you can withdraw. If you bet £1 on a slot and you win £3 from it, it will still be the £1 that will qualify as your wager.

For you to enjoy your casino gaming experience, do not expect too much when using your free spins and other bonuses. Just enjoy the games and enjoy the opportunity to play without using your money. Who knows, you might be able to comply with the wagering requirements soon before you know it.


Slot machines are very popular in UK online Casino Sites. It generates millions of play every day. Players from all over the world enjoy exploring various slot games with their unique and fun themes. The jingling, musical, and brightly-lit machines bring in a realistic casino ambiance to the virtual world. More so, you can find online casinos with as many as 800 types of slots in their game lineup. These games are well-loved by casino players. Thus it is understandable that free spin bonuses have become very popular too. 

Casino players, especially those who love slot machines, are always on the lookout for different free spins 2019 offers from UK online casino sites. These freebies are offered as part of the welcome package, the Loyalty or VIP Program, or to promote new games.

For you to truly enjoy the spinning experience, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions, especially the wagering requirement that generally comes with free spins.