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Zombies Slot Review

The zombie, a fictional undead being, that is produced through the re-animation of a human corpse. They’re primarily found in both fantasy and horror genre type of literature or movie pieces. Today, they are one of the more concentrated on supernatural beings to possess media built around them. You merely need to watch tv shows such as’ The Walking Dead’ to realise just how widely used they are.
The NetEnt slot game entitled’ Zombies’ takes the foundation concept of these creatures and also gives you horror and blood-filled product to play. The developer has also provided a creepy soundtrack to the game, which can make it even more thrilling to play. It appears to be based in an abandoned shopping mall, with escalators as well as numerous shops ready to be observed in their deserted states in the background. Thus, in case you believe you are able to last the zombie invasion by camouflaging and protecting yourself in the shopping mall, then this game is undoubtedly the best pick for you. Continue reading to find out its hidden secrets.

Theme of Zombies

Have you been a fan of the Walking Dead or perhaps zombie films on the whole? If so you are likely to love this particular slot machine! The arena is in a  shopping mall which is empty of life apart from the blood-spattered, blue-faced zombies crowding the rails. The background music is NetENT’s creepiest. However, once you spin the reels, you notice the audio of dismembered voices whispering. A suspenseful, horror film tune echoes out to mark winning pay lines.
The five lower value symbols are represented by the ten, Queen, Jack, King and Aces and show up as scratchy figures scrawled in a glowing blue fluid. Higher-value symbols showcase each of the gory gruesomeness you expect from zombie-themed entertainment. Every sign is either dripping or splattered with blood. The highest ranking sign is a chainsaw, followed by a gas mask, subsequently a brain, then a severed eyeball lastly, an axe crossed with a nail-studded bat rounds out the team.

Zombies Bonus Features

Although Zombie slot is themed in a horror fashion, there are some excellent prizes of as much as 100,000 coins to win. This video slot has a lot of extras such as Wilds, Free deposit bonus 10 spins, Random Wilds, Stacked Wilds, along with a Multiplier. We shall explain these features below.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol can replace other symbols on the reels, except Scatters. The Wild symbol can appear on every reel except the middle one. By changing different symbols, the Wild symbols are able to complete certain symbol combinations and therefore provide you with much more chance of winning. Apart from Wild symbols, the Zombies slot features the Stacked Wilds and the Random Wilds.
The Stacked Wild symbol can only appear on reel five, and it may cover up to 3 symbols. The Stacked Wild symbol will get a nudge to finish the possible combination if it only shows partially in the slot. When in the Free Spin mode it is impossible to get the Stacked Wild symbol.
The last Wild symbol available in the slot is the Random Wild. The only way to get the Random Wild symbol is if you are on Free Spin mode or you got a Staked Wild symbol. In this event, it will show up after the spin. The Random Wild feature will significantly increase your chances of winning by swapping up to six random symbols into Wild symbols.

Free Spins, Multipliers and Zombie Score

The Scatter symbols might appear on the three middle reels which are namely two, three and four. On getting three Scatter symbols, you will earn five Free Spins. Your line winnings are multiplied after each spin in the Free Spins mode. The very first round pays at x1, the second round pays at x2, and the third round pays at x3. The fourth and fifth round pays at x5 and x10 respectively. During the Free Spins mode, you can’t get any other Free Spins. Nevertheless, the Zombie Score is activated. After each round, the reels are going to fade, and a selection of zombies will show up. You’ll also see a rifle which is going to shoot two to five zombies randomly. For every zombie downed,  you receive a prize. This prize is dependent on the settings of when the 5 Free deposit Spin was activated.

How to play

NetEnt’s Zombies slot is a five reel, three-row video slot with twenty fixed pay lines to make winning combinations. You can change the bet level as well as the coin value at any time to create your stake for that spin. The bet amount may be modified from one to ten as well as the coin value from €0.01 up to €1.00. The winning pay lines are read from the far left to right to produce wins, and you will find tonnes of unique features that are described below.
The coin value is just how many coins you’d love to spot on every pay line. So a €0.01 coin value is going to place €0.01 on every one of the twenty pay lines, developing a stake of €0.20 for that spin. You can pick from €0.01, €0.02, €0.05, €0.10, €0.20, €0.50 up to €1.00.
The bet level creates another way of fine-tuning your stake levels. For instance, while there’s no €0.04 coin, a bet level of two combined with a coin value of €0.02, will produce a total stake of €0.80. There is no way in which you can set this sort of stake level while using just the coin value.
The least amount you can bet on a single spin is €0.20 by combining one bet level with €0.01 of coin value. The maximum you can bet in a single spin is €200 by combining ten bet level with €1.00 of coin value.
The Zombies slot features a clear introduction to all the winning symbol combos and the payouts of theirs. This overview is known as a pay table and also may be seen by clicking the “PAYTABLE” button at the bottom left on the display screen. In the paytable, you are able to find a description of the win lines.  When you click a sign within the game, the pay table for that sign will open. The theoretic payout of the Zombies video slot is 97.2%


This slot is perfect for those Walking Dead series fans. Although we’ve experienced very unique NetEnt slots, this makes it one in the collection due to its absolute weirdness. This game is going to take you to some parallel reality where violence rules. It is filled with different characteristics of a superior quality zombie apocalypse film tickling your thinnest nerves. Simply Awesome.
We are different in a lot of different ways, and yes, some of us are attracted when we see weird things.  This might as well be the reason why Walking Dead is such a hit. This compliment this movie theme and we for ones are not afraid to admit it. Go on; it’s all decomposed bodies, brains, eyes and Zombies…What’s not to like?

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