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Tiki Wonders Slot Review

We all love to picture ourselves on an uninhabited beach, with only the sun, sand and sea. Unfortunately, it won’t happen for some of us, but it is always something that puts a smile of our faces, and we keep on dreaming. Now with NetEnt Entertainment slot Tiki Wonders, you can move one step closer to this dream by playing the game. This will also make it possible to move you yet even closer to this dream if you just hit the progressive jackpot offered by this slot.
This slot is very relaxing with the light onrush of waves crashing against the shore, while birds whistle and chirp in the backdrop while you spin the reels. You are playing this game from inside a Hawaiian tiki hut constructed from palm trunks and limbs. It is nicely decorated with different traditional totems and tikis.

Basic Symbols

The symbols utilised in Tiki Wonders slot game machine match to the unusual theme applied in the game. There’s a variety of colourful low-value symbols, including many types of exotic cocktails, the lizard, the turtle, the toucan and the dolphin. These make winning combinations as well as grant players with various payout.

Wild Symbols

The Surfer icon represents the Wild Symbol in Tiki Wonders slot, and this tends to make it very special. The Wild could be utilised for completing winning combinations as it’s in a position to substitute other symbols within the game aside from the Scatter Symbol.
Gathering some Wild Symbols on one activated payline tends to make significant winning combinations, that are illustrated in the “Regular Payout Schedule” of Tiki Wonders. This slot does not have a bonus game or features in case you get a combination of Surfer symbol in a winning combination on the five reels. Players have to be aware that only one winning combination is paid out per one activated payline. In case that there tend to be more than a single mixture on the payline, a prize with the highest combination will be paid out to the player.

Scatter Symbols

The Hula Girl in the Tiki Wonders slot game is the Scatter Symbol. This symbol can’t be replaced by another symbol, which includes the Wild symbol. The winning combinations are completed regardless of where the Hula girls land on the reels. The Winning combinations with the Hula girls start from landing at least two on any part of the reels.
According to the game’s payout scheme, winnings are calculated by multiplying the symbol combination payout to the amount of coin wagered.
Additionally, a player can be paid for both a Scatter win along with a typical regular win, if such are produced. Prizes granted for Scatter winning combinations are independent of the regular payline rewards.
Aside from the monetary prize, unique bonuses are given out if the player can land more than two Scatters anywhere on the five reels. The unique bonus includes unlocking a 5 free no deposit Spin Bonus Round of the game, and that raises the chance of winning bigger prizes.

Free Spins

As explained above, the player can unlock the Free Spins Bonus Round of the slot game is by landing at least 3 Scatter symbols regardless of the position on the reels. This is basically the only way to unlock the Free Spin Bonus Round, but different amounts of Scatter symbols will trigger different amount of Free Spins. Hitting 3 of these symbols will provide the players with a total of 10 extra spins, while 4 of them can bring them 20 additional spins. The most substantial number of free spins may be received by landing 5 Scatter symbols.
Besides, the total winnings from these 10 free no deposit spins are multiplied by three, except in case the Progressive Jackpot is won. If that happens, it would be the least of your worries though. The control buttons are disabled during the free spin rounds, which includes the selectors of the game’s pay lines.
Players can also be provided with the chance to win extra free spins over the bonus round. The additional spins are put into the other quantity of free spins in the round. This essentially means that an infinite amount of extra free spins is received.


If the exotic vibes lure you – go on and play a while with Tiki Wonders. The sound and graphics are inviting and pleasant, therefore in case you are playing for fun. You will certainly enjoy a great relaxing time. If nonetheless, you are going after great wins, you need to keep in mind that this particular slot is focused to those jackpot hunters seeking one rare massive win rather than those folks who love to gain their coins bit by bit. The game is set in a low variance setting with low payouts, so your main hope is to hit one of the two progressive jackpots. The hot spins round is frequently triggered though it doesn’t pay so well. It usually pays around 45 spins or so. Nevertheless, if no vacation is in sight, this particular slot can be your perfect getaway, in addition to a chance to win sufficient to schedule a great holiday!

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