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Texas Hold ’em Pro

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Texas Hold ’em Pro Review

Texas Hold ’em Pro by NetEnt is an engrossing online casino phenomenon perfect for both amateur and well-versed poker players. This particular free NetEnt Casino game has generated its own cult of avid supporters, thanks to the dynamic yet uncomplicated graphics and animations of this online casino game.

The Game’s Rules

The remarkable thing about Texas Hold ‘em Pro is that it offers you the same kind of poker with the same game rules and visuals but a different platform and distinct graphics modification. The game allows players to place bets between €1 and €40. The player receives two initial cards and decides whether to call or to fold. If the player decides to call, the total amount of bet will be tripled. When the player calls, the ‘Flop’ bet will automatically occur. Three cards will then be revealed in the center of the game screen that is used to complete the hand. The next phase of is ‘Turn’, where players can choose to either bet again or Check. A fourth card is then added to the center. The last part is ‘River’, where players can bet or Check then a fifth card will be revealed. Retaining the classic game rules of poker allows players to experience the casino gods game in a fun yet convenient way without sacrificing its authenticity and quality.

The Game’s Visual

The game’s graphics is something that looks very familiar for everyone – green felt table, cards, and chips. Showcasing the traditional yet visually charming green table, the card is unveiled at the top right-hand corner of the screen, and the set of chips at the topmost center. At the centermost part of the game table are three words enclosed in three circles: ‘Call (Flop)’, ‘Bet (Turn)’, and ‘Bet (River)’, and a smaller circle with the word ‘Ante’ on the lower left part of these three circles simultaneously. The set of chips are presented in the form of €1, €5 and €10, and bets between €1 to €40 may only be placed by clicking the chips onto the ‘Ante’
Texas Hold ‘em Pro boasts the traditional look of the popular casino table game with of course the influence of technological advancement by making it available online. This gives the player the comfort and simplicity of focusing on the game itself without worrying much about the complexity of technology. However, Texas Hold ‘em Pro’s visuals may not be as thrilling and as appealing for poker players who want something out of the traditional look of a poker game. There may be players who want a more distinct 3D graphics game, considering that it is experienced online.


Texas Hold ‘em Pro by NetEnt is a popular variation of the jackpot village casino poker game that yields a solid Texas poker experience. This is a fitting choice for players who tend to lean towards the traditional poker game available on an online platform. On the flip side, while the game’s rules incline towards the classic one, the game’s visual also tend to lean towards an equally classic look, with a minimalist and modern feel. Nevertheless, NetEnt provides a much more flexible gambling experience open to a wider range of audience and players.

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