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Tales Of Krakow Slot Review

If you are fond of mythical creatures, folklore, and legends, then you might like this Polish folklore-inspired slot game from NetEnt called Tales of Krakow.  Krakow is said to be a truly magnificent city beautified and shaped by its own legends, myths, and other unique stories. If you plan on visiting this place anytime soon, why not play this mythical slot game and have a glimpse of adventure with dragons and mythical creatures from the unique stories only you can hear from Krakow.

“A game made more exciting when the dragon appears on the reels…the mystery eggs make the game more interesting…”

Released by NetEnt in 2013, the Tales of Krakow slot opens the gate for players to look into the old city full of mystery and mythical creatures. As believed in the many fables, dragons have always haunted the streets of Krakow and the people have always wanted to see it. In this game, you’ll be one lucky player if the dragon appears on the reel, not to mention the mystery eggs that you get to choose for the bonus. Apart from the dragon, you’ll also be able to see demons representing the reels which add more impact to a wonderful game.
Visually, the Tales of Krakow online slots real money no deposit bonus game is designed for an easy play of the players. The game is set under a dark night under the blue moon, moving clouds and the howling winds setting adds mystery to the game. Unlike other slot games which have background sounds that tend to be annoying after a long play, this one does not as it only has the sound of the wind as its background sound. The graphics are crisp but very cartoon-like. Nevertheless, this game is one of those games that players of any level would like to play for its low-risk variance. Anyone who’s interested in dungeons and dragons would surely enjoy this one.

Theme and Graphics

Tales of Krakow slot game tells various folklore and myths originally from Poland. The game is represented by the first king of Poland, Boleslaw I the Brave, the Wawel Castle Dragon, the Polish Tree Spirit Rusalka, as well as the Trumpeter of Krakow. All these characters make up the reels of the slot and make the games even more interesting and entertaining with all the powers they possess. The graphics are crisp and the colors are vibrant, however, the characters seem to be cartoon-like. Nevertheless, it does not really affect the excitement value of the game.
The game is designed in a set up that mimics a dark quiet night under the pale moonlight. The clouds on the background are moving together with the wind as the only sound you can hear when the game is on standby. Unlike other slot games which have background sounds that tend to be annoying in the long play, Tales of Krakow only has the wind as its main background sound effect. The only time you will hear other thrilling sounds are when the reels are spinning or if you hit jackpots or activate bonus features.


Apart from the mythical icons, characters such as A, Q, J, K and 10 also represent the reels. These characters are those that have low value while the other characters such as Rusalka, the Trumpeter, and the mouse with boots have higher values. Aside from that, you’ll have to look forward to the dragon to appear on the reels since it activates bonus rounds. The devil icon represents the wild in the game while King Boleslaw I in a white horse represents the scatter feature of the game.

Gameplay and Software

The Tales of Krakow’s gameplay features, like any other creations of NetEnt, are made uncomplicated for users of all. In order to play and increase chances of scoring wins on these games, the players only need to set bet level, coin values, and other game settings as they play the slotszone casino game. The Tales of Krakow slot game is made up of 5 reels, 3 rows and has 30 pay lines.

Bet Level:  Select one’s preferred bet level. (Select level from 1 to 4)

Bet Lines: Alter the number of paylines played. (Up to 30 paylines)

Coin Value: Choose the preferred coin size. (Choose from values 0.01-0.5)

Spin: To start off the game.

Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.

Auto: Turn the reels automatically for a number of times uninterrupted (Select from 10 to 1000 automatic spins)

Feature Preview: Will take you to the dragon’s lair where you can pick a bonus egg

Although Tales of Krakow is not primarily designed for mobile devices, it appears to work really well on any mobile phones and tablets available. The game runs flawlessly on mobile with the graphics and audio in sync to make gaming more convenient for players always on the go.

Feature and Bonus

Like any other slot game, Tales of Krakow also have wild and scatter features that make the game even more interesting and large payouts even more possible. This game also activates bonus game which makes it more thrilling.

The Wild Feature

The Wild Icon in this game is represented by the Blood Red Devil. The devil wild replaces all other symbols in the reel except for the scatter symbol. This symbol makes it possible for winning combos to form which can unlock more bonus for more payouts.

The Scatter Feature

The scatter icon is represented by King Boleslaw I in a white horse. By getting 3 or more scatter icons on the reel, the player will be awarded 12 Free Spins which is set by default. The scatter feature also awards 3x multiplier to your payouts from your Free spins, however, it doesn’t cover the wins from the Bonus game.

Bonus Feature

Through this game, NetEnt is generous enough to be giving off bonus games like casilando to its players. Tales of Krakow offers a bonus round feature called Dragon Egg Bonus. The bonus icon is represented by the green dragon. Players will need three of these dragons on the reels to activate the bonus round. This round is a “pick-a-win” game that is made up of 3 levels in where you get to choose a mystery egg for your prize.

Bet Range: 1 cent up to € 60

Possible Jackpot Win: 30 000 coins

RTP, Variance

The Tale of Krakow is perfect for all-level players with its low-risk variance. The success of payouts from this game is at a healthy 93.3% RTP. This game will be enjoyed by those who want to play and enjoy longer slots games as well as those who wanted generous payouts.


  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Quiet Background Music
  • Instant play
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Healthy RTP


  • Icons are cartoon-like
  • Graphics not advanced
  • Lack of Background Music (might bore the players)


Although this game does not have the extremely advanced graphics like any other good slot games produced by NetEnt, Tales of Krakow is surely one that should not be overlooked. This game has a story, great special features not to mention the bonus game round which some NetEnt slots do not have, Tales of Krakow on its own mysterious charm, is definitely one game that makes NetEnt one of the best in the slot games industry.

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