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Space Wars Slot Review

Space Wars, powered by popular gaming software provider Net Entertainment, was first released back in 2013. This space-themed slot game has been a constant favorite for years already. Its top notch graphics and one-of-a-kind gaming experience attracts casino players all over the world. It’s one of the most innovative and captivating chilli casino games of Net Entertainment.

Space Wars Theme, Layout, and Design

This slot game has constantly been receiving praises for its out-of-this-world 3D graphics. Its galactic theme is more than enough to attract gamers around the world. Players are most impressed with the mind-blowing animations of extraterrestrials which spin around the reels. The bet line lights up brightly after forming a winning combination. This slot game’s background music is also suitable for the space theme and makes the gaming experience even more unforgettable. The characters were also designed in a cute and charming way. Even though the characters sometimes behave in a violent way, their adorable appearance makes such actions incredibly funny and entertaining.

Space Wars Game Mechanics

A very informative and visually-appealing introductory video message is played before the game starts. This slot game has 5 reels and 40 pay lines. It has a return to player percentage of 97%. This game has four rows and features five various types of aliens. The smaller aliens have the least value in the game. The larger aliens which are armed have more value than the small ones. The following colors are arranged from the one with the highest value to the lowest: orange, olive, green, blue, and purple. There’s also a red crystal which has a high value. These five types of extraterrestrial creatures fight in order to possess that powerful red crystal.
The game takes place inside the player’s spaceship. A close up of a nearby moon can also be seen behind the game’s reels. The right side of the reels has a big canister which has a special use. The five reels represent five different alien nations. These aliens come in sets of two. One is a fully grown alien while the other is its baby version. The icon of the powerful, red crystal is also on the screen all throughout the game. Before starting the game, the player should choose the coin denomination that he’ll use. After that, he should figure out which of the 40 pay lines he’s going to place a bet on. Once you’ve chosen where to place your bets, the next thing you’ll do is determine the amount you’ll be betting on the chosen pay lines. Once that’s settled, the game can finally start. The reels will begin to spin after clicking the start button.

Autoplay Feature of Space Wars

Space Wars has an Autoplay Feature available. This amazing feature is a timesaver and is very convenient especially for players who lead busy lives. There are four steps to complete before the game starts progressing on Autoplay mode. The first one is to choose the coin denomination the player will use. The next step is to figure out which pay lines to place a bet on. Then, choose the amount of your bet. Lastly, enter the number of spins that you want to do on Autoplay.

Space Wars Special Features

Space Wars has a Re-Spin Feature. It also has Wild and Scatter symbols. The Re-Spin Feature can be triggered after getting a winning combination. The reels will automatically Re-Spin after getting a winning combination which can result to even more wins. On the other hand, Wild symbols can appear in the place of any other symbol. The Stack feature pertains to the wild symbols being stacked when appearing. The wild symbols only show up on reels 2 and 4. Because the wild symbols come stacked, there will be more chances of winning.

Space Wars’ Mobile Version

Space Wars is now available on mobile. It can be downloaded on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It works perfectly on different Android and iPhone devices. Space Wars can be enjoyed while using Android smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy tablets, and even Windows smartphones. This is very convenient for busy persons who are always on the go.

Free Play Available for Space Wars

Space Wars has a free play version which is available to everyone. This free play version is incredibly helpful especially to newbie gamers. Playing for free can be a great practice to test the player’s skills and understanding of the game. It will help the newbie gamer get started in the game without instantly spending his cash. It’s a wonderful feature of slot games because it will give players the authentic and fun gaming experience without spending anything.
Playing using the demo or free play versions gives the player enough time to get familiarized with the game and find ways to increase his chances of getting a winning combination. It also provides an excellent gaming experience for players who just want to give dazzle casino casino games free spins no deposit a try and are not really into casino games yet. The free play feature attracts casino gamers to try this particular slot game and also gives non-players a chance to get a feel of the casino game.

Space Wars’ Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum number of coins per line is 1 while the maximum is 10. The minimum bet per spin is $0.40 while the maximum amount that a player can bet is $200 per spin. A player can instantly choose to bet the highest amount by clicking the “Max Bet” button.

Space Wars’ Jackpot

In Space Wars, the player could win up to 400,000 coins. Up to 1000 times the bet amount can be won in this game.

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