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Motorhead Slot

Game Overview

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Motorhead Slot Review

​​​​When we reviewed the 1st of the NetEnt Rocks trilogy, specifically the’ Guns N Roses’ slot, we stated it was the last game, the Motorhead slot, which we had been awaiting the most. It was predicted that it would be much better compared to the Jimi Hendrix slot.
That very last game greeted with frustration in certain quarters provided some love vibe as well as a somewhat offbeat peace that it’d appear that the harder rock format is solidly back because of the finale in this particular trilogy.

It’s a rock ‘n’ roll ride on the reels!

​​​​However, the feedback from that past two games didn’t fall on deaf ears as NetEnt really responded to the criticism. The total change of selection format is what’s really surprising though. Unlike the first two slots in the series, that received a 5×3 layout, because of this brand new online slot, NetEnt used the one of a kind structure on the Dazzle Me game. What makes this game so different from the other two games are its type of gameplay and unique features. You can dare say this makes the game stand on it’s on not just from the other two games but also from the full range of NetEnt games overall.

Rock the music theme

For all those fans of the late Lemmy, we would love to believe that given Motorhead’s biggest ever record’ The Ace of Spades’ experienced a distinctly gambling theme, he will approve of being at the centre of a slot game exactly like when he was with the band. The video entry sequence for this game is much superior to the one on the GNR name, although it can be a bit too long for some, you can disable it for future plays when you’ve had a good listen. The pay icons vary from the frontman himself who gives the top payout, bells, through stars, sevens and lucky items such as clover and horseshoes.
​​​​The game reels are set for a rock phase, the win sequences are punctuated by blinking strobes and lights, and there’s an excellent quantity of themed sound effects as well as bespoke animations. It is somewhat inevitable for fans to compare this to GNR, but for some, it might also be a moderate version yet more playable slot, it is exciting but not overwhelming. A thing to note for the easily offended, in an attempt to keep the authenticity of the band, NetEnt have held several x rated sound soundbites on offer. On the other hand that might just as well be seen amusing for those acquainted with the band.

Mystery Reels Feature

This feature is available during every spin in the main as well as during free spin rounds. However, it is not available when the Bomber feature is active. This feature makes one or more reels set as the mystery reels. This is illustrated in the game by stacking the reels in mystery great britain casino. If mystery symbols appear on the reels after a spin, the mystery symbols change into a random symbol expect for a Scatter helping you to achieve a winning combination.

Free Spins

·         Ten free spins will be activated when you play at least 3 Scatter symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 in the main game. During Free Spins rounds the Mystery Reels consist of both Mystery symbols as well as Wild symbols.

·         The round in which the free spins have been activated determine the bet level as well as the coin value for the free spins. The number of Free Spins is awarded according to the paytable.

·          It is also possible to win more free spins while playing the free spin rounds. After all, the free deluxino casino as well as the total amount won during the round that activated the free spins will get the accumulated amount of all rounds combined. Free Spin wins are added to any bet line wins

It’s loud. It’s wild. And it’s afire with features!

Bomber Feature

During any spin in the main game, the Bomber Feature can be activated randomly before a spin. Some bombs appear on the reels activating at least ten overlay mystery symbols. The maximum number of bombs that can appear on the reels is 5, and the maximum number of overlay mystery symbols activated by the bombs is 15.

Bring on the bomber feature and win big!

Each bomb consists of a cluster of mystery symbols. When each bomb has generated the mystery overlay symbols, the reels spin and a symbol will randomly appear on the reels in the same way the Mystery Reel Feature is activated. Free Spins can’t be activated during the Bomber Feature.


In our opinion, regardless of the action-packed reels, this’s nevertheless a slot that could do with a bit more variance. We do understand the rationale behind it since there’s a monstrously tall RTP and this’s an official slot. It is without a shadow of a doubt created to be appreciated for its play merits and also functions rather compared to heady gambling action similar to some other collaborations with great themes. This does not mean that the game does not offer significant money potential even though with the effect of the gameplay it is very easy to dismiss it. If you catch a good spins round or perhaps lady luck makes the mystery reels fall in your favours, and you get a complete screen win, you can rack up a significant amount of coins off this game.
What most NetEnt fans might be asking themselves is whether this is the best game in NetEnt rocks trilogy. Unfortunate most would agree that last place is given to the slot themes after rock legend, Jimi Hendrix. Then the question arises of which comes next, Motorhead or perhaps Guns N Roses? Most of us in the office agree that we would go for this slot as the best of all three. The fact that this game has more variances and as such has so much more winning potential over the other is enough reason to declare this game the King of Rock slots.

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