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Magic Portals Slot Review

Are you ready to head to a magical world of witchcraft and wizardry? Get your wands ready for NetEnt’s Magical Portals Slot game. If you’ve always been fascinated by mystery, wizardry, spells and everything magic, then this magical slot game is the game for you.

“A portal for lucrative prizes… a game full of fun and magic…”

Magic Portals is a mysterious 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline slot game that uses portals as the main feature of the game. The mysterious vibe of this game and the portal itself makes the game lucrative and interesting for players. This game has amazing graphics and characters that represent the world of magic and wizardry plus the music makes wonders in creating the mysterious vibe of the game. This game will take you on a journey far from reality where magic is power and that fortune is just a simple portal away. This game is also included in the game selection of NetEnt Mobile Slots so players may access this one via mobile and any device available. Take the magic everywhere with you with Magic Portals.

Theme and Graphics

Magic Portals is 5-reel, 3-row, 25 -payline game set on the world of wizardry and magic. The special effects of this game are definitely worth the attention, with all the streak of lights and force fields that come out every time you hit a winning combination or when the two portals are land the same lucky symbols. Winning is wild and mysterious. You can see glowing plasma balls and neon lights everywhere which make the game come to life. The graphics are also so crisp and colorful that it fits perfectly with the magical concept of the game. The sound effects also fit in with the game, however, it may sound familiar if you have been playing a lot of slot games.


Magic Portals are represented by icons that play significant roles in the field of magic and wizardry. The reels are decorated with magical symbols that differ in value on the pay table. The symbols that are low in value are represented by the blue, green and red crystal balls. The middle value is represented by magical animals such as a wolf, an owl and a dragon. The most important symbols that you would want to have as winning combinations are the blue-haired witch, the white-bearded wizard, and the red head witch since they possess the higher values than the rest of the symbols. Another set of symbols that makes this game interesting are the special features. The wild symbol is represented by a symbol labeled “wild” or  folkeautomaten while the free spins symbols are labeled “free spins”.


Magic Portals have gameplay features that are easy to comprehend and enjoy. Players can easily adjust the game depending on their preferred game level. With the two portals as the main feature of the game, players must aim to get two symbols that are the same on both portals in order for the symbol to become wilds. Prior to casting some spells to start the game, players must preset the game set according to their comfortable game.

Bet Level: Choose the comfortable bet level from 1 to 10.

Coin Value: Adjust the coin denomination coin value from 0.01 -1.00

Spin: Signals the spinning of the reels.

Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum number of pay lines, highest bet level, and the current coin

Size. Your bet range varies from 25 cents and goes up to € 250, allowing you to win enchanted 64 000 coins.

Autoplay: Play the game automatically for a selected number of rounds. Preset number of auto spins from 10-1000

Features and Bonus

There aren’t a lot of special features in Magic Portals Slot, however, the magic portals that this game has basically does all the magic. These magic portals activate the other special features of the game such as the wilds and free spins.

Magic Portals Wild Transformation

As expected with all the products of NetEnt, there will always be something that would make a game stand out from all the other similar games they offer, be it on the theme, gameplay or its special features. As for this game, Magic Portals set itself apart by taking advantage of its theme to create a special feature suited for the game. The portal feature in this game is a genius idea, not only that it adds excitement to the game but it also adds a lot to the game.

The portals work by transforming the symbols as wilds once a symbol lands simultaneously on both reels 1 and 5. This created more opportunities for more winning combinations, thus, some pretty decent payouts. The portals also work in activating the free spins in the game.

Free Spins

The free spins feature is triggered as well by the two portals. Once the Free Spin icon lands on both portals, the free spin feature will activate wherein 10 free spins are given to the players. Another bonus is that on the free spins bonus round, all places on reel five will transform into portals which means that the symbol on reel one can match any of the three on reel five which triggers bigger wins.


There’s more to this game than just an attractive theme and eye-catching graphics. Magic Portals has a Return to Player percentage of 96. 6% which is a pretty decent payout percentage. With a jackpot of up to 64,000 coins, this game is pretty interesting to bet on.


  • Excellent Graphics
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Magic Portals


  • Few features
  • No progressive jackpot
  • No special bonus


The portal feature of this game basically sets the game on a magical adventure. Magic Portals is a great addition to NetEnt’s roster of fun and entertaining games available on mobile. Not only that it has a great concept and graphics that make this game visually appealing, the game itself with all its few but eccentric features make the gameplay engaging for all its players.

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