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Lights Slot Review

Here is a great brand new online slots game from game providers NetEnt. There is something almost mesmerising relating to this game, because of it’s soothing Asian themed backing track as well as the ambient light symbols you play with. This might just as well be the next best thing to an indulgent day by the spa.

Regardless of the tranquil and idyllic theme, excitement is promised by this game and no danger of boredom. If the Scatters, free spins and wilds don’t get you on the edge of your seat then the frequent payouts surely will.

Visuals of beautiful enhance the immersive Asian spa experience.

Lights Theme

Do not be startled in case you start daydreaming while playing Lights or perhaps drift off into a hypnotic state, as this particular game is all universal slots are not. This game isn’t action-packed, and while the reels are spinning, you will not see any fast animated visuals that bounce all around the display. Instead, graphics and symbols in this five reel video slot appear to glide all over the show, drifting along with the music to make an extraordinarily Zen and relaxing experience from the firefly lighting which flitters across the nine fixed bet lines, to the carefully streaming waterfall and florescent eco-friendly moss in the background landscape. Rolling mountains as well as bonsai trees highlighted through the full moon which illuminates the countryside finish off the scenery.

Let the gorgeous light fall upon you with Lights.

In case you cannot sleep, set this particular slot to autoplay, apply some headset, and lie down. When you awaken, you are going to feel rested, relaxed, and also at peace with the planet. Then who knows? You might even find that your bankroll has increased while your lucky mind and body were in a meaningful and pensive state. When you listen carefully, you are able also to pick up the rustling waterfall which empties into an aquamarine river where the waning moon is making its final representation before dawn. The soundtrack might be as remarkable as the game, as the tender drums build joy when winning payouts are produced, but perhaps the “Big Win” payout exudes mesmerising tranquillity. This slot uses glowing lanterns, yin-yang moons and Asian style numbers as symbols which contribute to this particular peaceful slot’s ambience.

Ways to win

 To win you are going to need to get a minimum of three matching symbols within the nine fixed bet lines. The Wild acts like a joker card so it will match any symbol next to it. As such you can get two matching symbols next to a Wild or perhaps if you are lucky one symbol next to two Wilds.

How to play

  • The first thing you should do is choose your coin worth – this could be between 0.01 to 1
  • Awesome! Get ready to roll as now you are all set
  • The next is simple. Hit that Green Button!!!
  • Watch all the action on your screen
  • Tired of hitting the green button? Why not make use of the Autoplay so that you can lean back and enjoy the show

Floating Wilds

Before each spin, you will find some lovely fireflies move all over the display turning a minimum of two or perhaps three of the symbols on the five reels into wilds. These might increase your win potential of up to 20 times or more, but generally, you will get more like between 5 or 10 times your wins.

May as many Wilds be with you!!!

​​​​Free spins and Scatters

The game presents the scatter as red and yellow ying-yang symbols. Three, four or five of these scatters will trigger ten, twenty or even thirty free spins. Most of the time you will get ten free spins, and yet this is quite difficult to get. We had to test this for about 250 spins before we got to see the Light Bonus games so this is quite rare.
During the free game, it is almost guaranteed that you get three wilds on a single spin. Once in a blue moon we even got up to 6 wilds, but it’s proof enough that it can happen. However, you typically get approximately two random floating wilds in the base game.
Usually, we got out of the free spins with approximately twenty times our bet during the free spins though folkeautomaten, so there are no guaranteed to provide you with a high top up. Regardless, this game focuses more on the wilds rather than all the other bonus features.

Responsibility of Lights

Take a look at these play limits as you might find these useful:

  • You can set a bet loss per session, day, week or month
  • You can block the game for any set of time of your choice
  • Every session can be limited to a set of time in minutes
  • This game accepts only account money, and no credit is allowed

You will get a notification message at precisely one hour of playing time. You need to reply to this message otherwise you will no longer be able to continue.


General, you will see that this game is very easy on the eye. Relaxing oriental music is seldom a distraction for the gambler. Animated graphics make you believe that the entire thing happens in a lovely garden and a mild wind shakes the symbols. Bright shades on the background bring an appeal to the familiar, relaxing atmosphere. Besides, it is a beautiful landscape someplace in the mountains. The slot offers you the suggestion as though you are only a few steps from magic and you can feel it getting closer with every bet you place.

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