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Joker Wild Slot Review

Joker Wild 1 Hand is one of the most popular games that come from top notch software provider Net Entertainment. This one hand poker game is a classic and a top favorite of casino players.

Theme, Layout, and Design

Joker Wild 1 Hand’s graphic designs are captivating and fun. This game has an appealing and inviting interface. The controls are very easy to use and get familiar with. The wild joker will just keep on creepily staring at the player all throughout the game with its big, wild eyes.The player gets to choose a poker hand that he will use in the game. It has a large selection of different types of poker hands. This game’s design attracts a lot of different casino players all over the world. Joker Wild 1 hand’s background effects and gaming sounds are also contributing to the success of this game. The music makes playing this game more exciting and energizing. The dark, menacing theme paired with mysterious music is enough to give casino players an interesting gaming experience while trying to win huge jackpots.

Game Mechanics

This game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Joker Wild 1 Hand free-casino-money is played with 25 decks, with each deck consisting of 53 cards. The 53rd card is usually a joker or a wild car. This game is just as fun as other Joker Wild variations but the only difference is you’ll only get to play with a single hand in a single round which means less chances of winning the jackpot. But the fun factor is definitely there, even if you’ll only get to play with one hand. On the middle of the screen, you’ll be dealing with five cards once the game starts. You can also see on the screen the multipliers available for the winning hand. At the bottom of the screen, the player will find the different setting buttons for the game. There’s a button for picking the coin value and a button for choosing a bet level from one to five. There’s also a ‘Max Bet’ button if you want to place the highest bet possible. The player can also adjust the volume of sound effects in the game.
To start the game, the player just needs to press the center button. Five cards will then be seen on the screen. If you happen to get a winning poker hand, it will be highlighted and you’ll be able to see the payout amount. To get new cards again, all you have to do is press the central button once more. New cards will then appear on the screen which gives the player more chances of winning. It has a return to player percentage of 98.6%.

Autoplay Feature

Joker Wild 1 Hand also has an AutoPlay feature. This feature allows the player to fix the settings according to his liking and choose the number of rounds in which his settings will be applied to. First, the player has to choose the coin value he’ll use. Then, the player will determine the amount he’s willing to bet. Then, the player will choose the number of rounds along with the chosen settings. After pressing the center button, the game will start and the player will get a chance to relax and just watch. He’ll just wait for his cards to form win after win.

Special Features

This classic game comes with a twist in the form of Joker wild cards. These Joker wild cards will help a player win the elusive big hands which gives major wins. The game will give you five cards each round to deal with. If a Joker card appears on your current card combination, then you’ll have a great chance to win. The Joker card can be used as any card and will be able to complete any type of combination. After forming a win, a gamble round is also available for players to increase their winnings. All you have to do is guess the color of the next card to be flipped and if you guess it correctly, your winnings will be doubled. There’s a catch, though. If you happen to unfortunately guess incorrectly, then all your winnings will be lost.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The coin denominations range from 0.03 to 3. The minimum bet for every round is €0.10. On the other hand, the maximum possible bet for each round is €50.

Joker Wild 1 Hand Jackpots

A player could win up to 150 times the bet he was able to place.

Mobile Version and Free Play for New Gamers

This fun game is also available on mobile which is great for busy people. Their fully-booked schedules won’t be a problem and they’ll still be able to relax and just play for a few minutes. With this mobile version, those always on the go can play anywhere they like and anytime they want.
Joker Wild 1 Hand is available for 5 free play no deposit bonus on different casinos and websites. This 10 free play no deposit bonus is very helpful not just for newbie gamers, but for expert casino players as well. This feature will help them understand how to play this fun game with no money involved. It’s important to understand how the game works first and be able to try it for yourself before gambling a large amount of money. It’s better to have the best chances at winning this game especially if your hard-earned cash is involved.

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