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Go Bananas Slot Review

Go Bananas, which was released in 2014, is developed by the world’s leading producer of casino games- Net Entertainment. It’s a fun and exciting game involving monkeys, fruits, and the jungle. It’s a highly enjoyable but relaxing slot game. It’s the perfect game if a player wants to destress and have fun at the same time.

Go Bananas Theme, Layout, and Design

This jungle-themed slot is very colorful and visually appealing. It has a beautiful tree house backdrop which is perfect for its monkey-jungle theme. Tasty fruits and shimmering gems are some of its vibrant symbols. The ten main symbols of this slot game are coconuts, plums, pineapples, limes, oranges, a banana split, bongo drums, monkey money clip, a gold statue, and a pink gem. The monkeys’ faces look funny and add a lot of fun to the slot game. It’s also quite known for its magnificent music and sound effects. Players can hear the sound of authentic African drums when the reels are spinning. Various background sounds can be heard including sounds of birds, mammals, and other forest animals. This game’s music is quite relaxing, soothing to the ears, and still adds enjoyment to the slot game. This game is able to provide a fun and interesting gaming experience for monkey lovers.

Game Mechanics

This slot game has five reels, three rows, and 20 paylines. To start the game, the player must first choose which bet level he’s comfortable to play in. He can do this by adjusting the ‘Level’ button. Next, he has to choose the coin size that he’ll use when placing his bets. He also has the option to easily choose the maximum bet by pressing the ‘Max Bet’ button. After pressing the ‘Spin’ button, the game can then start and the reels will begin spinning. It has a return to player percentage of 96.9%

Autoplay Feature of Go Bananas

This slot game has an Autoplay feature available. The Autoplay feature lets the player enjoy several spins without any interruptions. There are four steps to complete before Autoplay can be activated. The first step is choosing the bet level to play in. The player must choose a comfortable level. The second step is selecting the coin size to use when placing bets by pressing the ‘Coin Value’ button. The third step is determining the number of spins where Autoplay will take effect. The fourth and final step is pressing the ‘Spin’ button to start the game and activate the Autoplay mode. The player can now just sit back and watch as the game unfolds. He can just relax while waiting for the game to form big wins.

Go Bananas Special Features

Go Bananas has five Wild symbols. This game’s 5 Wild Monkey symbols are Wild Gorilla, Wild Orangutan, Wild Langur, Wild Baboon, and Wild Tarsier. All the player needs to do is land one of these on the reels. If any of these Wild Monkey symbols appear on the reels, it will turn adjacent symbols into Wilds which in turn gives the player more chances of winning. A Wild Gorilla turns an X-shape of five symbols into Wilds. On the other hand, a Wild Orangutan turns a square of four symbols into Wilds. The Wild Langur turns a vertical strip of three symbols into Wilds while the Wild Baboon turn a horizontal strip of three symbols into Wilds. Finally, the Wild Tarsier turns a horizontal or vertical strip of two symbols into Wilds. Big wins are possible since two or more of these Wild Monkeys can appear in a single spin.

Go Bananas’ Mobile Version

Go Bananas is now available on mobile. It’s compatible for Android, Windows, and Apple devices including smartphones and tablets. Net Entertainment is well-known for having highly-optimized casino games for mobiles. This ensures that playing Go Bananas using their smartphones can provide an equally exciting and high-quality gaming experience. This is very convenient for everyone: busy people who always have no time for simple pleasures can now easily whip out their phones and start playing Go Bananas. They can play while waiting for someone, while waiting in line at a store or payment center, while waiting for their order at a restaurant, and even while travelling via public transportation or private car. Persons who are always busy at home can also easily insert game time into their schedules. They can play Go Bananas while waiting for the dishes to be cooked, while doing the laundry ‘cause there are dull moments in between, and even while trying to watch the news and be updated.

Free Play Available for Go Bananas

Go Bananas has a free play version available for everyone. It’s perfect for newbies so they can get familiarized with the game before getting their money involved. Playing the 20 free spin version or 30 free spin version helps them fully understand the mechanics of the game. They can also formulate strategies and techniques for greater chances of winning. It’s the best way for newbies to get started in this gaming industry.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum number of coins per line is 1 while the maximum is 10. The coin denominations range from 0.01 as the smallest and 1 as the largest. $0.20 is the minimum bet per spin while $200 is the maximum.

Go Bananas’ Jackpot

A player can win up to 700 coins per spin in Go Bananas. The jackpot can be won by the player when 5 Diamonds appear on the reels.

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