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French Roulette Review

French Roulette, which was released in February 2013, was developed by one of the most popular and most trusted gaming software providers around which is Net Entertainment. This popular table game is similar to its European version. French Roulette is famous for its life-like graphics and over-all highly pleasant gaming experience for everyone.

French Roulette Theme, Layout, and Design

The screen showcases a French-styled roulette table with a spinning wheel. This game’s stylish red background gives an elegant and attractive vibe to French Roulette. This game’s graphics and style are out of this world. Players are ensured of a world-class gaming experience when playing French Roulette. It also has a visual display containing the hot and cold numbers. The betting table, on the other hand, is designed with a deep blue color. This online bgo casino game has a high quality and professional sounding voice over which gives this game a classic and expensive feel. It also has an informative and very inviting welcome video before the player gets started on the game. French Roulette’s background music is on another level. There are five songs for the players to choose from. French Roulette’s music is soothing and calming when you listen to it. This definitely adds sophistication to the game. A lot of players around the world are attracted to this casino game because of its realism and great playing odds.

Game Mechanics

This game has a panel with advanced setting options for players to adjust according to their liking. There’s also a button for increasing or decreasing the volume of the sound effects. The ‘I’ button is for viewing the pay table. Statistics can be viewed using the third button. The button ‘H’ will let you view the most recent winning numbers. You can also save your favorite bets and view them later or play them instantly. There are hot and cold numbers which players can place their bets on. The hot numbers are the ones which are most drawn during the last 500 spins. Cold numbers, on the other hand, are the least drawn numbers during the last 500 spins. There are maximum bets for each number.
To start the game, the player will choose the type of chips he’ll be using to place his bets. Once a player has chosen the type of chip, he should start placing bets on the numbers that he wants. There are lots of ways to place a bet- you can choose odd or even, black or red, on sets of twos or fours, and even on a whole square of numbers. You can even bet on either the first half or second half of the number selection. You can even bet on a whole column which instantly gives you 33% chances of winning. There are lots of betting options to choose from. The lit panel and noticeable payout table makes it easier for players to track their bets. French Roulette free online casino games win real money no deposit has a house edge percentage of 2.7%. This game’s return to player percentage is 97.30%.

Special Features

French Roulette has a special feature for its players. It’s the favorite bet feature. With this feature, vegas luck casino players can save their favorite numbers. They have the option to view them anytime they want. This feature also allows them to instantly play any number they’ll save using this feature.

Autoplay Feature

French Roulette has an Autoplay Feature. This feature lets the player just sit and watch while watching his game progress and eventually win cash. To use this feature, a player must first make all the necessary adjustments on the settings of the game. First, he’ll choose the coin denomination that he’ll use when placing bets. After that’s settled, the player will choose which numbers to place bets on. The player also has the option to bet on sets or groups of even, odd, black, or red numbers. There are multiple ways to place his bets on.
Once he finally chooses the numbers which he thinks might win big, the next thing to consider is the betting amount. Each number has a maximum amount. After placing bets on the numbers of his choice, the next thing to do is choose the number of spins he’ll do on Autoplay. French Roulette’s Autoplay feature allows up to 1000 spins. After everything’s accomplished, the player should press the central button to start the game. He can then just sit, relax, and watch if his chosen numbers will be able to win him cash prizes.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The coin denominations range from 0.05 as the lowest to 25 as the highest coin value. The minimum bet is €1 while the maximum bet is €500.

Mobile Version and Free Play for New Gamers

French Roulette is also available on mobile devices. It can be played using Android devices, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and even on Windows smartphones. This is very convenient for players who are always on the go. They’ll be able to just whip out their phones and play while waiting in line or riding public transportation.
French Roulette also offers free plays for newbie gamers and expert casino players. This free play feature is very helpful especially for casino players who are just getting started in the casino gaming world. They’ll be able to experience the real roulette atmosphere without spending a single cent. This is a good idea since it’s important for players to know how the game works before getting their own money involved–especially since it’s a roulette game.

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