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Emoji Planet Slot Review

As expected from NetEnt, the emoji planet slot is well designed. The graphics have a cartoon that are nicely done. The avalanche reels perform a steady stream of action. It might not be popular as some other video slot in the NetEnt record but it certainly pay enough.The emoji planet phenomenon is basically on emoji,  millions of people send them to each other everyday on social media through their tablet and smartphone devices.The emojis come to life in NetEnt’s Emoji planet. Even if you can’t find your favourite emoji in one of the slot symbols, you are likely going to spot it in the slot background. It has 5 reel ,6 rows and cluster pays that are payable from 20 per on all devices. The slot uses Avalanche feature, meaning that you can win repeatedly from each cascade. It also has 5 emoji features that are activated when the player fill the corresponding meter, the feature can get you cash prizes,  3 sticky wilds, 3×3 overlay symbols and 10 wild stacks. And there are up to 5,000 X your stake win on each cascade. Graphically, the slot looks awesome with 8 emoji. The different 8 eight emoji icons that appears on each other on the reels are rocket,  smiley faces, aliens, poo,  kiss mark,  slices of pizza, star wild, hearts and bombs. The smiley face has the highest pay value, paying the player 500 times your stake per spin when 30 of a kind show up at the top wager.


Emoji planet is a 5 reel and 6 row video slot that base on cluster pays mechanics, which means that there are on paylines of any kind or fixed paylines. Moreover, the symbols cascade from top of the screen,  according to how they were collected around each another , the player hit combo hit.


Emoji planet likewise the other video slots has a wild feature. This wild feature can change all other symbols. As long as the slot do not have a scatter symbol,  the Wild symbol can truly Change to any symbol creating the most possible winning combos. The Wild symbol is the highest paying cluster according to the paytable.


Avalanche feature automatically takes place whenever a new symbols fall into the reels. Means when a player get a cluster win, the avalanche automatically take place, the winning symbols also disappear or explode creating space for another avalanche to take place and potentially increasing the player chance of getting another win. Avalanches will continue like that untill there’s no more winning combos left.

Emoji features

The emoji features are the most profitable and cutest aspect of this slot. There are 5 disparate emoji features base on 5 different emojis -two hearts emoji, rocket emoji, kiss mark emoji, pizza emoji and bomb emoji. Every emoji feature has it own corresponding emoji meter that will always fill up speedy by 1 anytime a fellow emoji is destroyed.

How to activate the emoji features

Every of the 5 bar meters has its own feature that activates when 12 space are filled on the meter. The sticker on every meter shows how many times the meter  was filled up.  The meter reset itself and start from 0  at end of every game round. If the players somehow managed to fill 2 or more meter at the same time, it Wii automatically activate the emoji features according to this order.

  • Bomb feature
  • Pizza feature
  • Kiss mark feature
  • Two hearts feature

Bomb feature: immediately after this feature is activated, 8 random symbols on the reels will be destroyed plus a random coin win from 5 to 100 times your stake is rewarded for every symbols that was destroyed. Only sticky wild symbols are immune from being destroyed.
Pizza feature: In this feature, a 3×3 overlay of a any symbol on the reels will be chosen to create a win. Every symbols can be chosen except the scatter.
Kiss mark feature: During this booi casino feature, 3 sticky wilds represented by a heart wild randomly show up and stay on the reels. Every sticky wild has 3 lives. it Loses a life whenever a stiky wild is used for wining combos. The sticky wild disappear immediately after lossing all its lives.
Rocket feature: In this feature, a stack of 10 wilds will appear above and on any one of  the reels, creating a winning combination immediately. In all following avalanches,  new wild from the stack will land on the the reels until there is no more wilds left in the stack.
Two Hearts feature: During this feature, this feature can only be played when there is no other  emoji features or no more winning combination feature left to activate. It is the hardest and last bonus to activate. The payouts you will win depends on how many times the player fill up the meter.


Emoji planet slot is a medium volatility online slot machine that has around up to 96% RTP. The maximum amount a player can win per a spin can go up to 5000 times the player’s stake. The game might be complex at first, but as soon as you try it,  you will find the game easier and enjoyable. Besides, the potential is extremely big, while the multiple features and wonderful graphics are designed to make you have an amazing experience.

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