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Eggomatic Slot Review

The creation of golden eggs is on the drop. Things are not looking good enough for the tired old hens of the coop. But not all is lost, the alpha rooster has developed an excellent idea while looking at himself with honour in the mirror. He named this grand idea – The EggOMatic!
​​​​This can set production into a full flow as well as let the exhausted hens carry a much-needed rest. At any rate, that is what the video clip package introducing the game explains.
And once you reach the reels, you will see the result in action, bursting golden eggs out aimlessly across the top part of the user interface. It has a factory and industrial feeling to it all, presenting you with entirely working mechanical birds and conveyor belts, while a wondrous piece of music plays in the record, that could be well suited to the most recent Disney release. Overall, it is a game filled with intrigue and magic, and it eventually offers up an excellent product to play.

A great look, exciting NetEnt bonuses, and a lot of chances to win!!!

EggOmatic Theme

EggOMatic starts with a quick video describing the story of the game: declining production at the egg factory, so the lead rooster invents the machine known as the EggOMatic to create more eggs. After you are within the goldman casino game, clicking the “Info” button drops down an old film screen that is animated to sound and look like a vintage style reel film, describing the specifics of cash arcade casino game.
Robotic chickens in various styles and sizes are the higher-value.

They are, from highest to lowest worth:

  1. A big red and white rooster with a crown-shaped tail
  2. A pink hen with a heart on her chest
  3. A nerdy looking green and white chicken with large eyes or glasses
  4. A bluish rooster with a red comb and propeller-shaped tail
  5. A rusty brown and sad little chicken looking down

Lower-value symbols again from highest to lowest are little round chicks in:

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Lavender
  4. Brown
  5. Blue

A whimsical musical soundtrack plays within the record even when the EggOMatic machine and conveyor belt make typical mechanical factory noises while moving. The Wild rooster crows and clucks excitedly anytime an egg is caught by him, in addition to a flourish of coins falling hails every win.

Ways to play

EggOMatic is played at 20 paylines, and you can’t activate under the maximum, but players are able to wager as much as ten coins per single line.
Coin value ranges from €0.01 to €1, with the max bet as well as automobile play feature supported too. Press the ‘i’ symbol located in the top left corner of the central console corner was left by the bottom to take a look at the pay table.
Although the Mad Rooster does not award a payout on its own, it acts as a Wild and is used as a substitute for any other game symbols with no exception.

Bonus Features

At frequent intervals, the Eggomatic machine on the right-hand side of the screen emits a coloured egg(with values on it) which lands on the conveyor above the reels. It starts on the far right reel along with each spin the egg moves one reel to the left. Once the egg has no more reels to go, it falls and disappears off on the left of the display screen.
In case a wild chicken symbol comes down on the same reel as where the bonus egg is, it is going to drop into the chicken’s arms, and you will win the prize.

The bonus eggs out there are as follows:

Spreading Wild Egg – catching the egg will turn everything adjacent symbols into wilds, increasing the odds of making winning combos.

Free Spins Egg – grab this particular egg and gain a random number of spins of up to 50 free spins. You have the possibility to win more free spins while playing on this feature of the game.

Coin Win Egg – an amount won depends on the stake level you are at, but you will receive additional coin by the number on this egg. It is going to be a prize of between 50 and 2500 coins.

So how do you like your eggs?

Surprise Egg – this is like a random joker egg. When your rooster manages to catch this egg, it will turn to any egg of the above bonus eggs.


This is arguably one of the best slots I’ve tried. For those new to slots out there, this must be one to try. It’s quirky and fresh, and also the free spins round, in particular, can produce some massive wins (especially with many re-triggers). It is a regular occurrence that players will find the game repetitive after a while in this type of games. We didn’t feel that way, and we found that the mixed system with the eggs and characteristics of the reels have kept it interesting for us.
If there is any criticism for the game it is the lack of that innovative features or an opportunity for that Mega Jackpot, but you never know, maybe Net Entertainment happen to be working on an EggOmatic 2 sequel with such features!

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