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Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot

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Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Review

“A pump of adrenaline for the speed junkies…”

It’s time to buckle up and speed up to a slot game full of adrenaline and action. Speed your way to the ride of your life and win exciting fortunes in the speed of light! So get your game on, get on the steering wheel and start to spin for a chance to win instant cash and bonuses!
If you have been enjoying some of NetEnt’s slot games so far, then you’ll surely love this one! Introducing you to an addition to NetEnt’s roster of fun and exciting slot games, Drive Multiplier Mayhem is an action-packed video slot game that is perfect for all players fond of fast cars and speed racing. Just like any other slot games created by the ever game genius NetEnt, this speedy slot game is definitely one that you should never miss trying.
With a speedy, futuristic car, and speed car racing theme, you will definitely experience a whole new level of adrenaline rush as you bet your fortune in this 5 reels, 15-pay lines, 3-bet line video slot game. It also has exciting multiplier and wilds features that are bound to set your wheels on fire with all the winnings you can possibly get. This slot game is made out of video game-like graphics, with characters that boost confidence to get you to the finish line and with a solid mix of electronic, jazz, rock and show tunes as soundtrack and sound effects of roaring engines and screeching wheels, Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot no deposit casino will definitely make every speed junkies’ heart race with loads of adrenaline.
If you are a fan or at least have just enjoyed the movies Need for Speed and Fast and Furious, Drive Multiplier Mayhem is probably the closest you can get to the same action in all of the games in the online casinos out there.

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Theme and Graphics

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is all about fast cars, adrenaline, speed and extreme action. Aside from its sleek design, this game plays thrilling music that makes everything about the game even more action-packed. The game is set against bright city lights making the set up even more movie-like. At first, you will be greeted by Jette, a sexy pink-haired race car driver who is up for any action along with her male counterparts, Twitch, Hamaki, and Bruiser. These characters are also part of the symbols in the reels which also have equivalent payouts as they match. The slot was designed skillfully to make each game a bit realistic and thrilling. Aside from the city lights background, a running race car also adorns the background which makes the game even cooler than it is.

Symbols, Features, and Free Spin Bonus

Here are some of the features that make Drive Multiplier Mayhem one video free slots online game to look forward to.

Multiplier Wilds

Multiplier wilds are represented by the speedometer and are present at every reel of the slot. The reels have multipliers from 1x to 5x (same multipliers as the particular reel they land on).

  • Reel 1 – Wild
  • Reel 2 – 2x wild
  • Reel 3 – 3x wild
  • Reel 4 – 4x wild
  • Reel 5 – 5x wild

These multipliers are cumulative which means that if 2 multipliers come out of the reels, they multiply which means your winnings can multiply too. So if you get wilds on reels 3 and 5, you’ll get a total of a 15x multiplier (3x wild X 5x wild).

Scatters and Free Spins

The scatter symbol is represented by a shadow character. If you get 3 of this or more anywhere on the screen, you’ll get 10 free spins similar to starburst slot.

Nitro Level- Up

Since Drive Multiplier Mayhem is practically a race, how successful you are in the race depends on how many NITROs you can collect to speed up to the finish line, but in this case, level up. All there is to do is to collect 3 nitros to get to the next level.  On every level, you are guaranteed with more wilds on screen and more free spins. The more wilds you see, the more winnings you get.

In every level you get to race with other opponents:

Level 1: 10 free spins, no wild overlay (you still get wilds, but no guarantee).

Level 2: +4 free spins, 1 wild guaranteed on screen (Rival: Twitch)

Level 3: +3 free spins, 2 wilds guaranteed on screen. (Rival: Hamaki)

Level 4: +2 free spins, 3 wilds guaranteed on screen. (Rival: Bruiser)


Just like any other games, NetEnt created, Drive Multiplier Mayhem is so uncomplicated with its gameplay that it features all the basics but remains very functional to allow players to just enjoy and focus on their game without difficulty.

Level: Select the betting level (1-10)

Coin Value: Select the preferred coin size (0.1 to 0.5)

Spin: Initiate the game at the selected wager.

Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet. (maximum overall wager of €75 per spin)

AutoPlay: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted. Select the number of auto spins from 10-1000

RTP, Volatility

Well, Drive Multiplier Mayhem isn’t called mayhem for no reason. This game will get the racer out of you and will make you play fast but sure. This will definitely make you go fast and furious as you play this game that is high in volatility. This is one of those thrilling jackpot slots that you can find in any casino, displaying winnings that can be quite tempting. However, you may end up spinning quite a few without winning anything at all so this is a “play at your own risk” type of game.
This is where the thrill is at. It’s definitely “NO RISK, NO REWARD” so unless you are not up for a challenge and you are not up with the thought that you might not get anything after the game, don’t sweat it. But if you are up for some action, in for bigger stakes, and if you luck is speeding your way, you’ll end up with stars in your eyes.
But before you get cold sweats from this intense video slot game, here’s some good news. This game has a high RTP of 96.7% which only means that there is definitely a huge chance for you to get back your money and even win more.


  • Cool Street Racing Theme
  • Great Graphics and Sounds
  • High RTP
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cumulative multipliers


  • High Volatility (may not be suited for low betting players)

Players should fasten their seatbelts and prepare themselves for a crazy ride. This game is ideal for those who love risks and thrill. Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a video slot for those who have the guts to take the risk to drive into action. In order to enjoy the game, players should be prepared and know that in just one spin, you can win a small fortune and lose big time so you must know when to walk away. But as they say, “NO RISK, NO REWARD”, if you get lucky, you’ll end up winning big time!

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