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Dead or Alive Slot

Game Overview

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Dead or Alive Slot Review

Go to the turn of the twentieth century in the wild, Wild West of America through NetENT’s Alive or dead video slot. This 5 reel, 3 row multiple coin slot features nine bet lines, wild substitutes, scatter wins, along with a Sticky Wild element during Free Spins that will help you succeed in big.
Dead or perhaps Alive™ is a 5 reel, 9 line, video slot which will certainly have players driving directly into the casino. During Free Spins the Sticky crazy characteristic provides players with the possibility of winning huge by holding wanted bandits. The highest bet per game round is €18, with a maximum win during Free spins of €54 zero.


For such a simple slot, Alive or dead has truly amazing graphics and animations. The background scene provides a stormy sky over a western landscape, complete with a swinging lantern, a whirling weathervane, and lightning blinking in the sky. The background seems to fit the patio arena, with lonesome birds calling, a random dog barking, as well as the wind blowing.
Symbols are drawn with plenty of information, and also the 5 highest value symbols come directly from the old west. Your lowest icon is a set of shot glasses, and the next highest is some rain boots complete with spurs. A white cowboy hat can hold the centre worth in this particular set of 5, now will come a pistol inside a holster. Lastly, the golden star exclusivebet sheriff’s badge is the symbol you wish to find out on the reels usually.
The ten, J, Q, K along with a function as the 5 lower value symbols, and so they are like engraved gunmetal with coloured light glowing from behind.


Simple in design, Dead or Alive gives players a few of fundamental methods to add to their private jackpot. The “Wanted” poster Wild sign is able to substitute for most different symbols except the Scatter and also provide you with a much better possibility of scoring a winning payline. In case you are fortunate enough to enter into Free Spins,
Wilds start to be Sticky Wilds, meaning they keep the spot of theirs on the reels throughout the Free Spin consultation. These Sticky Wilds grow on the “Wanted” poster style and also offer a range of outlaws faces.

Dead or alive Promotions and Bonuses

Free Spins constitute the one primary bonus feature in Alive or dead. Make the right to enjoy them by landing on 3 plus crossed pistol Scatter symbols appearing someplace on the reels.
You will receive twelve Free Spins and also a 2X multiplier on the winnings of yours and each “Wanted” poster which shows up while playing in this feature will stay in the place of it’s on the reels throughout all the following spins.
You are able to additionally re-trigger Free Spins one time per Free Spin session, and also you will spin all of them on the background sound of a well-used west saloon, complete with piano playing, cowboys whooping and hollering, and also the clink of glasses and dice.

How to play dead or alive

This Old West game is 1 of Net Entertainment ‘s easier slots, but NetENT has created it with high-quality graphics and animations making it really a memorable game to enjoy. While this particular machine looks easy from the outside, it’s loaded with good variance RTP offering a ridiculous rollercoaster ride to the player.
This will keep all of the rizk vital statistics of yours in simple view: current option, bet level, the number and coin value of coins you’ve left to play and this helps make it easier to concentrate on your openings technique process. Advanced Autoplay and volume control settings are only one click away and create a more straightforward game much more comfortable to play.


Alive or dead grants you 4 bet levels that comes with nine fixed choice lines and also coin values of a penny, 0.10, nickel, 0.02, 0.20 as well as 0.50. The minimum option you are able to create is 0.01 on a single line, while the highest bet on nine lines is 18.00. During Free Spins, it is achievable to win a maximum of 54,000.

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