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Dazzle Me Slot Review

Dazzle Me is a superior slot game which was launched way back in August 2015. It’s pretty known for its constant wins and great cash payout percentage. This nice, friendly game is a favorite among newbie casino gamers. Coming from one of the best software developers around which is Net Entertainment, gamers will surely be satisfied with this game’s interface, mechanics, and over-all gaming experience. This game is very easy to play and not complicated at all, unlike other casino games. This is perfect for newbie players since they’ll get to experience a fun and light game with real chances of winning cash jackpots.

Theme, Layout, and Design

This fun game looks like it’s inspired by Baywatch. The background looks just like the sun dazzling you as it hits waves along the beach. This exciting game has colorful visuals. Its theme music is enough for anyone to get hooked on this game. That’s how good the sound effects and background music are. Its calming music stand out since nothing about this game is calming. This game’s simplicity is what draws in players.

Game Mechanics

This game’s interface has five reels. The rows seem to form the shape of a flag. Outlined by a dazzling gold border, the rows are arranged in a 3x3x4x4x5 ways. There are 7 paylines in this game. On the reels are different kinds of gemstones. Some of the gems in the game are: a circular green gem, a triangular blue offering, a stretched purple octagon, and a ruby colored octagon. Other than those gems, there are also two traditional slot game symbols and the number 7. This game counts wins from left to right only. If you get lucky and find stacked symbols on your game, you have a great chance of winning major prizes. It has a house edge percentage of 3.1%. It has medium slot volatility. It has an exciting bonus round which will even increase a player’s chances of winning some real money.

Autoplay Feature

Dazzle Me has an Autoplay feature which lets players just watch over as the game unfolds. This will let a player spin the reels up to 1000 consecutive times. The first thing a player has to do is select the paylines they’ll be betting on. Then, he’ll choose the coin value that he will use. After choosing the coin value, he will then proceed on placing the amount of bets on his chosen paylines. After that, the player shall decide the number of spins that the Autoplay setting will be applied to. Once he presses the start button, the reels will start spinning and the player can just watch and wait for his wins.

Special Features

This game has Dazzling Wilds and Dazzling Reels feature, Freespins feature, and Linked Reels feature. The Dazzling Wilds usually appear in the form of diamonds. The reels 1 through 5 might turn into Dazzling Reels anytime so the player needs to watch for it closely every time. There are also Free 20 Spins symbols appearing on the reels from time to time. These free spins symbols can trigger up to 16 free spins. The Linked Reels, on the other hand, is a feature that is exclusively available during free spins. Identical linked reels might appear adjacently on 1 through 4 reels. This feature is known to give huge payouts to lucky players.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

A player can choose a coin value anywhere from 0.01 to 1.0 for each pay line. The maximum amount of bet that a player can place is €200 per spin, while the minimum is €20.


Dazzle Me has huge jackpots and minor prizes that gamers can win if they get lucky. A player can win up to 152,000 coins when playing Dazzle Me free online games to win real money no deposit. These 152,000 coins amount to around $100,000 when converted to cash.

Mobile Version and Free Play for New Gamers

Dazzle Me can be played on different Android and Apple devices. It works perfectly in iPads, iPhones, tablets, Android smartphones, Windows phones, MAC, and also PC. The mobile version is perfect for people who have busy schedules. It’ll be easy for them to start playing whenever they’re bored or just want to de-stress by enjoying the game with a chance of winning cash prizes.
Dazzle Me also has a Free Play and Demo version which are both perfect for newbie casino players.  Being able to play a casino game for 30 free  spins is a great advantage for gamers. This will help them fully understand the game mechanics before diving head on to the game with their hard-earned cash. Playing the demo version will help them get familiarized with the features and quirks of the game. Mastering Dazzle Me before getting your money involved is a wise decision. It will give players more time and chances to develop their own strategy to get as many as wins as possible while playing Dazzle Me.

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