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Cosmic Fortune Slot Review

When the world has its odds stacked up against you, you might want to try your luck someplace else. Cosmic Fortune has the answer.

Another addictive game has landed in the comforts of our computer screens thanks to the award-winning casino game developer, NetEnt. I’m talking about the alien invasion themed progressive slot, Cosmic Fortune! This outer space inspired game is loaded with out of this world jackpots and bonus features that would keep veterans and neophytes alike, glued to the game for hours on end. For starters, it uses the avalanche feature to give players the chance to win multiple times per spin.  It does this by allowing new symbols to take the place of contributing symbols every time a player has a winning combination. Talk about value for money! But if that isn’t enough reason to try this game out, it also has a free spin and a free falls bonus feature that allows players to either win cash payments prizes or enter the Jackpot games, respectively. And oh, have I mentioned that 3 of the 5 jackpots are progressive? I’m telling you, there’s nothing more inviting than a game where the expectations of winning are high!


Cosmic Fortune is a blend of 80s arcade artistry with modern graphical style. At first glance, it transports players to the vast realms of the cosmos. The use of space-themed items and metallic accents unquestionably enforces the game’s main theme. Behind the alien-inspired aesthetic vera john is a solid 5-reel, 3-row, 15 payline progressive slot game which offers plenty of features such as the Jackpot game, Bonus Games, and Free Falls, for greater chances of winning.

How to play

Instead of spinning reels, Cosmic Fortune features cascading (or falling reels). Whenever the player lands a winning combination, the responsible symbols disappear to make room for other symbols. This is the Avalanche feature, which adds more chances of winning for the player with each spin. In addition to this, there is also the Free Falls feature which is triggered by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols. This gives the player 10 free spins and every other Scatter symbols that land during this time will add 5 spins each to the total.
The second stage of the game involves a spaceship flying from side to side across the screen while dropping marbles below- where there are four cups which give out rewards when hit; and a jackpot collector cup. When the spaceship runs out of marbles, the wins are totaled and the round ends. If the player manages to the land at least 3 marbles in the jackpot collector cup, the progressive jackpot game will be activated.

The Jackpot

During the progressive jackpot round, the player is always given 50 marbles to drop below where five jackpot cups are waiting. If you land 3 symbols in a jackpot cup, you win the prize for that cup. It could be Mega, Major, Midi, Mini or Rapid.

Graphics and sound

Cosmic Fortune’s charm and character ooze out from its art style without overdoing it. This is important in a casino game like this one because it prevents the player from being distracted or even saturated with too many elements on the screen. I did find the symbols to be a bit lacking in variety and monotonous in design though.
The retro art direction supplemented by modern graphic design is a welcome contrast that enhances the player’s engagement with the game. The mix of modern and retro is present from the game’s opening movie- a snippet from Tomohiro Nishikado’s 1978 classic: Space Invaders. From the moment Cosmic Fortune starts, it becomes clear what it wants to achieve and does so extremely well.
Given how great the game looks, it’s surprising that it runs quite smoothly. Animations are fluid and there was no lag all throughout the playthrough- this is especially impressive when you consider that the game can accommodate 5 reels and 15 paylines. For all its graphical bombast, Cosmic Fortune is, at its core, a well-optimized game.
All of the graphical integrity is of course accompanied by the good, solid sound design. The background music was quite pleasant. I found the sound effects crisp and always appropriate for whatever was happening on the screen. It also has this way of engaging the player without feeling repetitive or distracting.

Bonus rating

One of Cosmic Fortune’s biggest draws is its Avalanche feature which increases the players chance to win bigger on every spin. The game implements this by highlighting symbols in winning combinations and then replacing them with new ones. The name “Avalanche” fits perfectly in this sense as it is easy to stack wins the more times you spin. Additionally, the Scatter symbol is also available. When 3 of these symbols are collected, it triggers Free Fall which rewards the player with an additional 10 free spins.

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