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Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker Review

“NetEnt’s version of Caribbean Stud Poker is probably one of the most realistic venues ever…”

If you want to be a certified casino player, playing slots or being good in one game is not enough. There’s a huge array of games that you can play in the casino and settle on as just one is clearly not maximizing the fun and entertainment that the casino is offering in general. Other than slot games, table games such as poker and other card games are also some of the most satisfying games in the whole casino in terms of payouts and player experience. Unlike slots where luck most likely is the key player of the game, in poker, ability and a bit of luck is displayed in order to place a win. This makes the game even more thrilling for the players as well as to the audience.
One most played and most popular poker game is Caribbean Stud Poker. It is a table game that is played in land-based casinos and now, online which has the same principal as the five-card stud poker. Although it is a poker game, what is different from Caribbean Stud Poker is that the players are not against the other players on the table but are set against the house. Unlike regular poker, bluffing is not involved in Caribbean Stud Poker, making it a great solo table game hosted online.
NetEnt’s version of Caribbean Stud Poker which was established in 2008, is probably one of the most played versions of Caribbean Stud Poker in many online casinos. This version is set on a green table with the usual elements of poker. Looking at the table, NetEnt did a great job in producing a realistic version of this stud poker game which makes gaming experience by players even more thrilling. In addition to that, the version of 20 free spins NetEnt features a progressive jackpot.

Theme and Graphics

NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker is set on the usual poker green table where the player and the dealer plays. The graphics are crisp and it’s almost the same vibe as to when you are actually playing on the field minus the audience and other players. The elements of the game are complete and are easy to navigate; thus, easy to play with. With the easy layout of the game, it is easy to know whether you have won or not. There is also some sort of interaction between the dealer and the player since the dealer announces the outcomes of every round.

Features, Jackpots, Payouts

Caribbean stud poker is a type of card game where there are no draws or community cards are involved except for the player’s hand. The version of 30 free spins NetEnt features a progressive jackpot wherein you must place a bet on the jackpot ring aside from the “ante” ring.

Progressive Jackpot

Aside from placing a bet on the ante, you can also place the bet on the Jackpot ring. The jackpot can be seen at the left side of the screen where it rises each time players bet. As long as the jackpot prize is not won it will continue to rise on its own. But when it is won, it automatically restarts starting on its base amount and not zero. This means, you can always get something and can bet again for the jackpot, hence, calling it a progressive jackpot.
These are some of the set prizes available if you are also betting to the jackpot:

  • Royal Flush – Jackpot Win
  • Straight Flush – 2500/1
  • Four Of A Kind – 250/1
  • Full House – 100/1
  • Flush – 25/1
  • Straight – 10/1
  • Three Of A Kind 5/1

NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker has a healthy Return to Player percentage of 94.79% which means that players will not go home empty-handed if the game is played with a sensible strategy.


Caribbean stud poker free slots win real money is simple enough to play. With this NetEnt version, stud poker has become even more fun and easier to play with its crisp graphics, effects and easy gameplay.

Poker Hands

Cards are compared according to the poker hands:

  • Royal Flush – 5 cards from the same suit from 10 to Ace
  • Straight Flush: 5 cards from the same suit
  • Flush: 5 cards from the same suit (e.g 5 hearts)
  • Ace + King
  • Straight: 5 consecutive cards from different suits
  • Three of a Kind: three cards of the same value (e.g 3 Kings )
  • Two Pair
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards with the same value (9, 9, 9, 9)
  • Full House: 3 cards of the same value and two cards of the same value (5, 5, 5 and K, K for example)

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker Free Slots Win Real Money

  1. The game starts with the player choosing the chip size and placing it on the “ante” circle. If you want to bet on the progressive jackpot, you must place your bet as well on the “jackpot circle”.

Minimum Bet:  € 1

Maximum Bet: € 40

  1. By clicking on “Deal,” five random cards are dealt with both player and dealer. On the player’s side, the cards are faced up while one is revealed on the dealer’s side. The four cards on the dealer’s side are revealed later on.
  2. The player will then decide whether to end the game by pressing the “Fold” button or proceed with the game by pressing “Call” to reveal the dealer’s cards. The set of cards on both parties will then be compared to see who calls win.
  3. Cards are compared according to the standard high poker rankings. Dealer wins if his deck has King or Ace and a stronger hand than the player. If the player wins the deal, the payout will be 2/1 on the ante and the call money will be returned. Payouts will be according to this scale.
  • Royal Flush – 200/1
  • Straight Flush – 50/1
  • Four Of A Kind – 20/1
  • Full House – 7/1
  • Flush – 5/1
  • Straight – 4/1
  • Three Of A Kind – 3/1
  • Two Pairs – 2/1
  • Pair – 1/1
  • Ace + King – 1/1


  • High RTP
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Compatibility to other Devices Available
  • Progressive Jackpot


  • Ideal only for single play


This version of Caribbean Stud Poker free slots win real money is definitely one of those sought-after versions by avid casino players. The gameplay is easy and winning is easy as well. With an RTP 94.79 %, players are sure to have fun and at the same time will not go empty-handed. This version of the game is wonderfully designed to create an easy and realistic approach to Caribbean Stud Poker.

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