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Blackjack Review

Blackjack is probably one of the easiest table card games in all of Online NetEnt casinos ever. If you know how to count to 21, then that’s it! Blackjack is a simple card game for players to put their bet on. If you find playing poker intimidating or roulette too complicated with all the numbers and wagers, then Blackjack could be just the right game for you. No complicated tactics, just luck pure fun and game satisfaction. Being one of the most sought-after card game in all of the casino, Blackjack is a must in every online casino’s library of games.
When it comes to playing Blackjack casino free spins no deposit guns n roses online, nothing beats the superb experience of playing Blackjack by NetEnt. The overall quality of NetEnt’s Blackjack is so well designed it’s like sitting in a real-life casino when you play their version. Although NetEnt’s flagship games are slots, the other games that are on NetEnt’s large library of games are guaranteed to be of high-quality games that would never fail to excite every casino players.

“Whether slots or table games, NetEnt never fails to deliver superb and high-quality entertaining games that every online casino gamers would love!”

Just like in any other games created by NetEnt, they always go a step further in providing better quality and variety to all of their games. When it comes to Blackjack, NetEnt now offers five distinct versions of the game namely Blackjack Pro, twin spin deluxe online, Double Exposure Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, Pontoon and HD Live Blackjack. NetEnt provides options to how Blackjack can be played. With its excellent visuals and the atmosphere that every Blackjack games offer to its players, the players are left entertained for hours and hours of play.

Theme and Graphics

As expected of NetEnt, the graphics of the games they hosted are of superb quality. As with the Blackjack games, just like the actual blackjack table, the table is set the same with just enough space for the dealer and the player. The graphics are of high quality and makes anyone look like a pro when playing on one.


Blackjack is a card game that does not really require too much logic. All there is to do is to simply place one or more chips on one or all of the betting circles. After that, choose the deal button to signal the dealer to distribute 2 cards from the deck and place it above the circle and on his own circle face down. Here’s what the goal is– try to make your cards up to a total of 21 without going over it or else your hand is bust and you lose your bet.
The layout of the Blackjack is just simple and easy to navigate. A selection of chips available to bet is from €1 to €5, 10, €50, €100 and €500.
When the cards are dealt, players are given the option of standing with the current cars or selecting the “hit” option that will signal the dealer to release more cards to pile. Select the “hit” option as many times as you like to try to reach 21, however, be careful not to go over or else you’re bust.
After knowing the value of your cards, the dealer will also open his cards and see if he can total a 21 himself. If the dealer goes beyond 21, the win is yours. The dealer stands on a soft 17, this means that if the dealer’s cards hit 17, the dealer will have to stand by it. So if any of your sets exceeds this number, just your luck, the win is yours!

Extra Features:

Despite being a simple card game, Blackjack still has its extra features:


This is some kind of privilege for the player. Once the dealer draws an ace for himself as his upcard, the player can take make the option of getting insurance, before the dealer checks on the second card. To simply put, taking insurance means that the player is betting that the dealer will have a Blackjack or cards totalling 21. The outcome of this feature gives a 2:1 payout to players.


This happens if both the dealer and player end up with cards totalling the same amount. If this happens, the bet is returned to the player.


If the player happens to have dealt two same number card (e.g two Jacks), the split option can be made. This separated the cards in two piles with the same amount of bet you placed. This is an advantage to players since it’s more like giving the player an extra round, thus, increasing winnings potentially.


If a player finishes with Blackjack (cards totalling with 21), the payout is 3:2 while the Standard wins, meaning the player beats the dealer with a total of less than Blackjack, a 1:1 payout is given to the player. On the other hand, if both the player and dealer make Blackjack, the payout will be 1:1.

Blackjack Variation, House Edge

Currently, NetEnt presents its patrons with different variations of Blackjack which provides more options to players on how they can enjoy playing this card game. Blackjack Pro, Double Exposure Blackjack. Single Deck Blackjack, Pontoon and HD Live Blackjack are some of the Blackjack varieties that you can find in any casino hosted by NetEnt. Each variant of Blackjack that NetEnt offers are available with their wager-size arrangements:

LOW : $0.10 – $5

MEDIUM : $1 – $40

HIGH :  $25 – $500

When it comes to house edge, each type of blackjack game differs from each other. Knowing the house edge of every game you play in the casino is important, since after all, we are betting real money here. Especially for those low rollers, it is important to have a high chance of winning in whatever games they play.
Among the other blackjack games, Pontoon has a house edge of 0.38% which is quite lower from the others. Blackjack Pro and Blackclass Classic have the same house edge of 0.44%. Lastly, the blackjack game that most likely has the worst house edge is the Double Exposure Blackjack with a house edge of 1% against its players.


Whether slots or table games, NetEnt has not once failed in providing casino players with the best variety, and user experience on all of the games they have produced. One of the best examples is their version of Blackjack which is visually appealing and entertaining. It’s like playing in an actual casino in Vegas. The other version of Blackjacks is also explicit which cater to what the players really want in playing casino games.

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