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Blackjack Double Exposure Slot Review

Tired of the old blackjack game? No worries, because NetEnt once again delivers a higher quality version of your favorite Las Vegas classic. Blackjack Double Exposure is a perfect choice. With a 99.33% RTP, this variation of Blackjack is unique; winning is in your favor because it gives you the chance to see the dealer’s card. This way, you know what your first course of action will be. But in line with this great advantage, is the low payout which is set at 1:1. This may be low but it is good for betting at low stakes especially if you’re just starting.

“Card players searching for a new challenge will find solid entertainment with double exposure blackjack.”

This blackjack variation may be one of the best variations in the market, with low stakes but high chances of winning. Find out more about Double Exposure Blackjack.


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  • Low payout

About Blackjack Double Exposure

Blackjack Double Exposure is an online variation of the classic neteller casinos table game, Blackjack, made by NetEnt given a modern twist and an RTP of 99.36%. The aim of Double Exposure is still to get 21 points or a blackjack. It is still the traditional blackjack, except that the dealer’s cards are faced up. This gives you a huge advantage, as you can formulate your strategy way better and you can predict the outcome better than traditional blackjack. But things don’t come easily because NetEnt has modified the game’s rules.

Blackjack Double Exposure vs Traditional Blackjack

NetEnt’s Blackjack Double Exposure is still the known blackjack, except that it is much sleeker plus you can now see the dealer’s cards because they are faced up. But more than these, there are other features that NetEnt modified and this includes the payout of 1:1 linked with the Blackjack instead of the common 3:2 which means that Double Exposure pays lower. Don’t worry, because the game has so much more in store for you.

How to Play

While most rules are still the same as with the traditional, some rules are altered:

  • Cards 2-10 are worth their face value, aces are worth 1 or 11 points, jack, queen, and king are worth 10 points
  • Dealer cards are faced up
  • The dealer must draw to 16 or lower
  • The dealer must stand at 17 or higher; no extra cards may be drawn when the dealer gets 17 or higher
  • The goal is to get a blackjack or close to 21 points
  • The hand closest to blackjack wins
  • A blackjack beats a hand with 21 points
  • When hands exceed 21 points, it is called a bust
  • Doubles can be done on 9, 10, and 11 points
  • Doubles can be made after the split
  • The split is allowed few times but aces are split only once
  • Re-split is not allowed on split hands
  • A hand of an ace and 10-point card can’t be a blackjack; it simply results in 21 points

Graphics and Audio

Blackjack Double Exposure gives us a sleeker table game compared to most blackjack variations. The graphics are sharper and animations are more fluid. Blackjack Double Exposure freespins first presents us the regular card table with the game’s logo and several quotes and tips saying, “Black Jack Pays 1 To 1”, “Dealer Wins All Ties Except Tied Black Jack”, and “Dealer Must Stand On 17 And Draw To 16” on the middle portion of the game screen. At the right is the deck of cards and on the left is the wagering limits sign of €1 as a minimum bet and a maximum amount of €40. At the bottom is a three card-shaped layout where the chips or bets are put and above is the opponent’s cards. There are also some features that could be adjusted during freeslots gameplay like the wager that you place on every round with the chips displayed on the bottom right of the screen with values €1, €5 and €10 and a grey-colored chip with an ‘x’ written on red ink.

The audio is soothing too, with intimate and charming piano music that gives a sleek and comfortable atmosphere as you play. You can adjust its volume and speed using the buttons at the lower left part of the screen.

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Bet Limits

There are three coins values to choose from in Double Exposure Blackjack. The available values are €1, €5 and €10 which can be combined and bet for multiple numbers of times. A minimum of €1 and a maximum of €40 are allowed, which is presented at the upper left part of the game screen. There is no need to have a huge bankroll to be able to play.

Pay Table

For payouts, you will be given a reward of 1:1 for all other wins including Blackjack. This means that it pays the exact amount of what you bet unlike the common 3:2 where you’ll get €3 for every bet of €2. Therefore, do not expect for your winnings to be high since this is relatively lower than the traditional blackjack payout. A tie between your hand and the dealer’s would mean a win for the dealer.


Double Exposure Blackjack is recommended for everyone, especially players who are just starting to learn blackjack. The rules may be a bit different from the traditional, but the fact that you can see the dealer’s cards give you that extra critical thinking skills and strategy building. It provides gambling enthusiasts a modern and easy gaming experience while mastering the strategies of traditional blackjack. This game is as equally fantastic and exciting as the traditional blackjack and is also a good starter for amateur players to be able to get a good grasp of the game. The overall payout may be lower than the traditional blackjack. But this is beneficial most especially if you’re just starting to grasp the basics of blackjack since it’s better to play with the lowest stakes first.

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