Netent Slots RTP

If you have been playing NetEnt casino games already or have just started getting a hang of it, you probably have encountered the term RTP a few times already. Yes we know it stands for Return To Player and it comes in a percentage value, but what is it really about? Why does it matter when you are an avid online casino player? What’s the catch? In this article, you will be able to know all about RTP and how it becomes a part of a successful strategy in successful casino gaming. Also, you will be given a list of games that have the best RTPs that you can try to play if you are aiming for not just a fun time at the online casino but as well as huge payouts at your hands.

What does RTP mean?

As you already know, RTP simply stands for Return To Player. RTP simply describes the expected return that players may take from playing a specific casino game. If you think luck is the only factor that determines how often you win or how much you win while spinning that slot machine, that’s where you are mistaken. The RTP is an important measurement to consider as it was described, it determined the expected returns that you will get of the money staked or bet. Most online slots have an RTP range of 92-98% and it is only wise for a player to choose a game with a higher RTP. With a high RTP, it is most likely that your money will last longer and you are more likely to have winning sessions on your chosen slot machine. It is also expected that you will have returns of the money staked equivalent to the game’s RTP. For instance, your money staked is $1000, if the RTP of the game you play is at 96.01%, it is expected for you to win about $960.10 at the end of your game. To summarize this, it is best to choose games that have generally high RTP if you want to play longer and want to be guaranteed that you won’t be going home empty handed.

NetEnt Slots RTP

When it comes to slots, NetEnt is a leading slot game provider for almost all of the online casinos available around the globe. With a vast selection of games available from NetEnt, online casino players are able to choose the best games that they could play based on their own interests and preferences. Every game that NetEnt offers has features that set them apart from the other slot games and even with the games that have similar concepts. It is not only the special features, the theme, quality and overall gameplay that make the games more engaging and memorable for its players but also the returns that NetEnt games offer its players. One of the great things about NetEnt is that the games it produces have RTPs not lower than 90% which makes the games even more interesting to play. Not only do NetEnt games offer an enjoyable experience to online slots gaming, players also get to enjoy huge returns from their bets. Also, these RTPs are accessible for all players so that they would not need to worry about how much they would get out of playing these games, rather they would only choose which game suits best to them.


Success in playing online casino games is not based on pure luck alone but also on strategy combined. Knowing the Return to Player percentage is important so players will know if the game they chose is worthy to play. Since we are dealing with money here, players would definitely prefer those games that give them both enjoyment in terms of game experience and also enjoyment in terms of payouts. NetEnt definitely succeeded in offering the best of both.