E-wallets are easy to get a hold of and use for multiple payment transactions which is why a lot of online payers are using them. E-wallets provide several advantages over other payment methods making it a favorite online payment method. One e-wallet that justifies its advantages is WebMoney, the number one e-wallet in Russia.

“Having WebMoney manage your payments in your online casino account is safer and easier to manage than any other mode of payments available.”

WebMoney started its function out of Moscow as an e-wallet payment solution since 1988. This payment option is mainly used for Russian and Eastern European population since. Today, there are in fact over 3 million Eastern Europeans who use WebMoney in various online casino transactions. WebMoney is an e-wallet that functions like the many other known e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Click2Pay. Its state-of-the-art service in the field of online payment makes it the most trusted e-wallet provider in Russia.

For Russian online casino players, WebMoney is a highly regarded casino payment option as it provides its users with not only convenience in making their deposits on their online casino but also security which is an important factor to consider when making transactions to online casinos. Instead of giving away your personal banking details directly to your chosen online casino for payment transactions, it is safer to have your payments managed by a payment service that ensures security in their clients. Also with WebMoney, you can have control over your cash flow within your casino account.


Before you will be able to use this payment service, you will be required to sign-up for an account which is an easy procedure to do. This is done in a matter of minutes with a few steps away to creating a legitimate e-wallet account. All you have to do is to provide for your active mobile number, enter the personal details that are asked for such as name, email, location and etc., have your number verified, create your unique password and lastly, choose the currency that you want to use your e-wallet in. The currencies that WebMoney supports are Russian, Belarusian or Ukranian Doubles, US Dollars, and Euros.

Once your account is activated, you will be provided with few options of how you want to use your WebMoney. This part can be a bit complicated since you will be choosing some functionality that you would need. To summarize your options, here are the few options on how to use WebMoney:

1.Install WM Keeper Classic

Install this on your computer to have full functionality; however, it is only available for MS Windows.

2.WM KeeperWebPro Light

Includes installing a WebMoney personal transfer certificate, access to WM Keeper Light and gain access through an authorization service E-num.

3.Keeper Standard Mini

It doesn’t provide access to all of the WebMoney features such as creating different purses for different currencies. Available for Mac users.

Funding Your WebMoney E-Wallet

You can top-up your WebMoney using VISA or MasterCard, money transfer, bank wires, internet banking, prepaid cards, vouchers as well as in cash-in terminals. These funding methods, however, have extra charges attached to them.

Deposit and Withdrawal to Online Casino

Once you have made an account with WebMoney, loading up your online casino account is easy. Like how many other e-wallets work on online casinos, users only have to choose WebMoney as the preferred payment options, log in on the WebMoney account, and lastly, confirm the payment with the WMID. Transactions using WebMoney are done in an instant so your online casino account will already be loaded up after the whole payment confirmation process so you can play right away.

While most of the e-wallets in the market only allow deposits in their list of services, WebMoney can be used by the users as their mode of withdrawal of their payouts from the online casino. Withdrawing funds via WebMoney will impose additional charges like the 0.8% service fee plus depending on the type of WebMoney purse used in withdrawals. This process may, however, take a few days to complete its transaction. Other withdrawal options related to WebMoney are the following:

  • Bank transfer
  • WebMoney Bank Card
  • Postal Remittance
  • Through bank branch/agent


Here’s a little advisory to all users though, almost every transactions made with WebMoney has extra charges. WebMoney charges 0.8% as a transaction fee to every transaction plus other charges depending on the funding source you use aide from WebMoney alone. Here are some of the extra fees that may be charged for users’ guide:

  • Conversion fee
  • Transaction fee of 0.8 % transaction fee from WebMoney
  • 4 % at WebMoney Exchange Offices
  • 5 % fee from bank card
  • 2-10 % charge from cash-in terminals
  • 5 % from bank wire


Just like any other e-wallets, payments are made with WebMoney are safe with its state-of-the-art SSL and Encryption technology used in every transaction. In addition, all WebMoney servers are guarded by an intricate firewall system that blocks any third party interference in any transactions. Lastly, all payment transactions are made anonymous so that no bank details are used in any transactions.


WebMoney is originally geared towards Russian nationals; however, it can also be used in other European countries. Although it is available for use for some countries aside from Russia, money transfers may take longer compared to when it is used within its main operation area. This payment service supports Rubles, Euros and US Dollars.

User/Customer Support

WebMoney customer support is efficient, especially for the Russian customers. While the official site has an available page in English, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese, some pages of the site remain in the Russian language. For any concerns regarding accounts and other payment transactions, users may reach the support portal found on the site to report their problems. Also, the official page has an FAQ section that can be read for users’ guide to its services.


Secured Transactions protected by the latest SSL technology

Instant deposit to online casino accounts

Payments are anonymous

Can be used for withdrawals

Can be used via mobile


Charges for all its features and services

Need for registration to use the payment service

A complex system to use

Can be used via mobile but needs software to download and use


WebMoney is an e-wallet provider that is trusted by many online payers most especially in Russia. With its convenient service, despite being a bit complicated system to use, proves its worth as a trusted online payment solution to all of its clients, supporting them in having convenient and secure online payment transactions.

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