In our fast-paced world now dominated by technologies that make our work easier and faster, perhaps the fastest way to make payments done is done via online. And with that task, one of the most convenient modes of payment is via e-wallet. You can go cashless anytime and anywhere that you won’t even need to bring a bulky wallet with you. Besides almost everything now can be bought online through your mobile. Why make it hard on yourself when you can just pay your bills, purchase that beautiful sofa for your living room and make a deposit on your online casino account using your phone?


“Zimpler makes online paying much simple and faster. All you need is your phone to make your payments, you won’t even need a wallet to take with you.”


Zimpler is a Swedish FinTech company that offers efficient mobile payment services to clients in Sweden and Finland. This payment solution is made easy since it doesn’t need any application nor does it require clients to undergo the hassle registration process just to use the service. With Zimpler, you don’t even need a bulky wallet to take with you for you to pay your bills. Zimpler is also available in over 250 sites including online casino sites making it accessible to its users.

Zimpler has been focusing on providing easy, fast and secure payment transactions since 2016. Zimpler secures all personal data making consumers feel safe from identity and bank theft in all of their transactions. Also, this company is under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority so consumers are assured that they will be able to get the best and safest transactions every time.

Zimpler Bonus Casino is a Swedish FinTech company

Registration and Paying with Zimpler

At Zimpler, there is no hassle registration process that you need to undergo in order to make your account. Your Zimpler account is automatically created the first time you use it as your means of payment. You will then receive an SMS containing the link your Zimpler account. Simply pay using Zimpler and you’ll get your account instantly where you can input your bank details.

The next time you use Zimpler, all you need to do is to simply choose Zimpler as your mode of payment, log in using your phone number and wait for the one-time-deposit code, which means for every transaction, you will be given a new code, to be sent to your mobile. Key in the code and you’ll be redirected to the confirmation step where you will be presented with the payable amount and the mode of payment (depending on what are available to your site and country) that you will use whether credit card, debit and etc. With a simple click for confirmation, your transaction is simply done.

Deposit and Withdrawal to Online Casinos

Making deposits for your online casino is simple with Zimpler. Simply choose this as the mode of deposit for your account, log-in to Zimpler using your number, enter the amount that you wish to deposit, enter the pin code that the provider will send you via SMS, and finally make the confirmation. Depositing using Zimpler is instant so players can immediately play soon after making the deposit. Unfortunately, Zimpler does not offer withdrawal methods as part of its services for casino sites. So if you want to withdraw your payouts from the online casino, you will have to resort to other payment methods offered by the online casino site.

What’s convenient about Zimpler being used for online gaming is that it gives total control over player’s spending. It keeps a complete history of the client’s spending and allows them to set a monthly budget.


Your Zimpler account can be funded with different payment methods such as Visa or MasterCard. Fees may also apply when you use the service. Other details about transaction details can be found on their official website.

Your Zimpler Casino Bonus account can be funded with different payment methods such as Visa or MasterCard

Security and Regulation

For every transaction made using Zimpler, payers are given a different verification code each time. So instead of a password to log-in to your account, a random code is sent to your number in order to access your account and confirm transactions. So even if a third party knows your number, it is impossible to log-in without you knowing that someone asked for an entry code with or without permission. Aside from that, all payments are secured through encrypted SSL connections which ensure that no unauthorized parties can hack and interfere during the transactions.

Zimpler is also under the regulation of the Financial Services Authority, which ensures that consumers will only get efficient transactions, as well as peace of mind that their transactions are 100% secure and that their personal and banking information is secured. This service, however, is only available in Finland and Sweden.

User/Customer Support

Not only that Zimpler offers the best payment option for online payers, they are also geared to providing a competent customer support service to all their clients. They offer a reliable customer support between 1 pm to 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays both via phone and e-mail.


Make payments via mobile

One-time-transaction code

Secure payments

Instant Zimpler account after first use

Easy to use

Efficient customer service


Service is available on in Finland and Sweden

Not available for withdrawal in casino sites

Zimpler Bonus Casino - Service is available on in Finland and Sweden


Zimpler indeed lives up to its name for making online paying simple, fast and secure. It is a reliable e-wallet that is trusted by many clients in both Sweden and Finland. Truth be told, it is actually hard to pinpoint the disadvantages of this payment service as it has a lot of advantages that you can highlight. From fast service, its state of the art security system to making transactions hassle and worry-free, convenience, availability to its operational area, up to its ease of use, Zimpler is simply a great online payment method to use in the online market.