In the past, online casinos are only able to provide limited options of payment for players in order to have full access to their games on online casinos. Most of these casinos would only provide credit cards or bank transfers as the accepted mode of payments. However, with the demand of the players for faster transactions along with the advancement of technology, newer and faster means of money transactions are now added to the list of options that are being offered by these online casinos. To add more, the availability of wide range of payment options is one factor that players and users consider for them to sign up on a particular online casino.


“Ukash offers a fast and innovative way of making online transactions faster and convenient for those who do not have the access to bank accounts…”


One payment method that has been added to the list of payment options by some online casino operators is Ukash, an electronic money transfer option that is based in the UK. UKash works pretty similar like the other e-wallets where players will be able to transfer funds from their corresponding bank accounts through an online account and use it for any transactions they may need it to be. The good thing about Ukash is that there is no need for the receiving end to know more about the sender other than their email addresses. The use of Ukash will only require the 19-digit Ukash number which users can use instead of other physical proof of identity of the users such as credit cards.

Ukash is now Paysafe Card

Ukash now is incorporated into the Paysafe Card System. Despite the convenience of Ukash, its popularity is incomparable to those well known online transaction methods like Neteller, ClickandBuy or Moneybookers since its processor is based in London and is apparently more centered for UK users; however, it is also now made available for the other countries such as Spain and Germany due to the increasing demand of this type of transaction methods for online casinos.

Ukash basically works under the voucher system where players need to purchase a code for it to be used as prepaid money. For any purchases, the user simply provides the 19-digit code of the voucher to make the transaction. If the balance is not enough for a specific purchase, the user can just buy another set of pin codes to proceed with the other purchases. This can be used also when funding your casino credits.

Ukash is now Paysafe Card

Deposit and Withdrawal

If you want to make a deposit or fund your online casino account using Ukash, you can simply select the Ukash deposit method option from the online casino. Following this option, it will require you to enter your unique 19-digit pin number. Once the authorization is complete, your casino credits will automatically be available after your deposit. Another deposit method is to use your voucher to fund an e-wallet account that can be used to purchase online, pay bills as well as make deposits to your online casino.

The withdrawals of winnings from the online casino are subject to the terms and conditions of the casino. Once the withdrawal request is approved, the winnings can be transferred on your Ukash account which can be withdrawn in the form of a voucher and can use the same voucher to join the Neo program of MasterCard so you can get your cash to ATMs that support MasterCards.

Security and Privacy

The thing about Ukash is that it has a unique approach to funding and use. Since Ukash basically works under a voucher system, which is provided with the physical product, there is a risk of it being stolen or misplaced which can be used by anybody else. The voucher works on a specific code which can only be used when valid. Whoever who has the voucher or has access to the pin code can definitely use it for their own purpose.


There is no extra charge for users when using vouchers. Since this method of transaction works on the voucher system, the company does not really control a lot of independent dealers who now sell these vouchers with a bit of a mark up to the vouchers.


Ukash is a British-based electronic transaction system and is registered as part of Smart Voucher Limited that is regulated by the Financial Service Authority of UK. Smart Voucher basically is a provider of paid ticket needs for any types of businesses or transactions. The voucher works as soon as it gets activated after purchasing the code by the user through the Smart Voucher’s system. Ukash then works ultimately like real money which is valid for all transaction partners that accept payments via Ukash.

exchange your cash for a ukash voucher

User/Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Ukash can be reached through phone or electronic mail. Any concerns with regards to the purchase of the voucher will be addressed by the company as long as the voucher in question is on hand or the code is identified by both the customer and the dealer regarding the particular transaction. Any concern can also be addressed to Smart Voucher Ltd. Online assistance is also available thru their site at


Availability of voucher dealers

Can be used without bank transaction


Not available in the US

Risk of losing the voucher


Ukash is definitely convenient for those who do not have access to other payment methods such as credit cards and other bank transactions. With the availability of dealers that sell the vouchers, although the countries where it is available is quite limited, people can easily get access through it and use it for any online purchase as well as funding of the casino. Since Ukash is UK based, it is not really that available for use by US customers since currency options are limited. Ukash is definitely convenient; however, users must be able to secure their cards so that it isn’t used unauthorized.