Because of the growing trend in technology, everything can be accomplished with the use of your small and handy smartphone device. And deposits and payments can be done on your mobile device through Siru Mobile. Unfortunately, you may not be able to withdraw your earnings through Siru Mobile so you might need to seek other systems. Right now, Siru Mobile is operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and in the United Kingdom. Registration and transaction processes are very simple to do in Siru Mobile so try their services now!


  • Safe and high-security standards
  • Instantly processed
  • Good customer support team


  • Available only within Europe
  • Limited currencies
  • Low maximum transfers per month
  • High transaction fees

About Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile is a technical service provider developed and established in Finland in 2011 to give customers a convenient and easy way to purchase products and services just with the use of their mobile phones. Siru Mobile is a payment system doing operations only in Finland and has eventually grown into an international company and has expanded to Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Siru Mobile is also very popular among online casinos as they offer a deposit method via mobile phones.

How to Use MySiru Wallet

MySiru Wallet is a feature presented by Siru Mobile that allows users to look after their mobile payments easily yet in a very secure way. It comes with a 24/7 anti-scam, theft, and fraud protection. You may also track your payments and view your transaction history that all come with an ID number. It works both on desktops and mobile phones by depositing money by calling their premium rate number. To use this feature, just register a wallet and deposit money, then you choose MySiru Wallet as a payment method on the platform or merchant’s website you want to deposit your funds to.


Follow these steps to make a deposit to your online casino with Siru Mobile:

  1. Select Siru Mobile deposit method in Cashier/Banking section
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  3. Enter your mobile phone number
  4. Click deposit
  5. You will be redirected to Siru Mobile website that will display a phone number and other instructions
  6. Call that phone number, and you will be redirected back to the Cashier.


Because of Siru Mobile’s rising popularity, casinos, especially within the Europe region, is accepting Siru Mobile as a payment method. Here are some casinos that accept Siru Mobile as a deposit method:

  • 7 Gods Casino
  • Letsbet Casino
  • MobileBet Casino
  • playOJO Casino
  • Videoslots Casino
  • BetHard Casino

Advantages of Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile offers a number of advantages for customers and casino players:

  • Siru Mobile is a widely available deposit method since the trend in smartphones today has reached almost everyone in the world and is almost as if it is a necessity. Thus, phone users can use Siru Mobile to request their deposits and payments.
  • The processes in Siru Mobile are quick to complete, virtually almost in a blink of an eye, hence making this platform an extremely convenient way to pay your bills and purchases.
  • You can view their automated reports and track their spending on Siru Mobile’s website.
  • Good customer service is also waiting for you at Siru Mobile as they provided phone lines in Finland, Sweden/Norway, and in the UK.

Disadvantages of Siru Mobile

  • Limited to residents in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom as of now, although they plan to expand to several other countries in the near future.
  • You may only transfer a maximum of €300 per month. Siru Mobile isn’t for you if you are the type to be a high roller.
  • There is a fee of 4 EUR per transaction you need to pay


Transaction fees with Siru Mobile always depend on the service and product. The transaction fees are never hidden, Siru Mobile makes sure to state the fees before confirming your transaction. Mobile payment limit in Siru Mobile is 300 EUR per month. Take note that you are charged on the present billing period and your purchases will be added to your next phone regarding the period.

Security and Licenses

Registering an account with Siru Mobile will need your phone number for a PIN code to be sent to you via SMS. This PIN code is needed only once to verify your identity and to avoid fraud. There’s no need to worry about your privacy because all of your information, personal or banking, are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that is commonly used among payment transfer companies. Other than your phone number, no other information will be transferred. Neither your credit not debit card information are kept or shared with third parties, not even to their own employees.

Customer Support

Siru Mobile’s customer support makes sure to answer queries and concerns within 24 hours but only on weekdays because response times during weekends and holidays might take a bit longer. Siru Mobile aims to resolve your issues and attend to your concerns as quickly and accurate as possible. You may also check their Twitter account for the latest updates. Below are their customer support channels which you can contact at times of questions:

  • Email: you may send an email through their email address
  • Phone: phone support is also available by contacting them at these phone lines:

Finland +358 9 2316 3390

Sweden/Norway +46 8 559 24 683

UK +44 20 8133 7693.

  • Social media:





Siru Mobile is undeniably very convenient to use. The website itself has a simple yet clean and crisp interface. The services are also exemplary and safe to avail. If you are resident from Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, or Finland, then Siru Mobile is going to give you an exceptional service but beware of the costly transaction fees to it. Also, if you are quite a high roller, you might not find Siru Mobile convenient. Don’t worry because there are numerous deposit methods with better services.