Online casinos, as an ever-growing industry, are constantly improving in providing not only a wide variety of games but also in offering a wide array and reachable means of transaction that caters to a variety of currencies for millions of players around the globe. In order to continue thriving as an industry, online casinos are now integrating various payment systems to cater to the demands for easier and secured exchange of cash between casino fans and the casino itself. With millions and millions of casino players around the globe, Europe is one of those regions that have the most number of players in the casino gaming population. And with that, online casinos are adding more and more payment options that will cater the banking needs of players in this area. One of which is Nordea, the largest financial services group in Europe.


“Nordea makes online banking easier and convenient. No need for a hassling registration process which makes it easier for casino players to make instant deposits directly from their banks.”


Nordea provides a wide range of secure and easy banking products and services in Europe catering to more than 10 million private clients and has the largest distribution in the Nordic region. Nordea emerged in the year 2000 after various Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish banks merged to become one huge financial services group in all of the European market. Nordea is based in Stockholm, however, its services spread across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the other Nordic countries.

It’s impressive reach to the Scandinavian market and its associate allows its services to cater to the payment transaction needs of the online casino industry. With the promise of easy, fast and secured transactions, players are not required to register for a Nordean account in order to use this efficient payment service which makes it even more convenient for players in making hassle-free and instant deposits from their respective banks.

nordea provides a wide range of secure and easy banking products


Nordea offers its users and potential clients with hassle-free banking services making it a reliable banking service to use on any monetary transactions. In order to use this service, online casino players will only need to choose this as an option for their payments in the casino. This payment system will not require its users to register a Nordean account to be able to use it making it a hassle-free way for casino players to use it as a means of funding for their online casino accounts.


When it comes to making deposits into your online casino, fund transfer with Nordea is instant. Your deposit transaction is processed in real time so you can instantly play your favorite casino games on the same day.

To fund your account, players must select Nordea as a mode of payment from the cashier menu. An online form will also be filled out that would require you to provide your bank account information.

After choosing Nordea as your deposit option, you must enter the amount that you want to fund into your account and a bonus code if there is any. Some online casinos offer bonus codes to players for using Nordea as a payment option. Users will also be provided with access codes to proceed with the transaction.

After confirmation, the transaction is complete and your funds are automatically transferred to your online casino account.


When it comes to making withdrawals from your online casino, Nordea does not allow players to process withdrawals from their casino accounts. However, those who want to cash out from their casino accounts can request for withdrawal via standard bank transfer. This may take several business days to be processed and for your payouts to reach your bank accounts.

When it comes to making withdrawals from your online casino

Nordea Mobile

What makes Nordea more convenient as a banking option is its availability to any personal devices such as mobiles. However, for one to use it, you must already have an account in Nordea since your Nordea account works both ways whether in desktop or your mobile device. With the mobile version, you can make payments anytime and anywhere.


There is no need to worry about additional costs when making your deposits to your online casino via Nordea since they don’t charge transaction costs. However, Nordea may charge depending on the where you are from and on the type of transaction that you make due to different currencies. For Swedish residents, Nordea payments charger SEL 30, for clients from Norway a fee of NOK 60 and in Denmark a fee of DKK 40 per transaction. When users make payments, Nordea guarantees maximum security and anonymity to all its users.

Security and Privacy

Through the years, Nordea has established itself as one of the most trusted online payment methods with its services that highly value security and efficiency in protecting its customers personal and bank account data. With such reputation, it became a highly regarded online banking services not only by the casino gaming community. Nordea prides itself on making sure that access to accounts is exclusive only to its owners.

In order to secure their client accounts, access codes are given and used in combination with the client’s user ID and password. In addition to this, the access codes can only be used once (One Time Code) per transaction, therefore, the code cannot be recycled. All transactions with Nordea are protected with a TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to prevent the third party from intervening during the transaction. Also, every transaction session is timed (15-minute transaction) and closes automatically when not used.


Nordea is primarily designed for the Scandinavian market; however, it is also open to Russia under certain terms and conditions. Its website supports English and other local languages from countries accepting Nordea’s operations. The services of Nordea is only available to players who have accounts at banks affiliated with Nordea.

User/Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, their customer service is open from 9 am to 6 pm in local time zones. You can also send fax, e-mail and reach them from their online contacts on the website where you can find how to contact their different branches.

nordea via


Secure and fast payment

No transaction fee

No registration

Anonymity in transactions

Available on mobile


Only available for Scandinavian Market

Cannot use for Withdrawals

Only available to players with accounts on banks affiliated with Nordea


Nordea, with its ability to reach millions and millions of clients and provide them with easy, fast and topmost security in all its services, has proven its worth as the trusted baking service provider in the European market throughout the years of their operations. With their easy but secure operations in all their transactions, users are assured that all their transactions are fast and hassle-free.