With a lot of payment options coming out in the market today, finding the best one that not only ensures fast transactions but also promises a secure and convenient way of transferring money whether for funding or purchasing goods, should be something that should be decided carefully. In Russia, there is one payment option that promises both real time and high security transaction to all its clients–Moneta.


“Moneta is true to its promise to a quick and secure money transaction no matter what payment activity it is.”


Moneta is a popular payment method that started in 2005 and is still now widely used on any online payment transactions by the people of Russia. It is basically an e-wallet that you can easily but securely use to pay for your online activities or purchases. Its security features are very well designed such double password protection, system encryption, limited access by IP address and more which make transactions with Moneta safer and convenient to all its users.

Moneta is true to its promise to a quick and secure money transaction no matter what payment activity it is


Making an account with Moneta is just a walk in the park. It’s easy and does not require you to do a lot for the registration process just to make a valid account. All there is to do is visit the site and click the register button where you will be redirected to the sign-up page. From there, you will be asked only for your active phone number and e-mail address where the activation procedure will be sent for you to follow. You will also be asked to read and agree with the terms and conditions prior to proceeding to the next step which is the payment password and lastly the confirmation.

Security and Privacy

All money transfers by Moneta is processed in real time; thus, customers and merchants have instant access to the money. Since transactions are done immediately upon request, this payment method guarantees maximum user security of all personal and sensitive data. With Moneta, clients’ security and convenience is of topmost priority which is why it strengthens its features to make this service as reliable as possible. Double password protection, system encryption, limited access by IP address, and a separate authentication system for merchant payment system and financial transactions all make up a reliable online payment method. Once you are done with the registration process, you may now use Moneta in any monetary transactions with online merchants.

Funding Your Moneta Account

There are in fact a lot of ways that you can top up your Moneta e-wallet. One of the easiest ways is to directly connect your Moneta account to your bank account where you can use it to send funds to your account. If you don’t have either a credit card or debit card available, you can use other payment methods to fund your Moneta accounts such as Ukash and Neteller.

Deposit and Withdrawal to Casino

Moneta e-wallets are trusted safe and make secure transaction method making it a reliable deposit method option for many online casinos. Players can also use this payment method to withdraw their payouts from the casino. However, a disadvantage with Moneta is that its service is only available for Russian players.


Making deposits with Moneta for your online casino is nothing but simple. When you are ready to make your deposit, all you have to do is to select it as your payment method to fund your online casino account. After selecting Moneta as your mode of deposit to your casino account, a deposit screen should appear on your screen where you will fill in the deposit request, enter the amount that you want to deposit then hit submit. After confirming the amount, you will be asked to log in with your Moneta login details and provide for the payment password that you made upon registering for your Moneta account in order to complete your transaction.

In order to secure your payment transactions, Moneta provides a timed transaction process where you will be provided with ten minutes to confirm the amount that you want to send and to finish your transaction. For any reason that it will exceed to the ten minutes transaction time without finishing your transaction, the process will go back from the beginning, thus, you have to repeat the process again.


While making deposits on your casino account with Moneta is fast and easy, the withdrawal process may be a bit trickier. In order to make sure that funds are secure and accessible only to the clients, the process requires another step which will ask you to provide additional documentation that will be confirmed by Moneta management prior to proceeding with the withdrawal request which may take a few days.

While making deposits on your casino account with Moneta is fast and easy


Depositing to your Moneta account has transfer fees which can vary from 1 to 4% depending on the payment method used as a deposit option. Certain transaction fees may also apply on transactions made with Moneta.


This e-wallet is currently only available in Russia. It supports currencies in EUR, GBP, USD, and RUB. Conversion fees may also apply in the transactions.

Customer Service

An FAQ Section is available on their website where a few frequently asked questions with answers for the users’ information. Users may also go to the website and reach the customer service via mail.


Fast and Instant Transaction

Secure transactions with efficient security features

No vigorous registration process


Available only in Russia

Withdrawals available within days

Users may also go to the website and reach the customer service via mail.


Moneta is a third generation payment method that caters the demand of the people for a payment method that is simple, fast and no risk for any monetary transactions. It is a universal payment method that users can use in casino gaming, purchasing goods and paying bills. With its fast processing feature, your funds will be transferred instantly to the other end of the transaction as it is processed in real time. Its security features are also commendable making it one of the most trusted payment option provider in Russia.