With the boom of the online casino industry, more and more people demand faster and innovative banking options for them to use when transferring their funds to and from their online casino profiles. With this, online casinos have resorted to finding new ways and providing easier and more convenient options to players through some outside influences just to make this happen. Although the existing options such as debit and credit card are easy and convenient which is why most of the people choose these as options in any of their transactions, it cannot be denied that some people experience inconveniences due to its strict regulations especially when transactions are related to gambling.

If you are new to casino gaming, then you may have experienced a few times already calling your banks demanding for an explanation about denied transactions when you make deposits or perhaps ended up frustrated because you can’t use your credit card when you want to play in online casinos. This is where online payment platforms like GiroPaycome in handy.


“GiroPayprocesses transactions in real time so there is no way for you to get frustrated when making deposits on your online casino accounts. You can play right away without your credit card or debit card keep getting denied on your casino transactions.”


GiroPay is a fast banking payment method that is currently available only in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. It acts as an intermediary between bank account merchants of various commodities in these countries in providing direct online banking method to customers owning an internet banking account. GiroPay works based on a PIN (personal identification number) and TAN (transaction number) procedures of home banking. It is a quick, easy and secure payment service for any money transactions online.

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What is great about GiroPay is that you don’t need to undergo a tedious registration process in GiroPay in order to make money transactions. All you need to do is to select it as your payment method from the e-service provider that you are making transactions with and you’ll be redirected to your online banking account where you will be filling in the transaction form for your purchases and provide the TAN-code given to you by your bank. The transaction via GiroPay is processed in real time so after the authorization is complete, your money will be instantly wired to the other end of the transaction. Also with this payment process, clients remain anonymous to the other party so transactions are more secured.

Deposit and Withdrawal to Casino

Funding your online casino account via GiroPay is easy. All that you need to do is to select it as the payment method for your deposit. GiroPay only works if you have an online banking account so make sure you have one so you can proceed with the transaction. The deposit process in online casinos is similar as to when you are purchasing something in an e-shop. Upon choosing GiroPay as the payment option, you will be redirected to your online banking account where you will be filling out the rest of the transaction form and provide the TAN-code to authorize the transaction. After this, your funds will be transferred directly to your online casino account instantly so you can play right after making the deposit.

The withdrawal process, on the other hand, follows almost the same process as making deposits where you will be redirected to your online banking account. This makes it an easier and less stressful way of getting your payouts from your casino earnings.


Transaction fees may apply when you choose GiroPay as your payment method. Deposits made using GiroPay cannot be canceled. Fees may differ from bank to bank and the amount you’ll be paying per transaction depends on what bank you are signed up. Normal charges vary between 0.9% and 1.2% plus € 0.08 per transaction.

Security and Privacy

Transactions with GiroPay is ensured secured and safe. First, a reliable 128-bit SSL encryption is used to secure your personal information when making online payments. On top of that, GiroPay uses a combination of PIN codes and TAN codes to double secure your transactions. Also, since transactions are processed in real time, the possibility for a third party to infiltrate the transaction is slim, so clients can be assured that payments and their financial details are protected from any threats.

Transactions with GiroPay is ensured secured and safe


GiroPay currently opens their operation in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands so it is inaccessible for clients from other countries. More than 1,500 banks are covered via GiroPay. Although GiroPay has plans of expanding internationally, it’s operations will remain exclusive to its current operational area for the meantime until the company manages to make use of the system for the transnational mode of payment.

User/Customer Support

For GiroPay’s customer support, clients may proceed to the official site https://www.giropay.de/ where there are various options for clients to reach the customer service team of GiroPay. A FAQ section is available for the clients to read about various processes they may need to know. An e-mail support system is also available for any concerns regarding payments and other concerns about GiroPay’s operations.

For GiroPay’s customer support


  • A safe and secure payment method
  • Instant, real-time processing of payment transactions
  • No extra registration required
  • Anonymity on transactions with merchants


  • Exclusive for Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands
  • Extra Charges, not Standard (depends on the bank)


GiroPay is a secure, fast, and easy way of online payment method that is trusted by most Germans when it comes to assisting their online banking transactions. Its fast and easy operations make it an effective intermediary between bank account merchants of various commodities in making secured and smooth transactions. The great thing about GiroPay is that it immediately processes transactions which makes it not too vulnerable for the third party to disrupt transactions. With its state of the art encryption system, you are sure that every transaction made with GiroPay is fast and secure anytime and anywhere.