For many years, people have to buy commodities using actual cash and if not have few payment options that may take a long time to process. With the advancement of technology, the demand for a faster and reliable means of a payment transaction is granted.

ClickandBuy is a recognized e-wallet provider that is trusted by many online payment users internationally and more particularly used in all of Europe. ClickandBuy offers easy, fast and secure online payment transactions and provides easy access as it accepts most types of credit and debit cards as its payment partner.


“Transacting using ClickandBuy is fast and reliable…it’s as if you are paying your own money without handing out actual money…It’s fast and easy…”


Through ClickandBuy, it’s as if you are just paying actual money without really having a physical form of it. There is no need to carry around your wallet when purchasing things. It is more secure since you only have to provide for your e-mail address and the password that only you know. You can use your ClickandBuy account to easily make deposits and withdrawals on your online casino accounts. Like what this mode of payment entails, processing your bills, purchases and other payment responsibilities is easy with just a click of a mouse.


Deposit and Withdrawal

Funding your online casino account using e-wallets is easy. ClickandBuy is very quick and easy in this process. Users may simply select this option from the casino’s deposit method options then proceed to authorize your transaction using your e-mail and password. Once you have the online account in ClickandBuy there is no need to share your personal financial information to the casino to make your deposit which makes it an easy and secure transaction between you and the casino.

For you to be able to use ClickandBuy at an online casino, poker site or at a sports betting platform, your ClickandBuy e-wallet must be funded using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Giropay, Visa, Diners Club or debit card. When using a credit card, at least 5 EUR should be transferred to your account.

Withdrawals of your winning from your online casino account are also easy as making deposits however, it may take some time for your winnings to be transferred from your ClickandBuy account to your bank account. Your withdrawals can only be processed through a direct bank transfer so it is important that you have a verified account on a bank that is supported by the payment transactions set by the casino. Processing your payouts normally takes 3 to 5 business days depending on the regulations of the bank that would be processing the transfer as well as your location.

Security and Privacy

Setting up an account with ClickandBuy is an easy, fast and secure process. However, you must be comfortable sharing your personal information as ClickandBuy would entail you to submit your name, address, contact info, e-mail, and other personal information for verification purposes. You also have to submit your bank details when you opt to pre-fund your account or connect your ClickandBuy account to a funding source.

Making transactions secure for clients is ClickandBuy’s topmost priority. Their system is supported by the European market leaders for e-transactions in order to ensure that all transactions meet data protection requirements and is free from hacking risks. They also have a high-security computer system that is monitored 24/7 by trusted IT specialists in order to make both ends of every transaction easy and secured.

click and buy buyer protection


Opening an account on ClickandBuy is free as well as placing deposits into your online casino account. However, there are some small administrative fees that will be directly deducted to your ClickandBuy funds. But for the most part, your account is free of charge. Here are some of the administrative fees that you must be aware of when making transactions:

  • 9% fee for funding your account with your credit card (not applicable when making direct payment using a credit card)
  • 9% currency exchange
  • $2.75 handling fee for any withdrawals


ClickandBuy is an International online payment method that is now being used by many people in most regions. It is also regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. Customers from the United States can use ClickandBuy; however, it is not allowed to be used in any gambling related and illegal transactions. ClickandBuy does not require users to download any software and it can be used with any available browsers and other online locations accepting this mode of payment.

User/Customer Support

ClickandBuy values their client service experience and so they offer them accessible customer support. It uses an internal contact for all client and potential clients’ inquiries. The site of ClickandBuy has an available FAQ section where clients can read all that they need to know about their account, activities, and processes involved in any transactions. Clients can reach the customer service team via telephone and e-mail for support which can be found on their website.

click and buy - how it works


Instant transfer for deposits

Easy to create an account

Free to create an account

Fast, easy and safe transactions


Administrative fees

Does not allow gambling related transactions in some countries/regions


ClickandBuy is one of the most used electronic wallets by many online casino users and other online transaction users. There are also a large number of online casino platforms that accept this mode of payment to its users. This mode of payment is supported by over 14,000 legit merchants that allow any transactions made through this payment option.

Online transactions using ClickandBuy are ensured to be easy and secure with all the security efforts and maintenance that its company is doing. It has an efficient customer support team that handles any inquiries made about client accounts and transactions. ClickandBuy is an efficient mode of payment that supports the demand of internet users for fast and reliable transactions.