Click2Pay is among the most popular money transfer methods used by numerous poker and online casino players. This payment method functions similarly like PayPal and Neteller which is also an e-wallet. Unlike any other e-wallets, clients are not really required to load up their Click2Pay accounts in order to make transactions when purchasing something or making deposits to their online casino accounts. Another great thing is that the transfers are processed in real time so making a deposit is fast and easy.


“The verification process can be too much, but it only shows that Click2Pay only deals with real transactions.”


Creating an account is easy; however, the verification process can be quite rigorous since clients will be receiving calls to verify their registered information as well as discuss the options they have using the service. This is good though since it only means that Click2Pay has strong security and only deals with real transactions.

The downside, however, with this payment option is that of its additional processing fees that come with different withdrawal options. Also, there are a lot of restricted countries that do not have access, especially in the US due to its regulations regarding gambling. Nevertheless, Click2Pay Casino Banking is a trusted and efficient widely used e-wallet internationally.

click 2 pay


Setting up an account with Click2pay is actually easy; however, it may require you to undergo a direct verification process in order to test the credibility of the account user. In order to set up an account, clients must visit the website of Click2pay and register. Filling in the details does not take too long though as the only the important personal information of the client is asked such as name, birthday, e-mail address, address, number and other personal information needed for verification. After filling in the details, a representative from Click2pay will call the number that you have registered to verify the information you have given so it is important to provide an active number that you actually use for them to call you. In this call, the representative will verify your registered info and discuss with you the spending limits and other account options.

The registration would also require you to choose your funding option which can be through debit card, credit card, personal bank account, Maestro and other electronic funds transfers.

Deposit and Withdrawal

When it comes to making deposits on your online casino account using Click2pay, it does not require you to make a deposit on your actual Click2pay account, unlike any other e-wallets. This is one of the advantages of using this payment method. When making deposits through Click2pay, your deposit request will be processed real time on your pre-determined funding source through Click2pay. Your deposit funding will be directly debited to the funding option you registered for Click2pay such as your credit card, credit card and other payment options that are allowed for you to use legally. Your transaction will then reflect on your bank account within 3 to 5 business days after the deposit. The deposit is simply done by selecting the Click2play option from the payment page of the site, key in your e-mail address and your personal account number and the amount of deposit money that you would want to transfer into your online casino account.

On the other hand, withdrawing your payouts from your online casino account can be done in two ways which are through debit card or cheque sent by mail. Sending it via cheque is one of the most preferred by users and it will be processed within 3 to 5 business days, however, it requires certain fees including an air mail fee and a conversion fee. You can also opt to apply and pay for a Click2pay debit card or process it with other payment processors.

When it comes to making deposits on your online casino account using Click2pay

Security and Privacy

Click2Pay uses the latest encryption technology and does its best in maintaining the highest privacy standards for the security of their clients’ personal information and privacy. Using this e-wallet does not require the users to provide their private info every time they are going to purchase or transact. This makes transactions safer and reliable.


When making transactions using Click2pay, it is not really necessary to fund your actual Click2Pay account. However, if you wanted to deposit some cash to your Click2Pay account, certain fees are charged to your account. Here are some of the charges that you should be aware of when you use Click2pay as a payment option:

  • 3% fee for making deposits when directly using credit cards via Click2pay
  • $10 fee for applying for Click2Pay debit card withdrawal
  • $20 fee for withdrawing via Cheque (will be processed in 3 to 5 business days) ]
  • 5% fee for foreign currency exchange rates


Unfortunately, while Click2pay is said it can be used for any transaction, it does not apply to any gambling-related activities in the US. This is one of the drawbacks of this payment option. Players that reside in the USA, Iraq, Djibouti, Ghan, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan are not allowed to create a Click2pay account.

User/Customer Support

In order to cater to their client’s inquiries and concerns, Click2pay has a reliable team of customer service representatives that are ready to be contacted via phone and email. Also, their official website also has an FAQ section on the site to help their clients know about different the transaction procedures.

Click2pay has a reliable team of customer service representatives that are ready to be contacted via phone and email


No need for deposit to make a transaction

Tight security

Transfers are processed in real time


Country restrictions

Additional processing fees


Using this e-wallet is definitely easy and reliable. The fact that you don’t really need to make a deposit on your actual Click2pay account just so you can make a transaction with your online casino account or purchase something. Having the option to have your transaction debited from your Click2pay account or on a direct bank source is advantageous for this payment option. The downside, however, is the additional processing fees for the different withdrawing options which are quite high.