I wish that no deposit bonuses were some of the most popular bonuses when you play at online casinos, but they aren’t.

This is the type of bonus which seems to be limited more to brand new online casinos than anything else. More on that in a short while, however. 

I don`t care how much money you have, free bonuses are always a good thing | NetentPlay

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On this page, I want to talk about no deposit bonuses in relation to online casinos and sport betting websites.

This includes bonuses directly tied to registering to a website for the first time, as well as bonuses for those who may have been "kicking about" on a website for a while.

A great look, exciting features,but where is the dough?

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What are no deposit bonuses?

Perhaps the best way to understand the world of no deposit bonuses is to, at least, have a rough idea about what bonuses are in the first place.

Bonuses are an incentive to get you to sign up to a website (more on that in a short while). Simple as that. You get something for signing up to a website or doing something with that website. What you need to do will be dependent on the nature of the bonus.

It is probably worth pointing out at this stage (and I am going to point this out several times throughout this article); you should always read the terms and conditions of any bonus that you sign up for. This is because they are something which will vary drastically from online casino to online casino. There will be little bits that change up which may impact what you can and can’t do with the bonuses.

 Why do online casinos offer casino bonuses?

 To put it simply; it is because they want to make some money from you. A long time ago, the top bodies at these online casinos worked out that once they had secured a customer once, chances are they will have secured that customer for the rest of their life. This means that this person is going to continue to come back for more and more. You just need to get them to come through the door at least once and spend some cash with you.

Of course, what better way to get somebody signed up and playing on a website than by offering them a nifty little casino bonus that they can take advantage of? There is nothing more that online gamblers like than having a bit of free cash tossed in their direction, which means that casino bonuses are going to be right up their street. There is a reason that there is barely an online casino out there which does not offer casino bonuses now.

 Can you win with your casino bonuses?

 Of course! However, you should probably note that it can be a bit difficult.

You must remember that online casinos are a business. They are not really in the habit of giving away a ton of cash. In fact, they do not want to give any of it away. This means, more often than not, you will need to play through your winnings several times before you can withdraw it from the online casino.

Since no deposit casino bonuses are not going to require you to stump up any cash to play on them, the terms and conditions may end up being a bit stricter than you are used too. Honestly, we are going to tell you the truth here; if an online casino offers no deposit bonuses, chances are that you will never be able to withdraw that cash. You will need to be one of the luckiest people alive to get to that point, and we don’t see that happening. It is not a couple of times that you will need to play through whatever you are gambling with, it is several dozen times. In fact, many online casinos require you to play through the winnings from no deposit bonuses around 50x.

We still recommended that you take advantage of these no deposit bonuses, though. Why? Because it allows you to see how an online casino is going to work without putting your money on the line. This is the main reason why online casinos on the newer side of things offer this type of bonus. They know that nobody is going to sign up to them if they didn’t have these bonuses, mostly due to the risk involved.

 How do you know if a bonus is good or not?

 We want to make one thing clear here;

You should never take advantage of a bonus if you do not like the terms and conditions of the bonus. There is nothing about signing up to an online casino which says that you need to take advantage of that bonus. Nothing whatsoever. Seriously. In fact, online casinos would prefer if you did not take advantage of whatever no deposit bonus they have in place. They would prefer that you deposit cash into your account as soon as possible

Normally when you sign up to an online casino, there will be a little check box that you either need to tick or untick in order to determine whether a bonus is going to be right for you or not. Choose whatever you want to do here. If the online casino seems to be good and you do not wish to take advantage of that bonus, then do so. We have no complaints about that. The online casino has no complaints about that. You should have no complaints about that.

Perhaps the easiest way to work out whether a no deposit bonus is good or not is to take a look at the terms and conditions of the bonus. Read through them. Find out what you are getting when you sign up. Work out whether the online casino bonus is going to be worth taking advantage of or not.

Don’t forget, as brilliant as the online casino bonus is, you will also want to look at the other stuff that the casino brings to the table. There is no sense taking advantage of an amazing online casino bonus if the site is abysmal.

Here are some things you should be on the lookout for:

Gambling Commission

 Any online casino that you sign up to should be a member of the gambling commission for the country you are gambling in. If they are not, then you don’t have that much in the way of protection. We suggest that you avoid these casinos for that reason.

Game Selection

 Most people sign up to an online casino because they want to take advantage of a specific game. However, we always suggest that you look at the offerings that the online casino has available for you to choose from. The more games there are, the better.

We love playing our slot machines (we are going to take a look at free spins in a short while), but we would ignore an online casino if it only had slot machines for us to play. Why? Because we know that eventually we are going to get bored of those slot machines and may, for instance, want to play some blackjack or some roulette.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

 You want it to be easy to deposit money into your account. You want it to be even easier to pull the money out of your account. It should also be incredibly speedy to do both of them. The easier it is to get your hands on the money you have won, the more fun you are going to end up having when you gamble online.

Mobile Gambling FreeSpins

 Most of us gamble ‘on the go’ nowadays. This means that you want to be playing at an online casino which allows you to do this. In an ideal world, you should be able to gamble directly on the website. There should be no additional software to download as it does complicate things a little bit, although it is handy if there is additional software, mostly because the pieces we have seen tend to function a lot better and a lot smoother.

Other Things

 Always think about everything that the online casino brings to the table. Think about how easy it is to talk to customer support, load up the website etc.

If you are on a sport’s betting website, then you may even with to think about the various odds available and the sports that you can choose from.

Welcome Bonuses

 These are some of the most common bonuses that you can take advantage of when it comes to no deposit bonuses.

The idea is that you sign up to a website. If this is the first time that you have ever signed up to that website, and they are going to check, then you will be given something. It may be instantly, or it may take a couple of days to come through. This is all going to be dependent on whether it is your first time playing there or not.

Welcome bonuses, from what we have seen, tend to be cash bonuses. Just a small bit of cash to get you stuck into the website and seeing what it is all about. Your bonus is never going to be a whopping amount of cash, mostly because the online casino is not asking for anything from you. This means that you should not expect to win huge sums of money even if, by sheer luck, you continue to pump out win after win.

In some cases, you may also be able to take advantage of free spins (we will discuss those in a short while)

Once again, we are going to stress that you should always read through the terms and conditions of any online casino or sport betting site you sign up to. This is because there may be serious restrictions about what you can and can’t do with the no deposit bonus that you are taking advantage of. For example; we have seen some online casinos which restrict you to the exact types of games that you can play while you are there. If you are looking to play slots, then you probably do not want a site which has a no deposit bonus just for blackjack as you will never be able to take advantage of it.

 Free Spins

 These are our favourite bonuses when we sign up to an online casino, mostly because we love playing at slot machines. These bonuses tend to appear at NetEnt-focused websites. In fact, I don’t think we have ever seen any other gaming provider offer free spins on their games.

Dependent on how this bonus is being run, you will be able to sign up to the online casino and have a low value bet on some of the most popular games. The idea of a free spins bonus is going to be very restrictive. You may be able to play on just one or two games, and more often than not these are going to be slots with a high volatility. This means that the chances of you winning are low. Of course, you always have the opportunity to win so it is not that bad.

Loyalty Bonuses

 On occasion, an online casino may offer you loyalty bonuses which require no deposit. This normally happens if you used to be a regular gambler of the online casino but never returned for whatever reason. These bonuses are a tremendous amount of fun, because it shows that you are cared for.

In most cases, your no deposit loyalty bonuses will be some sort of cash incentive. So, just a couple of quid, that you can use to play on the slots. If the site is a NetEnt-focused slot site, then it is more likely that you will end up with some free spins or something.

Remember; casinos are intelligent. When it comes to loyalty bonuses, they know exactly what to do to get you to sign up to their website and continue to play with them!


Why do online casinos offer casino bonuses?

Online casinos offer bonuses in order to entice potential players to sign up for an account in hopes of making a deposit and play in the casino. In a highly competitive arena of online casino, casinos need to stand out from the rest.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

No Deposit Bonus is usually offered to players with or without having to make a deposit first to try out their casino. Play in the casino without having to risk a penny for your own.

How does A No Deposit Bonus Work?

This bonus is usually given as an incentive for signing up in a casino and is usually a part of the Welcome Bonus. Like any other online casino bonuses, players have the option whether they will accept the bonus offer. The bonus is usually activated through a promo code that the player must input in the cashier section of the casino website. To claim this bonus, all you need to do is to create a real money account in the casino.

Are No Deposit Bonuses really free cash?

Yes and No. Yes, since you do get to play without getting obliged to pay, taking your winnings from this bonus require a wagering requirement that you need to fulfill. So in other words, you will still have to pay up if you want your winnings.

Can you use your No Deposit Bonus on Mobile?

Yes. You can use your mobile device to proceed with the registration process and claim the bonus that comes with it. Since this bonus is claimed via a promo code, you can use it on both PC or mobile version.

However, there are mobile casinos, specifically those accessed through the mobile app version, may have exclusive promotions and bonuses which you cannot use in the PC version or the mobile browser version.  

Who can have the No Deposit Bonus?

Anyone can. Just register for a real money account in an online casino and you are qualified for any offers given by the online casino. If you are not sure whether you would want to play in a specific casino in the long run, use this bonus to get access in the online casino and try out games without having to make an initial deposit.

Only sign up to legit online casinos and look for those that do not ask for you to provide your bank account upon registering for an account to be safe.

Can you win real cash with this bonus?

Yes. A player can win real money when playing in the casino using the no deposit bonus. This only means that you are playing using the rewards money from the casino. All wins that you get from the free plays on the slot games are real and will automatically go to your account. However, you will only get to withdraw your winnings after you have met the wagering requirements.

Can You Withdraw your winnings from a No Deposit Bonus?

Absolutely. However, it requires a process. The online casino requires you to place a certain amount of wager before you can cash out your winnings. This is only fair since the casino allows you to play games and win real cash that you can cash out without having to pay for it. If not, it’s a surefire loss for the casino.

Casinos use a wagering requirement or a rollover requirement to bonus winnings that players should meet in order to claim the prize. This only means that the player must place a wager equal to the deposit amount plus a multiplier.

Do all NetEnt Casinos have No Deposit Bonus?

Most NetEnt powered casinos have the No Deposit Bonus on their tab to give out to their players. No deposit bonuses can be claimed in different forms such as in monetary form or mostly in Free Spins on selected games.

Can you only get a No Deposit Bonus when you are new in the casino?

This bonus is usually offered by online casinos to players after signing up to an online casino. While this is commonly offered by online casinos, not every casino website offers this type of bonus in fear of losing income from free plays.

Many casinos that offer this bonus require players to make deposits before they can redeem their bonus winnings.