Online slot provider NetEnt is to ramp up its World Cup  build up campaign through multiple product releases to offer casino operators with entertainment throughout the competition this Summer 2018.

Last week, NetEnt introduced the World Cup Free Round Widget for slot games as well as today an entirely new experience for live casino was actually unveiled. The latest Live Sports Roulette will be launched on June 14 and can be played on both mobile and desktop during the World Cup.

The living football experience enables players to continue with real time updates and scores, while experiencing live roulette. Dealers are going to comment on the World Cup video games with the live sports feed showing a summary of on going game statistics, group tables and scheduled games.

“Netent will merge Live Table Games with Live Football”

During the World Cup tournament, NetEnt will probably be accompanying the release alongside a brand new promotion, Goal Smash Roulette. The competition is actually made up of 2 components, daily extra giveaways as well as prize draws with a complete prize pool of €75,000.

Announcing the company ‘s World Cup line up, Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, said: “Live Sports Roulette offers a completely immersive football experience, while players enjoy our living games.”

“With the World Cup nearby, it is the perfect chance to expose Goal Smash Roulette, offering players an opportunity to win daily prizes also as staying in addition to all of the action during the tournament.”

The Live Sports Roulette and Goal Smash Roulette offers are going to be available to other operators on an opt in schedule during the World Cup.

After the World Cup, the technology is going to be out there for Roulette and for any event type. Operators are going to be in a position to include it in the stream of theirs, providing them an opportunity to participate some target team by displaying events, competitions, contests or perhaps related, to take advantage of the interests of the players of theirs.

Goal Smash Roulette is going to run between 00:00 on June fourteen until 23:59 on July fifteen, 2018 (CET). To opt in for the promotion, operators must contact their account supervisor no later than May sixteen, 2018.

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