“For any online casino players on-the-go, mobile casinos are the best platform to do online betting!”

From the traditional casinos that people from all over the world visit, to the online casinos that are now popping around the internet, to the mobile casinos now having its way as an on-the-go betting platform, the concept of casino gambling has indeed grown in stature for decades. The thing is, there is always room for change, and as people discover more of how to make life more convenient and interesting, the more things are bound to be different.

As technology advances, so do our ways of tackling our everyday activities. When it comes to gambling, this activity, that a lot of people are fond of, is made even easier than before. In the early days, even before land casinos are put up, gambling had already been one activity that a lot of people enjoy. Until casinos are established to bring all gambling enthusiasts together, this activity has become a trend for many years up to the present because of its entertaining and profitable nature.

Land casinos have been a great venue for both winning and playing, however, it’s not always convenient for everyone to go through miles just to get there to play. This reason alone explains the need for more convenient platforms that can cater more players around the world, thus, the existence of online casinos.

While online casinos are much more convenient, have more games to offer and has a farther reach when it comes to its players, people still desire for an even more convenient platform– that today is the mobile casino.

What is a mobile casino?

By its literal meaning, a mobile casino is basically a casino on any mobile device such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Mobile casinos are just like any other online casino except that it is compatible with many mobile devices and that the games offered are programmed to work perfectly for mobile use.

People nowadays are always on the go, this is how the concept of the mobile casino has grown over the last few years. Along with the rise in mobile technologies, mobile gaming has taken over the use of the traditional gaming console and desktop in gaming. Mobile casinos provide players a chance to enjoy their favorite casino games such as NetEnt mobile casinos straight from their phone whenever and wherever they may be.

The number of mobile casinos is increasing along with the online casino sites popping around the web today. Majority of these online casinos have mobile versions to keep their players entertained and provide them with options to where they can play with convenience.

Types of Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos now offer two types of operations. Since originally online casinos are designed to work on desktops, software providers develop ways to fit online casinos into smaller devices such as a smartphone. The first known type of mobile casino is the Responsive Mobile-Optimised Casino in which it automatically recognizes and uses your device’s platform to display a version of the website through the browser of your smartphone. With this type of operation, players are able to use the online casino as it is only on a handy device.

Alternatively, some casinos have their mobile casino operate as an application that can be downloaded on the mobile device. The mobile casino app will stay on your mobile and will allow you to log in to your casino account with one quick tap of the application.

In reality, although mobile casinos are a lot of handy and accessible at any time there are still disadvantages to it depending on how it is used. The browser-based mobile casino may be a bit different from how it is on the desktop so it may have a different navigation. Another thing is that, you’ll have to input your log-in details every time; however, you may still choose to save your details. On the other hand, app-based mobile casinos may take up space on your device and save your details for easy log-in. Despite the convenience, it can be viewed as being less secure since there is a risk for your mobile device to get stolen together with your access to your casino.

What to Consider When Choosing a Mobile casino

Choosing a mobile casino to sign up at is something that needs to be taken seriously. After all, you are about to put some real money at stake in the online casino for you to be able to play. The main thing to consider in choosing which online casino to be is the overall value that you can get out of a particular online casino.

Here are some things that you can consider in a mobile casino before making the decision to sign-up:

Bonus and Promotion

Every online casino will have to have a gimmick to lure in new players through sign-up bonuses and welcome packages. This somehow reflects how much an online casino is capable of keeping their players happy. A great welcome package usually draws new players in and it’s always wise to start off your casino journey as a new player with a decent starting bonus.

Theme and Graphics

Although this is something that needs minimal consideration when selecting the online casino to sign in, it is still advantageous if you like what you see on the site or app that you are using. It is also important to consider if the mobile version of the online casino or the app is perfectly compatible with your mobile and its operating system.

Game Selection and Software

Knowing the game software providers of the online casino is an important factor to consider. This is where reputation plays its role. If an online casino is backed up by reputable game providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX and other well-known companies, it will assure players that the casino has a list of great games to play.

Another key thing to consider is the range of games that the casino offers its players. Players may prefer to play classic casino games such as slots, video pokers, blackjacks, roulette and other casino games such as Bingo and scratchcards so it is important for an online casino to have a huge selection of games. Slot games are somewhat one of the most played in online casinos, thus, it is important for a casino to be able to display a variety of video slots to play at.

Fairness and RTP

Some of the games and even the casino’s Return to Player percentage may not be available for players. However, knowing so through research is helpful in knowing if players will be able to get a fair and decent payout. The higher the RTP percentage of the casino is, the better.

Payment Options

This is one of the most important factors to consider when considering signing in on an online or mobile casino. You need to know if you have plenty of convenient options to carry out your transactions with the casino. It is important that the options provided are accessible. In addition, processing fees may be implied depending on the type of service you choose for every transaction.

Customer Service

It is necessary for an online casino to have a reliable customer support service that will tend to any problems met in the online or in the mobile casino. As much as possible, choose those that have a live chat support feature and multiple options for customer support services.

Licensing and Restricted Countries

Know if the online and mobile casino is operating legally. Due to some conflicts in some countries regarding gambling, some online casinos may not be allowed to have its operations. It is important to know if the online casino is allowed in your country.


Security is a big concern for many players joining a new mobile casino. No one wants to be scammed or have their accounts robbed out just because they have joined an unsecured mobile casino.

Sharing your information such as your name, e-mail address, number, location, banking details and other personal information is necessary for when you create an account in an online or mobile casino. This necessary information is used for verification and transaction purposes in the casino. This sharing of info is somehow risky since hacking is a threat when you do share info online. It is important to know how you can trust the online casino you want to join in.

Most online casinos use SSL encryption system to block any third party or unauthorized transactions from interfering in the casino’s operations. Encryption is a protection of sensitive data by using codes to hide it from the public. Look for mobile casino sites that use 128 bit and up SSL encryption as this will ensure that your information and transactions are protected at all times.

Pro Tip:

If you want to know more about the casino that you are planning to sign up for or want to know which online casino to join, inform yourself by checking out reviews online about the casino to help you decide whether or not to join.

How to be a Responsible Casino Player

First off, as a player on the mobile and online casino, it is a must that you read the terms and conditions of casino including the terms on Responsible Gambling. This is available in all online casinos that you can find. Since gambling involves money, being a responsible casino player means being able to manage your bankroll well.

If you are a regular player at a mobile casino, then you must be enjoying gambling well. It does not only provide entertainment, you also get to make big cash out of your time in the casino. This is where it gets addicting. The moment players make huge winnings, they tend to play more and risk losing it big time believing that luck is on their side. However, casinos also have their way of getting back their loses.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

If you have tried playing on the usual land casinos, you’ll know that it’s not really far from playing in online casinos. When it comes to gaming responsibly at a mobile casino, the best thing a player should do is to PLAN. If you don’t want to end up broke or end up in debt because of playing in the online casino, it is important that you know how to plan and keep track of your finances.

Stick To Your Budget

After planning your budget for your casino session, stick to it. Know how much you have and how much you can afford to lose. Always remember that playing in the casino is all about the game of luck and tactics, so it’s not always every day that you get to win. Set yourself realistic winning targets on each game you play, that way you won’t end up with an empty pocket at the end of the day.

Be Realistic

It is true that players aim to win jackpots in games, however, it may take some serious risk and absolutely will take a lot of luck. Be realistic about the fact that hitting the Jackpot does not always happen all the time and to everyone.


The concept of mobile casino continues to evolve together with the advancement of technology. This makes casino gaming even more accessible and convenient to avid casino fans to use. Overall, there are a lot of reasons to join a mobile casino, however, what you should be more concerned about and pay most attention about is its compatibility to your device, since game graphics and overall gaming experience set the mood of each game. Since the games offered on most casino come from the same reputable game providers, you can expect that the payouts are fair based on how you play the game so you can shift your evaluation on how the game itself appears on mobile.