The Italian government used to consider gambling as a form of criminal activity. But since 2010, everything changed and this country began developing a gambling authority which is the AAMS or The Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies. Italy now issues a highly-coveted gambling license for online casinos that will meet their high standards. The AAMS is also responsible for maintaining high gambling standards, monitoring licensees, and enforcing all regulations and rules that are related to gambling. The AAMS is one of the gambling license authorities that has the strictest gambling regulations and holds a meticulous application process for online casinos.

The Categories of Italy (AAMS) License

Both the operation and organization of online gambling are reserved for the state in Italy. The state operates numerous casino games, including lotteries. But in spite of that, the government of Italy still awards gambling licenses to iGaming companies. Some gambling licenses are valid for up to 9 years. With the creation of the brand new gambling regulation, holders of the Italy (AAMS) license can expand their portfolio to include other casino games. These are the authorized games: bingo, games of chance with fixed odds (like casino games), games based on events other than horse racing (including sports events, pool, pari-mutuel stakes, fixed odds stakes with direct action, and fixed odds stakes on simulated events), games based on various horse races (including fixed odds and pari-mutuel horse racing stakes, pool betting based on race horses, and bet formulas on Italian horse races), lotteries (including instantaneous and deferred drawing), numeric games with fixed odds (like lotto and other connected games), national pari-mutuel numeric games (including SuperEnaLotto and other connected games), and games of skill (including card games like poker). There is a different set of casino gaming regulations for each game category.

The Categories of Italy (AAMS) License

Italy (AAMS) License’s Application Requirements

To submit an application for the Italy (AAMS) License, the online gaming operator must submit the following: scanned copies of the employees’ passports, a copy of the company statute and the Board of Founders’ decision on the Director’s appointment, the evidence of having a physical office (including bills of rent and utilities), the order or decision to assign a company name, proof of website creation and that it’s currently operating under the licensed name, the original request document for gambling license application, all the agreements and contracts with business partners(including relevant data of the partners), the original copy of the online casino’s bank statement, the tech characteristic and descriptions of the game resource’s various installed gaming software, and lastly, the proof of the online casino owner’s validity to be a sufficient business owner gathered from a consultation of finance experts. The casino owner should also present a detailed and elaborate plan for casino development which should include the following details: financial capacity (including estimated profits and expenses), detailed description of every casino game offered (including its name, developer, game mechanics, and guarantee of honesty), the kind of gaming platform the applicant currently possesses (including the principle of actions, various payment services available, manufacturer), and lastly, the online casino’s characteristics of payment programs (including the quality and the transactions’ financial guarantee).It can be concluded from its application requirements that the AAMS sets a high standard for licensing online casinos.

Italy’s Gambling Laws

The strict and complicated gambling laws in Italy can be summarized with the following sentences. Gambling licenses acquired from this country will be valid for nine years. However, it can be different for offshore-based casinos since the documents that they usually submit are not valid for that long. The total cost (without VAT) of each gambling license from Italy is a whopping 250,000 Euros. All gambling operators which are currently residing or working in the European Union, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein are allowed to apply for an Italy (AAMS) license. Italy is also giving an opportunity for EU representatives to become a holder of an Italy gambling license. Non-EU residents are not given this amazing opportunity. Online casinos which hold an Italy gambling license will only be allowed to accept Italian players if they currently have an “.it” domain. This will allow the government to closely monitor online gambling in Italy since the “.it” domain is linked to the AAMS’s central internet site. Online casinos which use a “.com” domain are prohibited from providing online casino services to foreign companies. The servers of Italy-licensed can be located both in other EU jurisdictions and of course, in Italy- as long as they’re using the “.it” domain.

The Gambling Taxation in Italy

Italy’s gambling laws require online casino operators to share a specific percentage of their earnings. Aside from paying a 20% single tax from its gross income, an online casino is also required to pay a general sales tax. The 20% single tax is applicable to organizers of ring games and poker games, exchange betting club owners, Internet offices which hold virtual betting, and of course, online casino owners.

The Gambling Taxation in Italy

The Different Purposes of Acquiring a Gambling License from Italy

Holding a gambling license is a must for all online casinos, but aside from being a legitimate casino game operator, what are the other benefits that licensees can get? The first purpose is getting the opportunity to carry out and participate in international gambling activities. The second purpose is to enter the highly-coveted European gambling market. The third purpose is getting an EU reference number which can be quite useful for international transactions. The fourth purpose is improving and strengthening an online casino’s reputation in the European gambling market. It also gives licensees the right to work without constantly reporting to the Supervisory Commission. It also gives licensees the right to work without paying the necessary taxes.

How the AAMS Deals with License Violation

All of the AAMS licensees are required to follow a specific set of rules and regulations to provide high quality and top notch online gambling services to its casino players. Everything that falls under the licensee category are held responsible for violating the gambling regulations imposed by AAMS, including casino companies which offer slot games, lottery games, betting games, and even games of chance. Once an Italy-licensed online casino fails to follow a certain rule or regulation, the owner and company might both face criminal charges. Some of the serious consequences that a violator might face are imprisonment, hefty fines, bails, a criminal trial, forfeitures, restriction of freedom, and a lot more. AAMS might also punish a violator by revoking its Italy gambling license. Since it’s pretty hard to acquire an Italy (AAMS) Gambling License, violating the gambling laws and regulations that come with it can result to serious consequences.

The Italy (AAMS) License’s Popularity

The Italy (AAMS) Gambling License is pretty popular for the numerous benefits that come with acquiring it. Online casinos will almost instantly gain a great reputation if it successfully gets its Italy (AAMS) License. It’s also a great way for online casinos to attract players since it serves just like a guarantee that the online casino offers nothing but high quality online gambling services. Online casinos can actually consider this gambling license as a trophy and a highly effective marketing too.

The Reliability of the Italy (AAMS) License

The Italy (AAMS) Gambling License is absolutely reliable. Online casinos go through a thorough and meticulous process when applying for this particular gambling license. Of course, gambling operators that will survive this process can be considered a highly reliable and competitive online casino.

Registration Requirements for Players at Italy-licensed NetEnt Casinos

Any person who wants to play at one of Italy’s NetEnt casinos is required to sign a contract first before he can gain access to the online casino. The player should also disclose personal details including tax code before successfully opening an account. This practice is called the “Codice Fiscale”. To register for an account, the player also has to send a copy of his IDs. It will then be validated by the ADM or Agency of Customs and Monopolies. Casino players who want to play at online casinos need to be at least 18 years of age, as imposed by the Italian government. Adults who will provide assistance in any way to minors might face criminal charges.

How the Italy (AAMS) License Promote Responsible Gaming

Italy’s regulatory body when it comes to gambling has created new features for better promotion of responsible gaming. The requirements for application are now flexible. These are some of the requirements that online casinos need to fulfill in order to get an Italy (AAMS) license. Online casino companies need to have at least 1.5 million Euros in the bank as a guarantee that online gambling operators will always be financially capable for its players’ safety. One amazing requirement is that online casinos which are applying for an Italy (AAMS) license need to submit an audit provided by an independent company. The audit report should contain the following information: that the applicant possesses the required technological infrastructure, the management resources, and the significant know-how to operate a remote gaming service that reaches the Italian standard. These requirements might be difficult to fulfill for some gambling operators, but it’s definitely doable—especially if the online casino is of top notch quality and offers amazing gambling services. The Agency of Customs and Monopolies is the one responsible for all customer transactions, including customer registration, deposit transactions, and withdrawal transactions. The ADM is also the one that’s in charge of listing all the bet and wins of casino players.

Pros of Playing at NetEnt Casinos with Italy (AAMS) License

There are so many advantages of playing at Italy (AAMS) Licensed online casinos. One advantage is being guaranteed of a legitimate, safe, and highly enjoyable gaming experience when you play at an online casino that holds an Italy (AAMS) license. You’ll also surely enjoy responsible gaming since Italy-licensed online casinos offer loss limits and self-exclusion to its casino players. Another advantage is the level of quality that their offering their casino players. The AAMS makes sure that they will only give out gambling licenses to top notch casinos with impressive gaming software, safe financial status, and great development plans for their online casinos.

Pros of Playing at NetEnt Casinos with Italy (AAMS) License

The Reason Why the Italy (AAMS) License Remains a Top Choice for Online Gambling Operators

The reason why AAMS remains to be a top choice of online gambling operators is simply its high level of reliability. This licensing authority does not just give out gambling licenses to anyone. It has maintained a high standard of online casinos over the years. Online gambling operators that will be able to reach the standard of AAMS will gain a legendary status in the international gambling market.

Player Protection at Italy (AAMS) Licensed NetEnt Casinos

Italy belongs to the first ever countries to start setting strict minimum amount on payout percentages. This is usually processed by the Remote Gambling Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano every year. The ADM set a minimum payout percentage of 88.58% for Skill Tournament Games. For Skill Non-Tournament Games, the ADM has set a minimum payout percentage at 97.45%. Lastly, the ADM has set a minimum payout percentage of 97.03% for all Casino Games. The ADM was also able to place a number of limits for the players’ protection. One example of these protective limits is setting a self-limitation upon account registration. Online casinos which are currently holding an Italy (AAMS) license are required by law to give available self-exclusion tools for its casino players.

List of NetEnt Casinos with Italy (AAMS) License

The following online casinos are currently holding an Italy (AAMS) license: Primeslots Casino, Bet 365 Casino, Unibet Casino,, Star Casino, 888 Casino, Casino, Mr Green Casino, Voglia di Vincere Casino, Casino, BetFlag Casino, Eurobet Casino, Casino, iZiplay Casino, Winga Casino, Casino, Dragonara Casino, NetBet Casino, LeoVegas Casino, Betway Casino, and Merkur Win Casino.