The Alderney Gambling Control Commission or AGCC is definitely one of the most well-known and reliable licensing authorities in the online casino industry. It was founded in May 2000 at the British dependency of Alderney. The AGCC is famous for being a licensing authority with strict policies and regulations. AGCC aims for a fair, secure, transparent, and overall great gaming environment for newbie and experienced casino players to enjoy. The following online gambling companies are currently licensed with Alderney: PKR, Mecca Bingo, Winagames, Unibet, Sportingbet, Totesport, Bet at Home, and Pinnacle Sports.

The Alderney Island is located around 8 miles from France and about 600 miles from the United Kingdom. It’s part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the third largest island in the cluster of British Channel Islands. This small island has its own laws and mainly excels in e-commerce. This island is very livable and a great location to start an online gambling business.

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The History of Alderney License

Since the Island of Alderney is located at the northernmost of the British Channel Islands, it’s highly unlikely to be an online gaming hub. It also only has 2,000 residents. Everything changed when the UK Gambling Act was created. This Act prohibits countries that are either not located in the Gibraltar or UK or not part of the EEA or the European Economic Area from advertising their online gambling offers in the UK media. The Island of Alderney is luckily one of the few exceptions from the rule. The gambling operators in Alderney took this rare opportunity and advertised their gambling services in the UK media. After being given a great opportunity, Alderney chose to improve its regulations to provide better online casino services to players, instead of striking while the iron is hot and milking as much money as possible from the situation. This move proved to be a smart one since the AGCC is now recognized worldwide as a trustworthy and reliable licensing body. Alderney’s success in the gambling industry has directly resulted in this little island’s vast economic growth and was able to contribute a whopping £12 million to its economy in just a span of six years.

The AGCC has also formulated an effective strategy to encourage gambling operators to maintain their bases and stay registered in the Alderney Island. It’s the first online gambling licensing body to have its own cloud platform. This is created mainly to provide cost-effective solutions to various online gambling platforms. It can also lessen the cost of start-up companies who want to operate on the Island of Alderney. Other reasons to stay on the island are its multi-layered security, its state-of-the-art data storage, and it has the biggest telecommunications structure. However, this might soon change because of the impending claims that all EU countries might be forced to follow France and Italy in requiring online gambling operators to acquire a regional gaming license. This change might drive taxes back in the EU’s economy. However, this move might have a negative effect on Alderney and might hamper its growth since majority of their business partners and clients are UK-based. If this change actually takes place, online gambling operators that currently based in Alderney may leave.

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Categories of Alderney License

There are currently two categories of Alderney license—Category 1 and Category 2. However, foreign gambling services, hosting certificates, and core service associate certificates are also available.

The Category 1 license is awarded to B2C or Business to Consumer. This license allows the organization and management of gambling operations. This category is where players, management of players’ funds, and contractual relationships go through the registration and verification process.

The Category 2 license, on the other hand, is awarded to B2B or Business to Business. This license will allow gambling transactions to take place, like the gambling platform’s operational management. Alderney also issues temporary e-gaming licenses to casino companies that will only be offering online casinos for a short period of time.

Alderney’s Application Requirements

Only large, established, and stable businesses may be licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. After paying the £10,000 application fee and a full disclosure by the online casino, only then will the casino be entertained and considered for a Category 1 or Category 2 online gaming license. The AGCC will then perform the initial investigation and then analyze and inspect every aspect of the online casino to determine the business owner’s financial stability. It’s also a requirement to provide proof that the online casino’s software and requirement are fair and secure. If the online casino fulfills all the application requirements above, only then will it be given the Alderney gambling license.

How Alderney Handles Dispute Resolution

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission can act as the mediator in serious player grievances. It has the authority to mediate between the player and the online casino. But Alderney’s intervention should be a last resort only because majority of casino and player disputes can be settled through customer support. If a player wishes to file a complaint against the AGCC-licensed online casino he’s playing at, he must go to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission’s official website and choose the “Contact Us” button. The player will be asked to fill out a form where he can give complete details about his complaint. An AGCC representative will get in touch with the player as soon as possible. If the player wants to get an idea on how the AGCC’s resolution process works, he can read about it on the “Player Complaints” section that can be found in the “Player” menu.

Alderney’s Licensees and Annual Check-ups

One sure way to determine if an online casino is reliable is if it holds an Alderney license. All casinos approved by Alderney have an AGCC seal for easy identification. On its official website, casino players can find a complete list on Alderney-licensed online casinos. The list can be found on the “e-Gambling Licensees” button under the “Licensees” option on its main menu. The AGCC does not just issue gambling licenses—it’s determined to maintain the security and reliability level of its licensees so it conducts an annual audit of its licensed online casinos. The annual audit follows the same process of the original application. Online casinos which hold an Alderney license must prove their financial stability, fairness and security every year.

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The AGCC’s Popularity

The AGCC offers its licensing service not just to online casinos but also to live casino broadcasts and sports betting activities. Around 2000 Internet gaming sites are somehow related to Alderney. Various online firms love doing business with the AGCC because of its low taxes yet strict regulations. In Alderney, there are no VAT, gaming duty, and corporate tax. Other great things about AGCC are its stable currency, impressive IT support, and above-average internet speed. Since Alderney is pretty small in size, it cannot hold tournaments and most of its employees do not even live on the island itself. But even though Alderney is just a small island, it’s an important factor in hosting online gambling activities and events. The AGCC is clearly one of the top choices among gambling companies.

The Reliability of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The AGCC has made a great move when it decided to focus on maintaining its tight regulations and strict policies rather than making adjustments to attract more business partners and earn more money. This smart move made it one of the most reliable licensing authorities in the online casino community. The AGCC also made it a point to collaborate with other regulatory bodies around the world. It currently has a Memorandum of Understanding with various gaming boards around the world, including the Nevada Gaming Board, Relevant Commissions in Ontario, Canada, and the Danish Gaming Authority. The AGCC is also involved in various agreements and partnerships related to online gambling like the Guernsey Financial Intelligent Services, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission or GFSC, the Credit Bureau, and the Guernsey Police. Its other affiliates around the world include the Law Officers of the Crown in Guernsey which is in charge of AGCC’s legal matters and Dixon Firm which is a London-based accountancy firm and has gambling law as its specialization.

Pros of Playing at NetEnt Casinos with Alderney License

There are lots of advantages when playing at online casinos that are currently holding an Alderney license. One advantage is the security and protection of the players. Protecting players is Alderney’s main goal so any online casino that’s licensed under Alderney surely has elaborate and effective Player Protection features.

Players are also guaranteed that their money will be kept separate from the online casino’s operating funds. When playing at Alderney-licensed online casinos, casino players also have the option to set spending limits, maximum loss, and even exclusion which are very crucial factors for responsible gambling.

Since the AGCC also has authority in mediating player and casino disputes, casino players can be guaranteed that in case something unfortunate happens during their membership at a certain online casino, the AGCC will do everything to resolve the issue and protect the player.

Another advantage of playing at Alderney-licensed online casinos is they’re guaranteed to be secure and practice fairness in all of their casino games.

The Reason Why the AGCC Remains a Top Choice for Online Gambling Operators

There are several reasons why the AGCC will always be a top choice among online gambling companies. One reason is how the AGCC helps its operators and business partners to gain access to relevant markets. The AGCC also provides secure, top notch, and unrestricted technical environment. Another reason is Alderney Island’s very low and transparent tax system. The AGCC also creates strong inter-regulatory relationships around the world which is very beneficial for online gambling operators. The last and probably the most important reason is the island’s good community and environment. The Alderney Island is absolutely an amazing place to live and work.

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Player Protection at Alderney-licensed NetEnt Casinos

Protecting casino players is the main goal of the AGCC. Alderney licenses are only issued to online casinos that meet the strict standards and regulations in order for the players to experience a great gaming environment. In Alderney-licensed online casinos, players will be able to set limits for their casino spending for a certain period of time.

They can also set a maximum losing amount to prevent huge losses that could ruin the players’ finances. The number of gambling transactions can also be limited to a set number. Players can also request for exclusion for a specific period of time. Online casinos that don’t meet these player protection requirements will not be issued an Alderney license.

When it comes to protecting the players’ funds, Alderney-licensed casinos are required to keep their operating funds separate from the players’ casino gaming funds. This will ensure that the players’ funds will not be affected by the gambling company’s bankruptcy.

List of NetEnt Casinos with Alderney License

Here are some of the NetEnt casinos which currently hold an Alderney license: Paddy Power Casino, Prospect Hall Casino, mcasino, Big Win Vegas, Buddy Slots Casino, Grosvenor Casino, Magical Vegas Casino, Slingo Casino, Spin Genie Casino, Play Cosmo Casino, Vernons Casino, Top Tally Casino, Top Dog Slots Casino, Super Casino, Spin and Win Casino, Paddy Power Games Casino, Jackpot247 Casino, Genting Casino, London Jackpots Casino, 123 Spins Casino, bgo Casino, Power Spins Casino, Mecca Games Casino, Regal Wins Casino, Matchbook Casino, All Star Games Casino, Casinsi Casino, EmuCasino, Loot Casino, MoneyGaming Casino, Play Cosmo Casino, Redbet Casino, Toptally Casino, Betsafe Casino, Casino Euro, Magical Vegas Casino, Slots Animal Casino, Amazon Slots Casino, NextCasino, Goliath Casino, Bingo Extra Casino, Kitty Bingo Casino, King Jack Casino, Aspers Casino, Slingo Casino, Lucky VIP Casino, The Sun Bingo Casino, Mirror Casino, Spin Genie Casino, NetBet Casino, Yohoo Slots Casino, Blue Square Casino, PKR Casino, Circus Casino, WinTrillions Casino, Casino Stars, Sexy Stars Casino, Heypoker Casino, and Metro Play Casino.