uk jackpotIn some parts of the world where strict laws and regulations on casino gambling are applied, having a casino license is an important requirement for any gambling platforms and companies to operate legally in specific countries. A license is an assurance to consumers that a casino will administer fair play, has undergone inspections, has been ensured to have met guidelines and follows policies set upon by gambling authorities. This will also ensure payers that the players can trust the casino with their information and bank details in safe transactions.

“NetEnt fully supports new policies and regulations in order to protect its integrity and to bring forth to the public trustworthy, safe and responsible game services.”

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When it comes to licenses, NetEnt ensures that all games and casinos they create are in compliance with the requirements set out by different regulating bodies under respective jurisdictions to which they serve their market to. The company ensures to qualify with the important responsible gaming criteria on both suppliers and casinos in order to provide responsible, safe and trustworthy casino gaming to the gaming market. NetEnt also fully supports new regulations and other gaming policies in order to protect its integrity as a leading game software provider in the industry of gaming.

What is a Casino License?

A casino license is a conditional permit what allows a gambling company to legally operate on a specific market under certain jurisdiction. This is issued by a relevant regulatory body or by the government to casino operators and other gambling operators in order for them to offer their services legally to its target market. Both land casinos and online casinos are required to acquire a casino license. In order for gambling operators to qualify for a casino license, they must meet strict regulatory conditions and must operate in accordance to the laws set by a jurisdiction in order to keep the license from being revoked. Unless an operator is issued with a gambling license, all other casino operations are considered outlaw which may or may not be subject to sanctions or banning depending on how strict a jurisdiction can be in implementing their laws on gambling.

Casino licenses are issued to protect players from fraud as well as the countries where the operator is based on certain laws that may apply to the specific market to which it is operating and offering their service. Without licenses, there is no way that players would know that the casino is not a fraud, and is actually a real money operating casino that caters to real players. Since money and identity is normally involved in creating accounts in the casino, licenses will ensure the protection and safety of the players. A casino license ensures that the operating system, content, safety, company and the people behind the operation have been fully checked by regulating bodies and are deemed worthy of its players’ trust and money.

Existing Casino Licenses

There are different kinds of casino licenses are existing in the gambling industry which are issued in accordance with different jurisdiction and laws to where it is passed. Especially on online casinos where they are operated in a much larger market through the Internet, it is possible for a company to acquire more than one license. For instance, NetEnt has licenses in countries which have regulated markets for gambling such as the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Italy, Denmark, Spain and more. These licenses have made NetEnt a prime online casino gaming provider in the world.

There are countries that recognize certain issued licenses. This only means that they have a regulated gambling market. However, there are also countries that do not have strictly regulated markets which do not really consider a specific license issued on the operators such as Malta. With Malta, an operator does not really need to hold a Malta license but as long as it has a recognized casino license from wherever it’s from, the operator can offer its services to the territory of Malta. If you are from Europe, you should choose to play on casinos with EU or Malta licenses to ensure safe and legal play.

Here are some of the countries that offer licenses to various online casinos that you can find on the web. Specifically, these are some of the licenses acquired by NetEnt in all their games and most of their casinos:

Malta ( Malta Gaming Authority or MGA)

License Info: NetEnt Malta holds Class 4 Supplier License (MGA/CL4/184/2004)

Gibraltar (Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner or GGC)

License Info: NetEnt Gibraltar holds an Operating license for Casino (B2B) (RGL No. 072)

New Jersey (New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement / DGE)

License Info: NetEnt Americas LLC received a waiver from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

British Columbia ( Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch)

License Info: NetEnt Americas LLC holds Gaming Services Provider (Class B Suppliers) license with Reg. Number: 236693

Spain ( La Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego / DGOJ)

License Info: Genereal License for Other Games ( LGEN/ 000018)

Singular License for Slots (LSIN/ 00023)

UK (UK Gambling Commission/ GC)

License Info:  NetEnt Malta Limited (Ref: 39360)

NetEnt (Gibraltar) Limited (Ref: 39361)

NetEnt Alderney Limited (Ref: 39600)

NetEnt AB (publ) (Ref: 39861)

Belgium (Belgium Gaming Commission/ Kansspelcommisie)

License Info: Supplier License (E149490)

Why Check for Casino Licenses

With online casino gaming being one of the trends in online gambling, one way to check if the casino that you are planning on joining is a reputable one and is one that you can trust your information with.

At the very least, before you sign up for a new casino, you should double check if the casino has a license issued by a trusted regulatory body from a trusted country. All the license information must be stated clearly and displayed on the site by the casino operators for players to be informed.

In the world of internet, it is so easy to give out personal information—the same goes for how we lose control of the privacy for it. A casino operating without a license is risky for both players and operators. Since licenses work together with certain laws and regulations, operating without it is considered breaking the law. As for the players, licenses are important to ensure that all information given especially the bank details is safe. A license adds credibility to an online casino. Without it, are you really sure you are safe from fraud?

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UKGC is the world leader in providing safety and security for players within the United Kingdom and was established under the Gambling Act of 2005 to control and regulate all forms of gambling in the UK whether in offline or online.

With the new online casinos being introduced to the UK Market, this legislation is aimed at dealing with the evolution of online gambling.


malta gaming

The MGA have been issuing licenses to casinos since the Lotteries and Games Act 2001 was founded and has become the most popular regulatory body in the online casino industry.

Malta is also the first ever EU country to start giving out licenses to online casinos. Approximately 10% of all online casinos around the world are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority


curacao license

Curaçao, has been issuing gaming licenses since 1996, whilst still controlled by the Netherlands Antilles and still exists today as a regulating body that has the specific task of controlling casino gambling in Curacao.

It is tasked to regulate the licensing, casino set-ups, collect tax for revenue, compliance with laws and ensuring that casinos follow and promote responsible gaming to its players.


alderney license

The AGCC is definitely one of the most well-known and reliable licensing authorities in the online casino industry. It was founded in May 2000 at the British dependency of Alderney. The AGCC is famous for being a licensing authority with strict policies and regulations.

It aims for a fair, secure, transparent, and overall great gaming environment for newbie and experienced casino players to enjoy.


antigua license

Since 1994, all internet iGaming activities are regulated by the Division of Gaming which is under the umbrella of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC).

 The gaming commission enforces all guidelines on internal gambling operations of companies such as the registration, advertising, licensing, payment methods, customer feedback and other iGaming related issues that may occur.



Belgium has one of the biggest economies in all of Europe which has eventually developed to a modern economy through the years.  It’s also one of the few EU countries that gives gambling licenses to online casinos.

All of these things make Belgium a great market for the online casino gaming industry- which is why the country can now be considered a European offshore gaming hub.



France has only offered licenses to non-French gambling companies in 2010, wherein they are allowed to operate online for five years prior to renewal of license. Although gambling has been always present for many ages in the country, there are still strong restrictions that remain in the gambling industry today.

All gambling activities in France are regulated by the Subdivision of Races and Games (SRG) or Soud Direction des Courses et des Jeus.



The Italian government used to consider gambling as a form of criminal activity. But since 2010, everything changed and this country began developing a gambling authority which is the AAMS. Italy now issues a gambling license for online casinos that will meet their high standards.

 The AAMS is also responsible for maintaining high gambling standards, monitoring licensees, and enforcing all regulations and rules that are related to gambling.



 All gambling-related activities in the country are regulated and monitored by the Danish Gaming Authority. The DGA is an independent agency of the Danish Government. The Danish Gambling Authority also working under the supervision and assistance of the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

The DGA is responsible for regulating and licensing all online casino operators in the country. It monitors every online casino game, including lottery, slot games, poker games, as well as all online casinos that are currently operating.



Gibraltar has been providing licenses to gambling operators since 1998 and since has been best- known gambling jurisdiction because of its excellent reputation when it comes to its regulatory practices. In fact, Gibraltar is on the “white-list” of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission making it possible to offer their services to residents of the UK.

Since then, Gibraltar continued to develop its gambling legislation and now offers various gambling licenses.