All About Slots Part I


1. Introduction

Online slots, when compared to those found in traditional land-based casinos, offer a level of diversity that is hard to match. That fact is supported by the sheer volume of online slots available, let alone the number of companies that create content specifically for the online casino industry. That level of interest has seen over 5300 classic, video and progressive slots being released and that increases each month as competing slot developers battle to produce fresh slot content.

When first gracing the internet, many of those that were created resembled those found in traditional gaming establishments. However, as interest in playing slots online grew, so did the number of competing software firms, and with it came a uniqueness than land-based slot developers could not keep pace with, both in volume and creativity.

As technology improved, it saw previous graphical restrictions removed, and that led to creative juices flowing that led to a large increase in bonus features incorporated into a slots design. Yet, it also the number of paylines that resulted in winning combinations. However, where advancements really became evident were in the release of “ways to win”, which allowed slot software firms to feature thousands of winning combinations. It furthermore resulted in unconventional layouts, let alone the number of winning combinations that can be generated.

Another defining factor that has led to the success of online slots is the incredible animations, graphics and sound effects that enhance the value that is derived from playing. While slots are generally divided into categories such as classic, progressive or video, they ultimately all share common elements, and that will become evident as this article progresses.

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2. How to play Slots

Playing slots is an entertaining experience that requires zero skill in the basic for, as really, it is all about spinning the reels, enjoying the experience and hoping for a positive outcome. However, there is some benefits to understanding how slots work and the type of slots available for play that can make a big difference to the overall experience one achieves.

In its earliest days, the slot machine was mechanical in design. However, while some will resemble classic slots, the internal workings are vastly different than what they once were, and that ultimately has an impact on which game one should be playing. However, while the slot machine itself has changed, playing it hasn’t and requires only a few steps to be off and spinning. These including selecting the amount you wish to wager and how many lines you wish to be active.

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2.1 Choosing how much to bet  

It is important to remember that virtually every slot machine will have a default value it is set at. Therefore paying attention to this is important as in some cases that will be the maximum bet, and if playing on a budget, it could have a big impact on your bankroll. All slot machines online will allow you a variety of betting options in relation to the amount you bet per spin. This can be adjusted based on the coin denomination online payments and the number of coins per line.

Unless experiences, it is best to start out with the lowest denomination then slowly increase it once you determine if you wish to continue. Most will offer a $0.01 coin size and allow for as many as 20 coins per line. If playing a 25 payline video slot, that would equate to a minimum per spin wager of $0.25 or a maximum wager of $5.00. Bear in mind, if you alter the coin value, that amount will change based on the selected denomination.

2.2 Reviewing the Paytable

Many fail to realize the importance of first reviewing all possible payouts a slot online vera john offers. This is even more important today due to the volume of bonus features added to many slots as each is unique and understanding those a particular slot offers can be a deciding factor on the amount one decides to wager.

2.3 Choosing the number of paylines

A large number of slots online will allow for the selection of active paylines. In this case, choosing those you wish active is as simple as selecting those you want to play. However, many of the newest slots require all paylines, or ways to win, be active, and therefore altering them is not possible.

3. Paytables

Paytables and payout percentages are important aspects to understanding a slot machine and the result playing it will generate. Taking time to read its paytable allows for an understanding of the symbols that will appear and the amounts payable for various combinations that appear in groups of three, four or five.


In addition to understanding its symbols, it will display all pertinent information relating to bonus features. These ultimately increase a slots attractiveness and its potential for generating large wins. This can include information about wild symbols, scatters, bonus games and if relevant, progressive jackpots and when factoring in the posted payout percentages, understanding this can have a major effect on what one can expect from a particular slot going forward.


3.1 Payout Percentages

All slots have theoretical payout percentages that are calculated over an extended period of time. This is relevant for online as well as land-based slots. With respect to those operating online, all licensed software suppliers must submit their games for testing to third-party testing facilities to ensure outcomes generated as random and fair.

The payout percentage is essentially the amount that is returned overtime to those playing any particular slot. What is important to understand with respect to online slots is those payout percentages are governed by jurisdictional laws and therefore highly regulated to ensure fairness.

Additionally, the payout percentage is also related to the number of symbols that a particular slot incorporates and the number of reels. Therefore, it should be noted that the payout percentage and the frequency in which the slots payout are not related, meaning that a jackpot win could occur back-to-back.

4. NetEnt video slots – why they offer the best RTP

NetEnt is one of the better known and established slot developers catering to the online casino market.  Initially, they provided a standalone casino product creating video slot content exclusive to those casinos they operated. However, they eventually chose to close their casinos and focus their energies solely on creating new gaming content and licensing it to online casino operators.

The results were brilliant and quickly saw the company being seen as innovators in a market that, at times, can get somewhat stale in the creativity side of things. It is that creativity that has allowed NetEnt to become known for its increased return to player increase percentages.


If you are not familiar with slot RTP, it relates to the payout percentage, meaning the amount paid back based over time.

In the case of NetEnt, that RTP averages 96.5%, or for every $1000 played, $965 is returned in the form of winning combinations. Now if accustomed to playing in land-based casinos, lower payouts dominate most wins, however online, it is not uncommon to see an impressive amount of larger wins as well, and that is where the RTP matters.

To view a full list of NetEnt’s slots and their respective RTP, visit our NetEnt RTP page.

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